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The Best Game for Dogs: An Easy Boredom Buster

We know how to meet our dogs' basic needs. Food and water, exercise, shelter – we take care of all of these needs on a daily basis. But, did you know that mental stimulation is also needed everyday in order for your dog to live a happy, healthy lifestyle? The best game for dogs will provide hours of fun and stimulation for any bored pup.

Bored dogs can be quite a nuisance. They will pester you for attention, get into things that they shouldn't and chew things that don't belong to them. Physical exercise is important for all pets, but providing adequate mental stimulation is just as important.

Studies have shown that playing with interactive toys or participating in games that make a dog think and use abilities he already has in new ways will tire him as much as a walk around the block! Puzzle toys and interactive products will keep your pet's brain working while also providing hours of fun. However, these types of toys can be pretty expensive.

You can make the best game for dogs with materials that you already have around your home. It won't cost you anything, and it is sure to help any dog beat a boring afternoon. Plus, there are countless ways to set up the game, which means your dog can have never-ending fun while constantly being stimulated with new and exciting gameplay.

The Best Game for Dogs
An Easy Boredom Buster

best game for dogsAs you'll see in my video guide above, playing a game of hide-and-seek with some dog treats is a favorite with my pack. You could also use a favorite toy or squeaker that really entices your pooch.

I like using a toy bin to play hide and seek with my dogs. It's incredibly easy for me, and a little extra challenging for my dog. When you're just beginning, start by hiding treats in a box or muffin tin. Your dog will only have one thing to focus on. If you use a bin full of all of his toys, your dog may get confused about what he's actually supposed to be searching for.

Place a treat or two in each cup of a muffin tin, and then place a tennis ball (or other appropriately sized ball) over the treats. Your dog will have to paw and nose at the balls to remove them in order to get hid reward.

You can also flip the muffin tin upside down and place a training treat or two under a few of the cups. Your dog will have to paw and nose at the tin to lift it enough to remove his snacks.

If you don't mind a mess, nesting boxes are another way to hide treats or toys for your pup. Place a few treats in a large box, a few treats in a medium box and a few more treats in a small box. Put the boxes inside of each other and let your dog have some fun doing mentally stimulating nose work to find his prize!

Perhaps the easiest way to play this best game for dogs is by hiding kibble or treats under a towel. Simply spread some kibble or treats on the floor and cover with a towel. Your dog will have to root around and search through the towel to find his reward.

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