Giveaway: 8 Pounds of Weruva Dry Dog Food ($50+ Value)

Finding the right dog food for your canine companion can be a challenge. You need to find a food that will meet his nutritional needs while also matching your budget. Nothing is worse than spending money on a new dog food brand only to find out your Fido won't eat it. Here's your chance to win 8-pounds of safe and healthy dog food for your pet for FREE!

When it comes to dog food, getting an experts opinion is the best thing you can do. Consult your veterinarian or a canine nutritionist to get help with selecting a diet for your pet. After examining many variables – including your dog's age, weight, breed and overall health and well-being – your vet can tell you what diet would best meet your pet's nutritional requirements.

Dry kibble is certainly the most common diet fed to dogs, but it's not best for every dog. If your vet gives the okay to feed a dry diet, you'll be in for a lot of work. You need to research the best brands to find one that provides a safe, healthy and affordable option.

Weruva Dry Dog Food GiveawayAfter all of that, your dog may not even like the food that you pick out. You can do hours of research to find the best food for your dog, and he could turn his nose up when you feed it to him. Lucky for you, we're giving you a chance to win 8 pounds of dry dog food from Weruva for FREE! One lucky person will win (2) 4-pound bags of dog food from the company's Caloric Harmony line.

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Weruva Dry Dog Food Giveaway

FREE Dog Supplies That You’ll Receive

The winner of this giveaway will receive (1) 4-pound bag of Weruva Caloric Harmony Chicken Dinner with Pumpkin and (1) 4-pound bag of Weruva Caloric Harmony Venison and Salmon Meal Dinner with Pumpkin.

Weruva Dry Dog Food GiveawayAs you can see from the names, both of these formulas are made with pumpkin for digestive health. The chicken dinner variety is potato and grain free, while the venison and salmon version is potato free and made with oatmeal and barley.

Protein provides the majority of the calories in this dog food from Weruva. They are composed of 80% protein from animal sources and are high in amino acids to help build and support lean muscle. The ingredients also include super-prebiotic seaweed that has been certified organic.

Weruva Dry Dog Food GiveawayWeruva does not use any ingredients sourced from China. The chicken comes from the United States and Canada, the venison from the U.S., Canada and Norway, and the venison from Australia and New Zealand. They also perform peroxide and toxin testing on all their incoming ingredients.

There are no artificial flavors or preservatives in this dog food, and it is GMO-free. Both formulas of Weruva food that we are giving away are suitable for any breed and all life stages. They both come in resealable bags for quick and easy storage, as well.

Each bag of Weruva food included in this giveaway retails for about $25, and this is your chance to win them for FREE!

Weruva Dry Dog Food Giveaway

How to enter the giveaway

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

  1. LIKE our Facebook page;
  2. Visit this giveaway’s post and comment/share.

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