Wash Your Dog in 5 Minutes with the Rapid Bath

No one likes bathing their dog, but it needs to be done. This Rapid Bath Pet Bathing System from Oster Animal Care allows you to do it in just a few minutes, without using your hands. You can attach the device to a hose outdoors or to your shower head for easy bathing inside the house.

You won't need to wet your dog's coat before washing. Simply move the toggle switch to ‘bathe' and the Rapid Bath will spray your pooch with a soap, oxygen, and water combination that will get down through their undercoat all the way to their skin providing a deep clean that is tough to get with just your hands. Then switch to ‘rinse' and all the shampoo will be removed quickly.

You'll need to use the specially formulated shampoo that comes with the device, but it cleans well and leaves a fresh scent. However, if your dog has sensitive skin or allergies you may need to select another product.

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