UPet Tent for Dogs Uses Umbrella-Like Technology

Pet tents can come in handy in all kinds of situations. From giving your dog his own place to sleep while camping to having a portable shelter for your pet to get out of the hot sun at a baseball game, pet tents are very versatile. The UPet Tent for dogs from Pet Ego might be the easiest pet tent on the market to set up.

The UPet tent features an umbrella-like mechanism that allows it to pop up in seconds, and it can be collapsed with the same speed. The ultra-light shelter includes claw-proof mesh windows, a front porch, and a messenger style bag for easy carrying. This pet tent can be used indoors, outdoors, or while traveling in the car.

This neat pet tent also includes a removable awning as well, which will keep your dog dry if it rains and also protect him from the sun on hot days. The UPet tent comes in three sizes to fit any breed, and a 3-inch air mattress located between the tent material and mechanical components allows for excellent air circulation.

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