With This Toy Your Dog Won’t Even Realize He’s Cleaning His Teeth

Doggy dental hygiene is not a fun topic for most pet parents. Bringing your dog to the vet to have his teeth cleaned is not only stressful, but it's expensive. However, trying to brush your dog's teeth at home can be equally as stressful and also very upsetting to your pet. Although dental chews and toys that help to clean your dog's teeth must be used in conjunction with professional cleanings, they will keep his teeth healthier, help fight bad breath, and make the cleaning process much easier.

Dental chews and dog toys that foster dental hygiene are a great way to keep your pet's teeth clean in between brushings and veterinary cleanings. The less plaque and tartar that are on his teeth, the easier it will be to keep your dog's pearly whites in good shape. Toys like this Busy Buddy Bouncing Bristle Dog Bone from PetSafe will keep your dog so entertained that he won't even realize he's cleaning his teeth.

These refillable nylon bone toys have multiple textures to wipe the plaque and tartar buildup off your pet's teeth. The ends untwist easily to allow replacement of the rawhide treats. This chew toy features soft rubber nub rings, rawhide treats, and stiff, tooth-cleaning nylon bristles to enhance the dental benefits of chewing.

I try to brush my dog's teeth, but she hates it and it makes me feel terrible to put her through all of that stress. We are also in a unique situation, because she cannot be put under anesthesia to have her teeth professionally cleaned due to a heart condition. I do brush her teeth at home, but I also let her gnaw on dental chews and toys so I don't have to brush them as often.

Dental chews are great, but some dogs just devour them, but toys like this one will provide your dog with entertainment and motivation to chew long enough to allow the toy to clean his teeth. I love toys that make my life as a pet parent a little bit easier, and this is certainly one of them.

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