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Suffering From Heat Stroke, This Dog Would Have Died If This Didn’t Happen

This Dog Would Have Died If This Didn't Happen

News reporters are usually just in charge of reporting on the local happenings. But for 7 Action News' own Kimberly Craig, she got to be more than just a spectator when she and her friend spotted a Saint Bernard clearly in distress.

It was a blistering hot Sunday afternoon when Craig and a passenger were driving down the street and saw a Saint Bernard mix had collapsed on the sidewalk and was vomiting. The owner had tried to walk the chained dog to her new home when the incident occurred.

Luckily, Craig had just talked to Dr. Michael Hood DVM, at the Greenfield Animal Hospital about this very incident. With the facts and steps still fresh in her mind, Craig was able to jump into action and get the dog the care he desperately needed. Bosco (as the owner later revealed) was transferred to the Detroit Dog Rescue where he received emergency care in the form of oxygen, intravenous fluids and some plasma.

This Dog Would Have Died If This Didn't Happen

The owner, who had no time or interest in keeping this lovable dog, relinquished him to the non-profit rescue organization. Unfortunately, Boscoe's (renamed Roscoe's) care is going to run upwards of $4,000.

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If you'd like to donate to help with Roscoe's care or are interested in giving him a loving, caring and dedicated forever home, please contact the Detroit Dog Rescue for more information.

With the hot months upon us, we as responsible pet parents should know the signs of heat stroke in our animals. These include:

  • bright red tongue
  • rapid panting
  • red or pale gums
  • thick, sticky saliva
  • weakness
  • dizziness
  • vomiting (possibly with blood)
  • diarrhea (possibly with blood)

If left untreated these symptoms can turn to shock, coma and even death. If you have a pet that is suffering from heat stroke, you need to cool him down immediately by removing him from the sun, preferably to an air conditioned area, or with a fan blowing on him.

This Dog Would Have Died If This Didn't Happen

Second, wet the animal with cool water (not cold) to lower his internal temperature. Caution needs to be used here as cooling the animal's body too quickly can lead to more severe health problems. Third, take your dog to a veterinarian for a full work up or any further treatments.

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Unfortunately, many people think they can leave their dogs subjected to the heat of a locked car or chained outside with no shelter to escape from the blistering rays. If you spot a dog in distress in a locked car, alert the store to make an announcement for the owner to return immediately. You can also call you local ASPCA or the police.

Many vigilantes are also taking matters into their own hands and breaking-in the vehicle's window to rescue the suffering pet. However, this tactic is subject to each state's laws and may end up getting the good-intentioned rescuer in trouble.

If you see an animal left outside with no shelter or proper care, then once again call your local ASPCA or animal rescue. Together we can save hot animals from the needless suffering at the hands of irresponsible pet owners.

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