Home Dog News This Pit Bull Lost Her Nose…Guess What Happens Next?

This Pit Bull Lost Her Nose…Guess What Happens Next?

This Pit Bull Lost Her Nose...Guess What Happens Next
Photo: Facebook / Khaleesi

This dog was only fifteen pounds when she was found by a couple in Florida. Her nose had been ripped off of her face. Pit bulls are often used for illegal fighting as bait dogs, and they suffer immensely because of this cruel and inhumane practice.

Khaleesi lost her nose and foster parents saved her life, making her an internet sensation who inspires people to donate to dog shelters and animal rescue groups. Khaleesi's rescuers are almost certain she was a part of one of these underground dog fighting rings. However, because of her shocking appearance, she quickly grew fame on the internet as her story spread via her Facebook page.

People’s hearts felt so much compassion for her as they saw her kind eyes and smile. Her condition was so bad, she couldn’t even walk. She could only drag her back legs behind her.

She had to undergo many surgeries in order to be able to breathe out of her nose. Her largest teeth were removed and she gained weight. As her photos were shared so rapidly throughout social media, it spurred generous donations to the rescue organization that helped her recover, Passion 4 Pits.

The organization helps to raise awareness about illegal dog fighting and raise funds for the medical expenses these poor creatures incur. They also help to find homes for the rescued animals as well. Passion 4 Pits is a generous organization.

This Pit Bull Lost Her Nose...Guess What Happens Next
Photo: Facebook / Kahleesi

In fact, they donated $7,000 of the funds that came in to other dog rescue organizations!

The founder of Passion 4 Pits, Stephanie Paquin, found Khaleesi in a shelter in Florida. Her and her husband, Mike, took the dog home and nursed her back to life with the help of medical professionals. The viral fame that this poor pup's condition brought to Paquin’s organization has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

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Khaleesi was awarded Underdog of The Year at The World Dog awards, and as she made headlines globally, many donations were given to the Passion 4 Pits organization. That money went to help two dogs that needed surgery who weren’t rescues, as well as other organizations.

This is a good example of how even in the face of tragedy, hope can grow. Khaleesi’s viral fame helped raise awareness about animal rights issues, and her fame has now helped many other dogs because of the money raised.

This Pit Bull Lost Her Nose...Guess What Happens Next
Photo: Facebook / Kahleesi

Sadly, she now has been diagnosed with a disease that comes from a tick bite as well as one in her kidney, she may not live long. Her life will not be in vain, and she will be loved and cared for. Khaleesi has been an inspiration to so many people who shared her touching story and continue to do so.

When Stephanie Paquin found this dog and cried at what she saw, she had no idea it could turn into something that would help so many other dogs. Although she meant to only foster the dog, she will now look after the smiling pup until her last days. This dog will not be forgotten and the message she brought to the world will continue to help other dogs.

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