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Top 5 Best Dog Gates and Playpens for Dogs

Top 5 Best Dog Gates and Playpens for Dogs
Top 5 Best Dog Gates and Playpens for Dogs

Even though we love our dogs dearly, sometimes those pesky little friends can bestow chaos upon our house or apartment while we're not home. Sounds familiar? I've been there too. In these cases you should avoid buying some cheap plastic stuff and go for the best dog gates you can find online for a reasonable price.

Sometimes, my dogs love to chew on things I wish they wouldn't, and occasionally — based on their mood — I'm forced to put a barrier in the bedroom, where I would keep these pets of mine while I'm gone.

Before buying a quality gate, I've tried multiple things: self-made wooden barriers, cheap plastic stuff from Target, and so forth. None of those worked for longer than a day. By the way, locking doors is NOT an option, if you care deeply for your dogs.

Eventually, I had an opportunity to browse through various choices on Amazon and find myself something really good (that's the first option on the list). However, since we're listing five different pet gates, I had to do a little research to find another four of the most suitable options. It all came down to:

1. Very positive (and a lot of) dog gate reviews from customers
2. Easy install and uninstall of the gate
3. Zero requirement for various tools
4. Accessibility and the level of ease to operate
5. Reasonable price for a good quality product

Now let's take a look below at what we came up with for our list of best dog gates.

Top 5 Best Dog Gates and Playpens for Dogs

1. Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate


Ask any dog owner who has some experience in this field, and most of them will tell you that Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate is the first product you should consider. If you can afford to pay for this once, you will never have to buy a dog gate ever again.

It has 6 panels that become either a room divider, pet pen or your pet gate (that's why it's 3-in-1). Various size configurations, easy movement from room to room and a very sturdy quality makes it irreplaceable. It's absolutely perfect, and it also looks good!

See the star rating on Amazon by customers who bought it.

Dizzy's review (read full Amazon review): I can't tell you how much I love this!!! Took me about 15 minutes to unpack it and put it together! NO TOOLS just drop in the pins and put the lock caps on! Excellent Quality! Oh I only needed 5 panels, but I ordered the 6 panel. It would have cost more to order the 4 panel and add a panel, I realized that if I can add a panel I can take one off. And now I have the extra panel if I need it.

TerrierLover's review (read full Amazon review): Very stable when used correctly. Folds back on itself into a fairly small package that I can tuck away in the den (or a larger closet) when company is coming. Light enough that I can move it quickly – one of my 3-panel systems is permanently in place to keep puppy out of the open dining room, but the other is used to block 3 different openings depending on where I am. So in essence, I can re-configure the confinement space quickly. It may be expensive, but after only a few days, I am totally hooked on this. You will get your money's worth.

Official product description: Get three pet protectors in one product with the 6-panel Convertible Elite Pet Gate from Richell, which configures to a free standing pet gate, a room divider, or a pet pen (optional wire top and panels sold separately). It's specifically designed to confine your pet safely in areas with larger openings, yet fit beautifully in any home decor. The gate includes a lockable door that allows you to move freely from room to room without having to shuffle the entire unit.


2. Majestic Pet Free Standing Wood And Wire Pet Gate


Your second best bet would be the universal free standing Majestic Pet Free Standing Wood And Wire Pet Gate. Triple hinge construction and highest quality wood will make this gate serve you forever, and your place will still look neat and elegant.

The hinges, by the way, are double jointed, which means you can take this gate and make either a “Z” shape out of it, or a “C” shape. A great second choice, so make sure to check out the reviews below! Some dog owners prefer these pet gates for their cats as well as children, so that might be another reason to consider this item.

See the star rating on Amazon by customers who bought it.

saintpauligirl1's review (read full Amazon review): I ordered this gate to keep my Akita puppy in the main room of our home. The space opening is 48″. I was worried that our pup would be able to knock it over but with the trifold design, it is very stable. The gate works perfectly! It is not only functional, but looks beautiful too. I would definitely recommend this gate to anyone who is looking for functionality and beauty. It's so much nicer than the cheaper gates, worth the $.

L. M. Smyth's review (read full Amazon review):  Because I have plenty of room, I set it up as a “Z” and it's not going anywhere. It's too tall for them to jump the fence and with walls on either end of my wide doorway opening to use as leverage, it's completely secure. I think that each doorway situation with the necessary clearance to secure either end makes all the difference. It folds into the three layers and nicely slides next to my refrigerator for storage. This is attractive and highly functional and I'm so glad I found it!

Official product description: Universal Free Standing Pet Gate by Majestic Pet Products is ideal for keeping your pets confined while still keeping your home elegant. Built with solid-wood and triple hinge construction, these gates are both durable and versatile. Double jointed hinges allow the gate to be configured in either a C – Shape or Z – Shaped configuration.


3. Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate with Door, Large


My third option is a little more expensive than my second option above and I'll explain why, but ultimately it's up to you. Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate, Large with Door is a great gate overall, but it fits medium to large dogs better than smaller breeds or puppies.

It's a large gate that stands 36.2 inches high, which means if you have a big furry friend, this might be an ideal option for them. And while it's not as elegant as those gates above, this one is more sturdy, so decide what's more important to you and make that choice.

See the star rating on Amazon by customers who bought it.

Karen Maier's review (read full Amazon review): This gate works for me. I have six dogs that try to fit through a gate…this gate being freestanding allows me to remove it when the dogs can have their freedom in the house. I pass through the gate when it is up but they are contained.

tkd's review (read full Amazon review): Once we figured out the “balance” issues (or maybe we have an uneven floor), this gate works beautifully! The one-handed lift gate is superb and much easier than either stepping over a lower gate or moving and then replacing a tall one. This tall gate keeps our german shepherd teenager-puppy where we'd rather she be.

Official product description: You spoke and we listened. Our ever-popular freestanding pet gate is now wider, higher and includes a walk-thru lockable gate door. Available in Medium and Large sizes, the new Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate with Door fits doorway and hallway openings from 61.8-inch to 90.2-inch wide.


4. Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate with Door, Medium


This is option 3's smaller brother. Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate with Door, Medium is less expensive and smaller than the one above, while everything else is virtually the same.

Its height is just above 28 inches and it will fit any door openings between 61 and 90 inches. Same as its bigger brother, the gate locks at the top as well as at the bottom, that way providing an additional level of security. It's perfect for hyper-active, medium sized dogs.

See the star rating on Amazon by customers who bought it.

J. Mitchell's review (read full Amazon review): Very pleased with the freestanding gate. Easy to assemble. We've had it now for a few months and find that it's very nicely made and very durable. The dogs are at long last contained in our family room and we can access the room easily through the self contained door.

Captain Jack's review (read full Amazon review): I have had spring loaded wall mounted folding and then I stumbled upon this one and I an sorry I didn't have it from the start. It wasn't cheap but it's well made and fits our opening perfectly. Love the fact that the gate stays open in both directions of swing. Easy assembly and great quality.

Official product description: The specially designed walk-thru door opens in both directions, lock automatically and remains open at 90-degree to allow you to move freely from one area to another. And like our other freestanding pet gates, the Side Panels are designed to keep the gate from tipping over while the rubber feet keep it from scratching/sliding on hard floor surfaces.


5. Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, High-Large


Last one on the list is another freestanding gate that will be ideal for either small breeds, puppies or medium sized dogs. I would not recommend this if you have something close to a full-grown German Sheppard, check out option #1 or #3 for that. Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, High-Large, in autumn matte finish, looks good and is made of quality “ingredients”.

No installation is required, it has awesome rubber feet that will keep your wooden floors neat, is very light and easy to move around the house. Definitely recommended.

See the star rating on Amazon by customers who bought it.

S. Siu's review (read full Amazon review): Because of the gate's sound construction, my daughter has not been able to move it, although recently she has been trying to push it out into the hall. It won't fall down due to the criss-cross construction at the ends, but it isn't very heavy, so I think eventually she will be able to move it. We remedied this by putting a 5-pound dumbell weight on the other side of the gate, and have had no problems with her even trying to push it again. Get the HIGH LARGE one for use with a toddler.

Pam White's review (read full Amazon review): This gate is perfect for a large doorway or hallway. It is high enough to keep out my dogs and designed to be very stable even in the largest of openings. It looks good and one side can swing to allow for human entry. I would buy it again in heartbeat. I wish I had know about them sooner. Worth the money to protect my carpets.

Official product description: Perfect containment for both puppies and larger size pets. Self-supporting and requires no installation. Supports fold back for easy storage or transport, and rubber feet protect floor surfaces. Beautiful hardwood finish, lightweight and durable, and easy to assemble. The width is adjustable from 39.4 to 70.9 inches.


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