This App Helps Your Pet Speak To His Vet

Nothing is more heartbreaking for a dog owner than when their pet is sick and they don’t know what’s wrong with him. Dogs can’t communicate with us to let us know what hurts or what their symptoms are. It’s only through observation that we can gather information about what is ailing our furry friends. Like us, a dog has many health issues throughout their life. How are pet parents supposed to keep track of it all?

Enter VitusVet – an app for pet parents and veterinarians that allows them to communicate every detail of a dog’s health and behavior. VitusVet is a software platform that works with the existing software system of a veterinary practice. It stores an animal’s complete medical record online so that the information is accessible anytime from any device that can connect to the internet.

This App Helps Your Pet Speak To His Vet

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Specialists, emergency veterinarians and general practitioners can all view and share a pet’s medical records on the VitusVet system. The system also works with a mobile app that is available for pet parents to download for free on Android or iOS systems. They can use the information to inform dog walkers, boarding kennels or family members about health issues that a pet is experiencing.

The VitusVet app is expected to save pet parents a lot of money by consolidating all their pets’ medical records in one place. There will be no more need for repeat testing or vaccinations. Using VitusVet will also save on costly mistakes.

In fact, that’s actually how the company got its start. Like most business endeavors, VitusVet was created due a noticeable need in the industry. It all started with a little dog named Bogie who was attacked by a larger dog while out on a walk with his owners one day. Although his wounds weren’t severe, Bogie ended up at his local emergency vet in need of anesthesia and a few stitches.

His wounds that day may not have been severe, but Bogie ended up needing to be placed on a ventilator and he passed away the next morning. It turns out that he was allergic to a particular anesthetic. He had trouble with it when he was neutered, but his owner had forgotten all about it in her panicked state. A quick look at Bogie’s medical records would have brought this information to light, but sadly the emergency vet clinic did not have access to them.

Dr. Mark Olcott was Bogie’s veterinarian that night, and he’ll never forget the awful experience. Unfortunately this type of mishap happens all too often in the veterinary field, and Olcott wanted to find a way to change that. That’s why he co-founded VitusVet with his partner Kalpesh Raval.

This App Helps Your Pet Speak To His Vet

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Not only does the app keep all your dog’s medical records on hand, including vaccination records and prescription medication information, but pet parents can also add their own notes, schedule appointments with their vet and take photos. Users can also invite their families, friends, dog walkers, groomer, pet sitters or any other person who cares for their dog to view their pet’s profile on the app. This way everyone involved in caring for the dog gets the same up-to-date information.

Technology is constantly changing, and that can be frustrating for some people. VitusVet is an easy to use app that is extremely user friendly. You don’t have to use it often, and it is fast and simple to add information when you need to.

Even if you always take your pet to the same vet, you never know when you may have an accident while traveling with your dog or when an emergency will pop up on the weekend that can’t wait until Monday. Having an app like this to keep your pet’s medical records on hand with just the click of a button could certainly be a lifesaving tool in the event of an emergency like that.

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