Dogs communicate in many ways but one of the more common ones in which they express themselves is barking. And while barking can be perfectly normal, it can also be excessive in some situations.

In fact, excessive barking in dogs is one of the most common behavioral problems in dogs and the main reason people give up their pets.

If your pet is barking a lot, it can become very problematic, or at least irritating.

Luckily, there are many tools you can use to help you with this problem and keep your dog’s barking to a minimum, like various training collars, spray collars and sound emitters.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most effective tools to get dogs to stop barking and explain how they work.

How to Make Your Dog Stop Barking Home Remedies

The best and most humane way to stop your dog's excessive barking is through understanding the cause of why they're barking and then getting to behavioral training.

You can either do it yourself using desensitization techniques, or with a help of a dog trainer or canine behaviorist.

A few other things can help with that too:

Use citrus to deter

You can dilute a bit of citrus with some water to deter your dog from barking.

Just mix a couple of drops of either: grapefruit, lime juice, lemon juice, or orange juice (not the orange juice from the refrigerator section, ACTUAL juice from the fruit). You can also try some citronella or lemongrass.

This is a pretty mild deterrent, but make sure when using it make sure to not aim at their eyes as this could irritate their eyes and cause other issues.

Tire out your dog

Hyperactive dogs or those that simply spend too much time lying indoors may have pent-up energy and will bark a lot as a result.

To stop this, play and walk with your dog; provide them with a series of ways to let the energy out so that your dog stays tired (and quiet) through the day.

Manage environment

One of the main reasons dogs bark excessively is all the distractions they see and hear.

By managing your dog's environment through things like sight barriers, blocking the view and sound that may alert the dog, you prevent these triggers without too much work.

For the backyard, it could be fences or privacy hedges. For indoors, close the blinds or install removable window film.

Establish a quiet zone

Your pooch may have a place where they feel the most comfortable.

So whenever you leave home for work, place your dog in that place alongside their favorite toys, dog crate and/or dog bed, and clothes that smell like you.

Keeping your pooch in the said quiet zone while you're gone (either in a single room or blocking off an area using pet gates) is another easy way to stop excessive barking by removing triggers and keeping your pup calm.

With all of that said, sometimes neither of these techniques work. Fortunately, there's some dog gear that helps to stop excessive barking quickly and effectively.

Some products are more frowned upon, like anti-bark collars, but there are a few that are humane and completely non-harmful to dogs.

Here are the six best tools to stop dog barking.

6 Best Dog Barking Detterents

Doggie Don't Handheld Bark Control Device

1. Most Effective Anti Bark Device: Doggie Don't Handheld Bark Control Device

Here's a handheld device called Doggie Don't Device ($49.95) that can stop barking and other unwanted behavior like nipping, biting, chewing jumping, begging, and without hurting your pooch.

It can also be used as protection from other aggressive dogs or animals since you can take it with you anywhere you go.

The device works by producing a very loud buzzing noise that your dog hears and gets distracted from barking.

After you use this item enough times, your dog will stop barking even when he sees you holding it.

This product is effective on all dog breeds but it can also be used on other pets.

You will also receive replaceable batteries when you buy this device, as well as a wrist strap that allows you to keep the device firmly in place when you’re not using it.

First Alert Handheld Bark Control Device

2. Best Value Bark Control Device: First Alert Handheld

Like the one above, this First Alert Bark Genie ($17.97) device is also a bit different than what owners think of when it comes to tools to stop dogs barking.

First of all, it is not a barking dog collar (which is the most common tool), but a handheld device that comes with an adjustable wrist strap.

It works at distances up to 15 feet by sending a safe ultrasonic sound that only your dog can hear.

However, this sound is not that effective on adult dogs, so get this device only if your pooch is still on the younger side.

This item operates on four AAA batteries, so you can take it with you on a walk and use it anywhere.

Petsonik Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device

3. Petsonik Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device

This cutely designed Petsonik Birdhouse ($30.99) device looks like a regular birdhouse on the outside.

However, there is a microphone sensor inside of it that picks up barking and activates ultrasonic sounds to distract and calm the barking dog.

This device is meant for outdoor use. It is waterproof and durable, so it can withstand any weather conditions.

The great thing about this device is the fact that it won’t just stop your dog from barking – it will also keep other dogs in the neighborhood quiet within a range of 50 feet.

The sound it emits is completely safe and won’t harm your dog or any other dog.

It is easy to set it up and start using it since all you have to do is turn it on and choose the desired range mode.

DogRook Humane Anti Barking Training Collar

4. DogRook Humane Anti Barking Training Collar

Anti-barking collars like this DogRook Collar ($29.97) are one of the most common tools that can help you deal with excessive barking.

This particular anti-barking dog collar is more humane than most other brands because it does not use shock to correct your dog’s behavior, which means that it is perfectly safe to use and your pooch will not be in pain when you use it.

This adjustable collar uses vibrations and tones instead to correct excessive barking in dogs but you can also use it to teach your pet other things, like some basic commands.

The device includes 7 different levels of sensitivity and with a little effort and time, you can find the one that works for your pooch.

Trulrox Bark Collar


5. Trulrox Bark Collar

Unlike the previous item, the Trulrox Pro Collar ($34.95) allows you to use three types of stimulation to stop barking – beep, vibration, and gentle electric shock.

However, just because it has a shock option doesn't mean you have to use it.

The reason we've included it in the list is due to its other two functions – beeping and vibration to correct excessive barking in dogs, both of which are humane and non-harmful to dogs.

The device also comes with 5 different sensitivity levels so you can find the perfect one for your dog.

But the best thing about this collar is the smart barking detection system that only activates if your dog is barking, ignoring the barks of other dogs, and keeping your pooch safe from unnecessary and undeserved stimulation.

The device is also waterproof and lightweight, which makes it perfect for outdoor walks or hiking, which is also possible due to the long-lasting battery.

PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs

6. PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs

This is another dog barking collar on our list, but PetSafe Gentle Spray ($74.95) works on a completely different basis – it sprays citronella spray to correct bad behavior instead of the usual shock.

This type of negative reinforcement can be very effective because dogs dislike citronella but it does not harm them.

Getting sprayed with it will certainly get your dog’s attention and he will quickly learn why this happens and stop excessive barking.

The collar itself is lightweight and adjustable, suitable for dogs that weigh more than 6 pounds.

It has a built-in microphone that determines when your dog is barking and then sprays the citronella mixture at his face.

The collar can spray the liquid up to 30 times before it has to be refilled.

When you buy this collar, you also receive a refill bottle that can spray your dog up to 400 times.


What smells stop dogs barking?

These smells you won't use to stop barking in the event that it's happening, it's more of a preventative to avoid them barking by calming them down.

Go ahead and put a couple drops of any of the following scents on a bandana or collar:

  • vanilla
  • coconut
  • ginger
  • valerian root

Tie the bandana or snap the collar on and see if it chills them out or makes them sleepy.

Either of the two could happen.

Does lemon juice stop dogs barking?

This is a little more direct method that I don't necessarily recommend.

Get some kind of spray/squirt bottle and fill it with water and lemon juice.

The next time he/she barks, see if you can say the command will spraying the mixture into their mouth.

The taste of citrus is supposed to teach him that he will receive a negative reaction for barking.

Will Peanut Butter stop a dog from barking?

Yes it will.

Peanut butter essentially distracts and also kind of sticks the dog's tongue to the roof of its mouth, making it hard for them to bark.

In fact, peanut butter is a common technique used by trainers when they have dogs that act out by barking.

Plus, a dog being very food-driven helps only make it more effective.

Can I give my dog Benadryl to stop barking?

You can, but it's not as beneficial as people think. Some dogs bark out of fear or anxiety, and Benadryll has yet to be proven to be effective in helping this.

6 Best Dog Barking Deterrents: Summary

Excessive barking in dogs can become a serious, irritating problem if you don’t deal with it. Hopefully, the “How To Make A Dog Stop Barking Home Remedies” section was helpful.

It may be an issue not for you but for your neighbors as well, especially if you live in an apartment.

Top 6 Humane Tools to Get Dogs to Stop BarkingLuckily, there are different devices and humane tools to stop dog barking that you can use without harming your pooch if the first options don't work.

The best tools include humane anti-barking collars, spray collars, handheld devices, and outdoor anti-bark devices listed above.

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Tools to Get Dogs to Stop Barking

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