Versatile Dog Leash Adapts for Every Situation

We've all been in situations with a standard leash where we had to wrap it around our hand or hold the leash close to our dog's collar to keep them near to us. Wouldn't it be so much easier if your leash quickly converted from a long leash to a short leash with just a quick pull?

The Vario Multi-Function Dog Lead from EzyDog is a great solution. This versatile dog leash comes in two models. The standard leash is suitable for dogs over 44 pounds and the Vario Lite fits pups under 44 pounds. It's made with a special blend of soft nylon to provide a comfortable grip and it's made with reflective stitching to be noticeable after dark.

With this leash you can easily convert from a 6-foot leash to a 3-foot leash with a quick pull. Then it converts into 2-foot control leash with one more quick movement. It's also available in 8 colors to match every dog owners' style.

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