This Is Much Easier Than Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Canine dental hygiene is very important. I won't go into a rant, because you've probably heard all about it from your veterinarian. Poor oral hygiene can lead to many other serious issues, and unfortunately the only way to be sure your pet's mouth is clean is to brush her teeth. If your dog is like most, she won't care for that at all.

Although you'll have to brush your dog's teeth sometimes, the right dental chew can save you from brushing them as often. Nylabone has recently released an innovative new dental chew that can be used to promote complete oral care. The Nutri Dent Complete 3-Point uses the company's patented 360-degree oral cleaning action design, but its value three times.

Other Nutri Dent products look similar to toothbrushes. They are a dental chew with a cleaning head on one end. Like their name suggests, Nutri Dent Complete 3-Point dog treats have three cleaning heads. You can give them to your pet whole as one large treat, or they can be broken apart and distributed over three different treating occasions.

Nylabone claims that these dog treats are clinically proven to be more effective than brushing. I would have to see the research on that before I could believe it. Most veterinarians and canine health specialists will tell you that nothing is as good for your pet's oral hygiene as brushing her teeth. I wouldn't take the company's word for it if I were you. Check with your veterinarian to discuss how often you should be brushing your pet's teeth whether you offer her dental chews or not.

Nutri Dent Complete 3-Point treats are specifically made to be easily digested. They naturally freshen your dog's breath and remove tartar and plaque buildup. Made with a natural formula, these dog treats are free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and they have no added sugar, no animal digest and no corn.

Nutri Dent bones are also made here in the United States. The come in small, medium and large sizes. Be sure to buy the right size for your dog. It is better to go with a bigger size than smaller, as treat that is too small may be a choking hazard for your dog. Right now they are only available in a Filet Minion flavor.

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