Transporting Your Dog In a Crate Has Never Been Easier!

Traveling can be very stressful for a dog. Whether you're going on a trip in the car, traveling by train, or bringing your dog on a flight, it's best to have a safe and comfortable carrier to help ease her anxiety. If your pet is already crate trained at home it may not make much sense to purchase a separate crate just for traveling. If you choose the Skudo Plastic Pet Carrier from Midwest, you won't have to.

This handy carrier comes in two pieces that attach together with snap-lock buckles. This makes taking it apart and assembling it a breeze. You can disassemble it in minutes to keep in the car or store in a hotel room. Then, when you need it, you can assemble it just as quickly. It's made of durable, easy to clean plastic and has a metal grid door. It's ideal for any type of travel and is even airline approved.

The Skudo Plastic Pet Carrier has vents on all sides to provide ventilation and visibility for your dog. The top features a covered storage space, and you can purchase easy rolling wheels as an added accessory if you choose. It's equipped with a convenient carrying handle and also has a unique swivel handle that is perfect for pulling the carrier if you decide to purchase the wheels.

This travel crate is available in six sizes, including:

  • 19-inch – 18.875” L x 12.75” W x 12.75” H
  • 22-inch – 21.5” L x 14” W x 13.75” H
  • 24-inch – 23.625” L x 15.75” W x 15.125” H
  • 27-inch – 26.75” L x 18.75” W x 20.125” H
  • 32-inch – 31.375” L x 23.125” W x 25.5” H
  • 36-inch – 36.25” L x 24.875” W x 27.25” H

This crate would also be a great option for pet parents who do not travel. Just because something is made for convenient travel, doesn't mean that that is its only use. Without the wheels, this is still a durable, easy to clean, secure crate. If your pet stays in a crate while home alone or at night, this would be a great choice. Plus, it's easy to disassemble and put away when company comes over or if you need extra space.

Travel crates aren't just about making your pet comfortable either. They also keep her safe. When selecting a travel crate, be sure that it latches securely and there is plenty of ventilation. You may also want to consider placing a special blanket or a small dog bed inside the crate for added comfort on the bumpy trip. If you're interested, Midwest sells a pad for the Skudo Plastic Pet Carrier, but you could also use a blanket or a dog bed that you already own to save some money.

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