Have you noticed your dog's poop has turned yellow?

If you've noticed there is yellow dog poop, it's best advised to consult with your vet. 

So what could that mean? In this article, we'll discuss everything you need to know if your dog's poop is color yellow.

Similar to humans, dogs’ conditions can be also determined by their fecal matter. A peak of their overall health may be seen through their bowel movement. 

While poops of another color may relate to other diseases, yellow diarrhea dog poop can be caused by numerous things including food intolerance.

In this article, we'll tackle not just yellow dog poop but also other colors and what could that mean.

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Yellow Dog Poop — What It Means?

Firstly, let's start with the color grey. Grey poop may mean disruption in the function of gastrointestinal function due to fats or may also mean problems with the pancreas.

Green may mean they may have consumed too much grass but it can also mean parasite infestation or consumption of poison. 

Black and red poop can mean internal bleeding from gastrointestinal organs. White poop may mean too much calcium in their diet.

White spots or strings may mean worms are present in their internal organs. But how about yellow poop in dogs?

Yellow poop in dogs may mean different cases for them. Some may be just a reaction to changes in diet and some may be a symptom of other diseases. 

Yellow poop in dogs doesn’t mean their condition is grave already rather it may be a beginning, like a symptom, to watch out for. 

Although that may be the case, it’s still best for owners to check with their veterinarians about what they should do regarding this condition. 

Shall we take a peak at what may be the possible causes, symptoms, and treatment for yellow poop in dogs? Let’s go. 

Symptoms of Yellow Dog Poop

Yellow poop in dogs may appear differently depending on their condition. Here are some symptoms to check out in the dog’s stool.

  • Light brown to yellow poop
  • Bright yellow to light yellow in color poop
  • The shape is inconsistent, and may even be watery
  • The texture is moist, soft, and pulpy to liquid
  • Surrounded by a yellow mucus 
  • Odour is more pungent than usual
  • Poop may be compromised of other fragments

Along with the color of the poop, the shape and consistency must also be taken into account.

Determining the cause of yellow stool is not just about the color but also the consistency and other symptoms along with it.

Proper diagnosis is done through consultation and tests with the veterinarian.

If your pet is experiencing yellow stool and other noticeable changes, do have your dog checked immediately. 

yellow poop in dogs

Causes of Yellow Poop in Dogs

Yellow poop in dogs may be caused by different conditions. Here are some conditions that may be applied to your dog: 

Bacterial or Viral Infections

Similar to viral infections like Parvovirus and Distemper, these viral infections affect the stool of the infected dog.

The poop may appear clear, yellow, or black. It may sometimes be accompanied by blood.

Owners must inquire with the veterinarian to have their dog tested to rule out their diagnosis. 

Changes in Diet, Food Allergies, or Food Intolerance

Dogs who have suddenly changed their diet may also result in yellow poop.

If a dog suddenly changes their entire diet, the usual mechanism of its stomach may not be able to register the nutrients right away. 

But yellow poop in dogs may also mean food intolerance. At times, dogs may consume food their stomachs aren’t compatible with. It's quite similar to food allergies

Owners may inquire with the veterinarian regarding the food the dog has intake before defecating to trim down possible food that the dog is allergic to or not tolerable with.

Foreign Materials

When dogs have accidentally consumed nondigestible materials, the intestine may not be able to dissolve the material properly.

Yellow poop may be a reaction through this material ingested. 

Gastrointestinal Problems (Gallbladder, Intestine, Liver, or Pancreas Issue)

Yellow stools may also mean there are gastrointestinal problems, usually in the liver or gallbladder.

If yellow poop is accompanied by other symptoms such as frequent vomiting, lethargy, weight loss, and inappetence, please have the dog checked immediately.

This may be a symptom of other underlying diseases. 

Gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract caused by infection with bacteria.

This can also be a cause of yellow poop. Along with yellow poop, symptoms include gagging, vomiting, multiple diarrhea throughout the day, lethargy, and fever.  

Furthermore, gallbladder issues such as Cholecystitis, Gallbladder Mucocele, Gallstones, and rupture of the gallbladder can often affect the color of the stool.

Liver issues like Hepatitis can cause yellowing in the stool as well. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is the malfunctioning of the intestinal muscles that may lead to diarrhea or constipation. It may cause yellow mucus to encapsulate the poop.

Parasites and Worms

Parasites like hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and protozoa are one of the most common causes of yellow poop in dogs.

In some cases, fragments like white spots, grains, and strings can be found in the fecal matter. These are evident symptoms of worms in stools. 

What To Do If Your Dog has Yellow Poop?

If you have taken notice that your dog has yellow poop, you must figure out possible reasons for its causes.

For sudden changes in diet, it’s best to reinstate their old diet and change it gradually instead.

Observe their stool after if it’s still the same or if it has changed.

For instances where dogs with yellow poop are accompanied by other symptoms, it’s best to have their dogs checked with the veterinarian.

It may heavily affect the dog’s health if its condition is left unchecked and untreated for too long. 

Owners may have their dogs consulted with the veterinarian. They may be administered with a deworming agent and taken biweekly for the following weeks. 

Do make sure that their deworming is updated and on schedule to avoid these complications in the future.

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Diagnosis for Yellow Poop in Dogs

Veterinarians may determine the cause of yellowing in the stool of the dog by running diagnostics or an evaluation.

Here are some diagnostics the veterinarian may perform in checking yellow poop in dogs:


A complete Blood Count can help determine a dog’s overall health much more profoundly.

Aside from the physical examination and other diagnostics, CBC can help determine the dog’s condition.


Fecalysis is a test done by doctors using a sample of the stool from a dog.

This may be done by the veterinarian if they suspect infections and other conditions n the dog.

Fecalysis may detect bacteria, parasites, viruses, fibers, and other possible symptoms relating to other conditions. 


Furthermore, if the veterinarian suspects a problem within the G.i tract, they may perform a urinalysis.

Urinalysis can detect early signs of liver and kidney diseases. Along with urinalysis, the veterinarian may still perform other diagnostics. 

Treatment for Yellow Poop in Dogs

Yellow poop in dogs treatment may depend on the cause. Some dogs who have yellow stool may change their diet.

The veterinarian may restrict the intake of specific foods that may have caused the yellow stool.

Other dogs may undergo oral or injected medication that would treat the diagnosed condition for the yellow poop in dogs.

This may occur with those who have parasites, worms, infections, and other diseases. 

Moreover, medication may be administered for weeks and on schedule until symptoms have expired and the prognosis is good. 

Others may undergo extensive medication, like confinement, to further examine and have a thorough treatment for their diagnosed conditions.

This may happen for those who have underlying conditions such as the liver, pancreas, and other G.I tract issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yellow Dog Poop

What should be the color and texture of poop for healthy dogs?

Healthy poop in dogs should be brown or dark brown.

The shape and texture should be either firm but not hard and segmented or log-shaped, moist, and holds its form.

Can worms cause yellow stool?

Yes, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and whipworms may disrupt gastrointestinal function and may turn poop yellow in color.

Not only the color is affected but also the shape and consistency of the poop are infected. 

What does a dog poop look like with parvo?

If you're wondering what dog poop looks like with parvo, well dogs with parvovirus have diarrhea with blood in their stools.

Often their poop is colored yellow to mustard. 

Yellow Dog Poop: Summary

Although yellow poop in dogs may not be fatal, it's still best to be aware of their condition and surroundings.

Do check on the food they have consumed, may have consumed elsewhere, or even water they may have drunk.

Moreover, even if yellow diarrhea dog poop may not be lethal, it is still best advised to consult with your vet.

If you have the budget, go and have your pets a regular checkup to make sure that everything is okay and healthy.

Keep an eye out for materials that they may have or not have consumed.

It’s also best to have their vaccinations, deworms, and medication up-to-date and on schedule.

Keeping these things intact may help prevent other complications in the future.


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