If you're a dog owner, you know that dogs can get a little bit mischievous once in a while. So if you're planning to buy a tracker for your dogs, you might be wondering the things to consider when purchasing a GPS tracker for dogs.

Back then, it was a struggle when you can't find your dogs. Fortunately, the advanced technology of GPS trackers has an easier way to track and monitor your dog.

But if you're unsure or scared to try out these trackers, we have your back! Below, we will discuss those things to consider before buying a GPS tracker.

But first, let's discuss what even are GPS trackers for dogs?

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GPS Tracker for Dogs

A lot of pet owners are now investing in GPS pet trackers or GPS dog collars. Why is that?

Well, it's a lot easier for you to find your lost or hiding pet. A GPS tracker for dogs gives you a real-time location of your pup through your smartphone.

Another great feature of buying GPS collars is that they can send out tones that can help with training. And you can also check on them while you're away from home.

Difference between Dog Microchips vs GPS Trackers

A common misconception about these two is that they serve the same purposes. But in reality, the main difference between a dog microchip and a GPS tracker is their function.

But they also differ in their hardware and size. Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice, and a GPS tracker needs to be a bit bigger because of all the hardware that is needed.

When it comes to its hardware, a GPS tracker needs a GSM Module, GPS Antenna, LED Light, Speaker, Battery Pack, and a Sim Card. On the other hand, the Microchip only needs an electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder.

 Microchip's Function

A dog microchip's function is to allow dogs that have been taken to a vet to be identified according to their ID Number.

GPS Tracker's Function

A dog GPS Tracker's function is to allow you to locate your dog in real-time, wherever they are and whenever you want to.

Dog GPS Trackers Service Costs

Things To Consider When Purchasing a GPS Tracker For Dogs

Buying a GPS tracker is going to be costly. But it is a good investment. Or is it though?

Before you buy a GPS tracker or a GPS Dog collar, take into consideration these things that we're about to discuss. You need to think about their purpose, how much it cost, battery life, and many others.


First, let's discuss if buying a GPS tracker or GPS collar for your dog is essential.

Before buying a GPS pet tracker you should choose the ones with the right features that are suitable to its purpose. If you're just looking to locate your dogs, buy GPS dog collars that have a standalone app that can help you track them in a single view and real-time.

On the other hand, there are also GPS dog collars or GPS trackers that can monitor your pup's health. There are now GPS pet trackers that can tell you your dog's heart rate, sleeping patterns, and temperature.

This can help keep track of vet records, set activities or exercising goals, and can even record pet walks.


As I mentioned earlier, GPS trackers are not exactly cheap. But if you're a first-time dog owner, investing in a GPS Dog collar is a great idea.

This is why it's important to take into consideration how much money you've got right now because it influences which model or brand of GPS collar you're going to buy.

In addition, it's important to thoroughly research the product that you're going to invest in. An expensive GPS tracker for dogs is not necessarily better than other cheap models or brands.

However, even though mediocre GPS dog trackers work just fine, there are possibilities where they cannot immediately alert or notify you if something goes wrong.

Also, there are two different kinds of Dog trackers, there are dog trackers with and without subscriptions. Yep, you read that right! Even with dog collars, you can't run away with monthly subscriptions.

But which one is better? Let's discuss.

GPS Dog Trackers with Subscriptions

If you're looking for GPS Trackers for dogs, you might find that most of them have monthly or yearly subscriptions. These products can offer you real-time location and updates with the most advanced technology.

GPS Trackers with monthly subscriptions mostly offer the exact location of your pup from an unlimited range. They often use cellular signals which can help you track your dog wherever you are.

Fees range from $2 to $8, but some brands offer free subscriptions for the first few months.

GPS Dog Trackers without Subscriptions

On the other hand, dog trackers with subscriptions are much more pricey because of their one-time payment. These trackers can cost up to $700!

One downside of this is their range. Their range or cellular signal can be a bit more limited than the GPS Dog trackers with Subscriptions.

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What To Consider When Purchasing a GPS Tracker for Dogs

Range and Connectivity

This is a no-brainer because the main reason you're buying a GPS tracker is to know where your dogs are. You can say that the range and connectivity of the tracker is the most important feature of the product.

The range and connectivity of the tracker should be reliable, especially in times of emergency. It is recommended to buy trackers that use a 4G Network with M@M Simcards for improved connectivity and unlimited range.

Size and Weight of the Product

Of course, you'll need to consider the size and the weight of the product depending on your dog's breed. If you have small dog breeds like Shih Tzu, Pomeranians, Maltese, and Pugs, you'll be needing a much smaller and lighter GPS tracker.

But if you have a large dog breed, pick a product that is much suitable for them. Don't pick anything uncomfortable for them.

If they feel uncomfy, they might get irritated and try to remove the collar by themselves. If that happens, the product can be damaged or lost.

Check the App for Alerts

Before purchasing any kind of GPS Tracker, you need to make sure that it comes with a designated app. You're going to miss a lot of useful features when it doesn't have a standalone app.

Without an app, you won't be able to view your account settings or track its battery life. In addition, the app can instantly notify you about your pet's location through your smartphone.

GPS trackers are mainly to track your pet's location, but if you want to also track their safety, efficiency, and security, you'll realize that the alerts in the app are crucial.

Research and invest in a GPS pet tracker that can issue instant alerts. For instance, the app can alert you if your pup exits a safe zone or moves during questionable hours.

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SOS button

Another great feature that you should take into consideration is the SOS button. What's an SOS button you asked?

Well, imagine if your dog gets lost (knock on wood), the person who found your dog will most likely take the dog to a shelter or the vet and they can only do as much to trace you, the real owner.

But with the SOS button on your dog's GPS tracker, it can instantly alert you where they are easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Battery Life

Have you ever had a phone the battery life is like a countdown clock? Well, I have and it sucks so bad. The same goes for your GPS tracker's battery life.

When it comes to choosing the right GPS dog collars, the battery life affects how the product reports its information.

Most units can work for about a week without a recharge but for only 2 hours per day usage only. On the other hand, the Fi Smart Dog Collar's battery can last as long as three months!

Water Resistance

This is one of the most important features when it comes to choosing the right GPS dog trackers. We all know that dogs can be a little bit naughty from time to time and there can be water splashes here and there.

GPS dog collars or trackers that are water-resistant are beneficial for playful dogs. Choose products that are durable enough to last for the price you spent.

How to Choose the Best Dog GPS Tracker
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are GPS collars safe for dogs?

Generally, GPS collars or GPS trackers are safe for dogs to use because these devices are on the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

So you don't have to worry about radiation affecting your dog. For instance, let's take into account the Fi GPS Dog Collar. According to Dr. Jeff Werber, D.V.M., the Fi collar emits 100 times less energy than a cell phone.

Does my dog need a GPS if he’s microchipped?

Buying a GPS Tracker for your dogs is much more of a preference or safety precaution.

A microchip can only help a dog get home if the good samaritan that found your dog has taken it to a vet or an animal shelter to have their chip scanned.

On the other hand, a GPS tracker or a GPS dog collar can help you locate your dog even before they're picked up by a good samaritan or animal control.

GPS tracker's feature where they can show the pet's live location can help with lost dogs or any other pets.

Does a GPS unit shock my dog?

No, a GPS tracker should NOT shock your dog. GPS dog collars are not correction collars in any way.

If your dog leaves the safe zone, they do not know they have left the home zone. There is no buzz, vibration, or shock. The only indicator you have when they leave the safe zone is a notification from your smartphone.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing a GPS Tracker For Dogs: Summary

Buying a GPS tracker for pets can be a bit expensive. That's why, before rushing into things, you should know these things to consider when purchasing a GPS tracker for dogs.

You take into consideration the purpose of the product. Does your dog need a GPS tracking device? Also range and connectivity of the product.

The major reason why you're planning on buying this kind of device is to monitor your pup, and research thoroughly on products that can give you unlimited range and great signals anywhere you go.

In addition, keep in mind the shape and convenience of the product for your dog. Make sure that it suits them and they feel comfortable wearing them.

Another thing would be the data and accessibility of the GPS pet tracker. You have to ensure that their tracker can give immediate alerts or notify you of anything unusual.

You also have to check on their app to make sure that it's easy to use and easily accessed.

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