The Whoodle dog breed is a frisky pup who is always up for fun-filled play sessions. Learn more about living with this designer breed!

The enthusiastic Whoodle is a crossbreed from mixing the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier with a Poodle. It goes by the names Wheatendoodle, Wheatenpoo, Sweatendoodle, and Sweatenpoo.

Friendly and full of energy, it is happiest when with its humans. This fur baby craves company and will always want to be around people.

It is a pretty new type of Doodle. Breeders are just beginning to understand its behavioral and physical attributes.

Nevertheless, this curly mixed breed dog is making its mark as an adorable fluffball for its friendly demeanor that even strangers get to cuddle.

The Whoodle dog is sociable and fun, which makes it a wonderful service and therapy dog.

It was purposely bred to combine the intelligence of the Poodle with the friendliness of the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. This combo makes a great canine companion for all ages.

Today, the Whoodle breed enjoys growing popularity for its allergen-friendly coat since both purebred parents are touted as such.

Although no dog is completely hypoallergenic, this pooch is delightful to embrace and smooch without worrying about an allergic reaction.

The American Kennel Club does not recognize the breed. Since it is not truly a breed of its own, it can’t be AKC registered.

Whoodle Dog Breed Standard

Since the Whoodle does not appear in the registry, there are no standards for which Whoodle breeders are aiming. Looks and sizes are not as certain as those of purebreds.

Crossbreeds don’t offer this predictability, so it can be hard to envision which parent they’ll take after in terms of appearance or temperament. But for the Heart of America Whoodles, their dogs come in many sizes and colors.

The following characteristics are general yet do not apply to all Whoodle puppies that you will find on the internet nowadays.

Height and Weight

The Whoodle dog varies in growth patterns. There is no agreed size, but the following details are what organizations recognize.


This mixed dog breed type ranges from 10 to 12 inches tall and usually weighs between 15 to 25 pounds, making this an ideal size for families.


A popular size with a height from 14 to 16 inches and 25 to 35 pounds in weight perfect for outdoor-loving people.


This is the largest size standing 18 to 20 inches tall and weighing from 35 up to 50 pounds.


The coat comes in various colors such as fawn, cream, red, gray, and black. It is solid or could also be spotted.

Its low-shedding fur is either straight or wavy, while the texture is silky and soft.

Whoodle Breed

Whoodle Family Life

The Whoodle breed has lots of energy to spend for a dedicated owner to keep up. This means you’ll have to indulge your furry friend’s need for entertainment to earn those hugs – making it an amazing pet for active families and a charming playmate for the kids.

This fluffball is happiest when receiving attention, especially from its favorite person. It will join nearly any family activity, making it an easygoing companion for almost any situation.

The Whoodle dog breed loves its humans and can be prone to separation anxiety as an affectionate pup. This means it can struggle to be left home alone for too long.

Whoodles do fine living with other domestic pets. In fact, they would need doggy pals since these pups demand constant attention.

However, you may have to be careful introducing cats to them. Whoodle dogs tend to chase small family pets just like their Wheaten Terrier parent who was bred to hunt small animals.

Whoodle breeds make very good furry friends to children. Aside from being gentle, they have no problem keeping up with hyper kids.

But like all breeds, no matter the size, always teach children how to approach and treat dogs.

Whoodle dog breeds can be great buddies, but regardless of how friendly they are, you should never leave them all by themselves with a child.

Whoodle Dog History

There isn’t much information about the exact origin of the Whoodle since it is a relatively new breed. Like many Poodle crossbreeds, it was likely developed around the 1980s to create the desired low-shedding canines.

Some believe that the mix was an attempt to combine the natural intelligence of the Poodle with the alluring fur of the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier.

While not recognized by AKC, the American Canine Hybrid Club acknowledges the crossbreed and you may enter your pooch to the International Designer Canine Registry.

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Whoodle Breed Health

The Whoodle dog inherited some of the best traits from its parent breeds, along with good health.

Therefore, it is generally healthy, but there is no guarantee that your pet will not inherit the following ailments.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

This is an eye disorder that eventually causes blindness in your dog. It is detectable before the dog shows signs of blindness through an ophthalmologist evaluation.

Hip Dysplasia

It is the malformation of the hip joints as the dog ages. It can cause pain and lameness and, over time, into arthritis.

This may be hereditary but becomes worse due to environmental factors such as rapid growth from a change of diet or incurred injuries.

Addison's disease

Hypoadrenocorticism, also known as Addison's disease in dogs, is caused by immune-mediated destruction of adrenal tissue. The adrenal glands may be damaged by trauma, infection, or cancer.

How to Care for Whoodles


As mentioned, the Whoodle breed is one active dog that needs exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. It enjoys playing ball, jogging, or doing laps around the backyard.

Its curiosity and intelligence make it an adventurer. The Whoodle dog breed loves daily activities with its human, especially long walks.

So, better bring your furry friend to spacious parks or anywhere with long trails. As a fun-loving dog, you can also play games, such as dog puzzles to keep it entertained.

Avoid exercising outside when it is warm or too hot as this pooch is sensitive to heat. After a day of exploring, it will be content to curl up or snuggle on the sofa when it is time to chill.

Whoodle Training

The Poodle is considered to be the second smartest dog breed in the world since it is easy to train. So, you can expect Whoodles to be fast learners with new tricks and commands.

You’ll have to keep your pets entertained with toys or by taking them out to socialize. Since Whoodle dogs are intelligent, it could be problematic when they get bored.

While known for their smarts, Whoodle breeds are rather strong-willed. They can carry streaks of independence and are stubborn enough to remind you of their Terrier heritage.

These dogs have confident leadership qualities. They often give off the impression they know best, so you'll need to make sure your Whoodle dog breeds know who’s the boss of the household.

The Whoodle doesn’t take kindly to being yelled at. Aside from patience as the key, train your pet with encouragement and kindness, and you'll have a loyal canine companion for life.

This breed is a social dog who is calm and relaxed around everyone. It gets along with other pets, not just dogs.

As long as the Whoodle dog is properly socialized at a young age, it will do great and won’t be scared of other animals.

The Whoodle breed loves meeting new people. This pup gives lots of love to everyone it meets.

This enthusiasm means it is known for jumping on people for attention. If your Whoodle dog breed is patiently trained with positive reinforcement methods and given outlets for its energy, it can learn to have the ideal canine manners and be a happy, agreeable pet.

Socialization, training, and positive experiences ensure that your crossbreed dog grows up to be a well-rounded pooch.

Whoodle puppies with the ideal temperament are playful and willing to approach the public.

Grooming a Whoodle

Whoodles are low to moderate maintenance dogs.

Their long luxurious coats are non-shedding that will require daily brushing to keep the silky hair free of mats and tangles. They should be groomed every 2 to 3 months.

A daily oral care routine will help the teeth and gums stay healthy, which will help their overall health.

Trim nails once or twice a month, as long as you don't hear them clicking on the floor.

Check the ears regularly for debris and pests. Clean them as recommended by your vet to avoid infection.

Diet and Nutrition

Whoodle dogs tend to gain weight if overfed, so there should be a regular feeding schedule. Divide the food into two meals as opposed to once a day.

Your pets’ diet should be intended for medium-sized breeds with average to high energy levels. High-quality dog food should do well to give them the best chance for a long healthy life.

Whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared, meals should be appropriate to their age with your veterinarian's supervision and approval.

Provide nutritious treats but with limits. Consult your veterinarian about healthy options.

Monitor your dogs’ calorie consumption and weight level to find out the proper portions and nutrients they need at different stages of life.


Ideal Owner of Whoodle Dogs

Whoodle breeds can be your pets even if you live in an apartment. As long as they get daily exercise and stimulation, they are happy with you wherever you reside.

In addition to keeping up with their ample energy, you need to be dedicated to giving enough time and patience to provide proper training.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert in raising dogs, these fur babies are smart that’ll be quick to learn commands and tricks.

They make a good fit for households with children and other doggy pals. Active and friendly, Whoodle dog breeds can thrive in family environments for their energetic and playful nature, as well as their conservative size.

These fluffballs are extremely social and not known to be aggressive, so they cannot be your guard dog if you are looking for such. They would rather beg for a belly rub than bite.

More importantly, these dogs are considered hypoallergenic, which is suitable for allergy sufferers. Due to both parent breeds being non-shedding, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting any allergic reactions.

FAQs about Whoodle Breeds

Is the Whoodle dog breed calm?

Yes, the Whoodle is very calm that it won’t fight when groomed. It is relaxed around new people and other animals.

What makes the Whoodle dog breed a Doodle?

A Doodle is a Poodle mixed breed dog. Therefore, a Whoodle dog is a Doodle and a beautiful combination with a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier.

Is the Whoodle dog breed good for seniors?

Absolutely! The Whoodle breed is especially good for seniors in assisted living homes.

It is smart and eager to please, making this designer breed a prime candidate for therapy and service work.

Whoodle Dog Breed

Whoodle Dog Breeds Summary

If you want sweet, energetic, and curly-haired pups, Whoodles could be the right canine companions for you!

These loving breeds enjoy the company of all they come across. They are non-aggressive dogs with friendly and playful dispositions, making them a great addition to any family.

So, are they the dogs that you desire?

Some people purchase Whoodle dogs without the ability to commit to the lifetime of these animals. If you want to bring a dog home, consider adopting one.

There are many Whoodle breeds in need of fostering. Still, gather more information before getting your puppy to see compatibility with your lifestyle.

You may visit various breeders and see the dogs yourself. Find a reputable breeder who will show health clearances to prove they are clear of health conditions.

The Heart of America Whoodle (HOAW) is dedicated to the ethical development of Whoodle puppies. They devoted themselves to helping fellow enthusiasts achieve breed standards.

The HOAW family solely focuses on the betterment of the crossbreed while protecting and supporting responsible breeding and pet ownership.

The organization built its website to help fur parents like you as you consider adding Whoodle dog breeds to your home.

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