The Yorkie Pom dog breed is a feisty pup who is desperate for attention and affection. Learn more about living with this designer breed!

The lovable Yorkie Pom is a crossbreed from mixing the Yorkshire Terrier with a Pomeranian. It goes by the names Yoranian, Yorkie Pom Terrier, and Porkie.

Fearless and alert, it is protective of its humans and is a bit wary of strangers. Despite being small in size, this pooch has an attitude just like those big dogs.

The Yorkie Pom dog’s pleasant demeanor makes it a great companion in homes with family.

It can even do well with singles or seniors who are looking for a constant and devoted furry friend.

No conclusive records exist to know why it was purposely bred and for what function. Still, this combo makes an energetic and playful canine companion fitting for all family sizes.

Today, the Yorkie Pom breed enjoys growing popularity as a tiny dog that is well-built and sturdy despite its petite size.

The American Kennel Club does not recognize the breed. Since it is not truly a breed of its own, it can’t be AKC registered.

Yorkie Pom Dog Breed Standard

Since the Yorkie Pom does not appear in the registry, there are no standards for which Yorkie Pom breeders are aiming. Looks and sizes are not as certain as those of purebreds.

Crossbreeds don’t offer this predictability, so it can be hard to envision which parent they’ll take after in terms of appearance or temperament.

The following characteristics are general yet do not apply to all Yorkie Pom puppies that you will find on the internet nowadays.

Height and Weight

The Yorkie Pom dog varies in growth patterns. There is no agreed size, but the following details are what organizations recognize.

As a mix between the Yorkie and Pomeranian, you can expect the Yorkie Pom breed to be tiny.

This ball of fluff tends to range from 6 to 12 inches tall and weighs between 3 to 7 pounds when fully grown depending on its genetics.


The coat comes in various colors such as cream, gold, tan, brown, white, and black. It is solid or could also be a mix.

Its long luxurious fur is medium in length, while the texture ranges from fuzzy, wavy, and wiry.

Yorkie and Pomeranian

Yorkie Pom Family Life

Despite being a little breed, the Yorkie Pom dog breed makes up for it with its charm and intellect.

This fur baby will rapidly and easily form attachments to members of your family, and once they do, they are highly affectionate toward them.

It is lively, curious, and active. You will want to make sure that it has a lot of toys and someone at home as it can’t do well when left alone for long periods.

You may anticipate hearing a lot of noise from Yorkie Poms as they always enjoy being heard by their owners.

Even in small things, they continue to bark when a stranger enters your home.

In comparison to other little dogs, these dogs make more noise. Thus, you must give a “shush” command for them to stop barking.

Yorkie Pom dogs can be aggressive and possessive of their territory.

They thrive in families with just one dog, but you can help them feel comfortable around other dogs and strangers with socialization from an early age.

Yorkie Pom breeds are happy dogs who have strong bonds with their owners.

Like other small dogs, they tend to jump and play where people are walking or sitting, so watch out!

They have no problem keeping up with hyper kids since these pups have lots of energy to spend.

However, they do better with older children as teacup breeds are prone to injuries and accidents.

But like all breeds, no matter the size, always teach children how to approach and treat dogs.

Yorkie Pom dog breeds can be great buddies, but regardless of how friendly they are, you should never leave them all by themselves with a child.

Yorkie Pom Dog History

There isn’t much information about the exact origin of the Yorkie Pomeranian mix and when it was first introduced.

Like many crossbreeds, it may have existed naturally and gained popularity over the years.

While not recognized by AKC, the American Canine Hybrid Club acknowledges the crossbreed and you may enter your pooch to the International Designer Canine Registry.

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Yorkie and Pomeranian Mix

Yorkie Pom Breed Health

The Yorkie Pom inherited some of the best traits from its parent breeds, along with good health.

Therefore, it is generally healthy, but there is no guarantee that your pet will not inherit the following ailments.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

This is an eye disorder that eventually causes blindness in your dog. It is detectable before the dog shows signs of blindness through an ophthalmologist evaluation.

Patellar Luxation

In this condition, the kneecap is out of its normal place. Patellar luxation causes lameness reducing the mobility of the dog.

It's a hereditary problem that can be treated with physical therapy. Unfortunately, severe cases may need surgery.

Hip Dysplasia

It is the malformation of the hip joints as the dog ages. It can cause pain and lameness and, over time, into arthritis.

This may be hereditary but becomes worse due to environmental factors such as rapid growth from a change of diet or incurred injuries.

Tracheal Collapse

This happens when the tracheal rings flatten making it difficult for air to get to the lungs.

It is a progressive disease despite treatment. Even pets who had surgery often take medications for life.

yorkie pom dog how to take care

How to Care for Yorkie Poms


An afternoon at a dog park is often ideal to make this tiny pup happy so he can run and interact with other dogs.

Although full of energy, the Porkie does not need much exercise. One walk per day will suffice – could be a 30-minute stroll or two short 15-minute jaunts.

Always use a harness or halter and not a collar when walking to protect their little throats.

Playing inside is preferred to unattended outside play in a backyard. Small dogs are often mistaken for prey by coyotes, hawks, and owls.

To keep your pet mentally engaged, you'll need to supply a ton of toys and puzzles because this smart pooch grows bored rapidly. Chew toys will do for the little guy to occupy himself.

When the weather is cold, be sure to dress it properly and not keep it out for too long.


The Yorkie Pom is smart and can be taught tricks easily. It excels at obedience and picks up commands in no time, but may need a little extra patience when training as it has a stubborn streak.

You may train your willful toy dog using praise, treats, and positive reinforcement.

The Yorkie Pom dog can develop “Small Dog Syndrome,” where it will bark and act aggressively towards larger dogs.

Keep in mind that just because your pet is a cutie, that doesn't mean it should get away with misbehaving! Set boundaries and stick to a regular training schedule.

The Yorkie Pom breed is perfect for dog owners who live in apartments because its modest size makes indoor house training the easiest option.

Still, remember to keep vigilant and take a big breath because accidents will happen.

If you don't have the time to train your pooch, you can enroll it in puppy classes.

Professionals and dog breeders advise giving puppies the greatest training as early as possible so they will know how to act when they are mature.

You can use certain training aids and reward your Yorkie Pom dog breed with treats once it completes a particular skill.

It will be inspired to follow you in this manner because it anticipates the rewards you will be providing.

Yorkie Poms can be a little uneasy around strangers, so socializing these dogs with older animals and with people will help them avoid behavioral problems.

Socialization, training, and positive experiences ensure that your crossbreed dog grows up to be a well-rounded pooch.

Yorkie Pom puppies with the ideal temperament are playful and willing to approach the public.


It is well known that Yorkie Pom dogs moderately shed. To keep shedding under control, they might only need to go to a professional groomer a few times a year.

The amount of shedding will vary depending on their coat. Daily brushing will maintain their coats manageably and lustrous.

A daily oral care routine will help the teeth and gums stay healthy, which will help their overall health.

Trim nails once or twice a month, as long as you don't hear them clicking on the floor.

Check the ears regularly for debris and pests. Clean them as recommended by your vet to avoid infection.

Diet and Nutrition

Yorkie Pom breeds tend to gain weight if overfed, so there should be a regular feeding schedule. Divide the food into two meals as opposed to once a day.

The diet should be intended for small-sized breeds with average to high energy levels. High-quality dog food should do well to give them the best chance for a long healthy life.

Whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared, meals should be appropriate to their age with your veterinarian's supervision and approval.

Provide nutritious treats but with limits. Consult your veterinarian about healthy options.

Monitor your dogs’ calorie consumption and weight level to find out the proper portions and nutrients they need at different stages of life.


Ideal Owner of Yorkie Pom Dogs

Yorkie Pom dog breeds are usually adored and owned by seniors.

Yorkies are little yet regarded as intelligent, self-assured, and loving – qualities that their children frequently inherit.

The other side of the family will consist of energetic, extroverted, outgoing, highly intelligent, and vibrant Pomeranians. Your Yorkie Pom may inherit these characteristics from this breed as well.

The Yorkie Pom dog is not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic, unlike that of its Yorkshire Terrier parent. There is a considerable probability that it will cause allergies in some people because Pomeranians are not hypoallergenic.

Such a tiny lapdog doesn’t need a lot of space, so it can live in apartments.

This companion is also ideal for singles, families, and the elderly. Despite being somewhat full of life, it is also incredibly wise and devoted.

It does, however, tend to guard its owners fiercely and is wary of strangers.

The Yorkie Pom breed is a wonderful small dog, but if not properly taught, it could cause havoc.

Its aggressiveness, which poses a threat to certain people and other animals in your place, is a common complaint among dog owners.

Some of them continue to bark even at seemingly little things. They should be closely watched, especially if you have guests over.

Therefore, it is important to give the Yorkie Pom dog breed excellent training within their first three months of existence.

It's wonderful if you have a fenced yard for your pet to run around in, but it's not necessary. When you take it to the dog park or on your daily walks, just remember to keep it on a leash because it will chase smaller animals if they run away.

FAQs about Yorkie Pom Breeds

How much does a Yorkie Pom dog breed cost?

Your location, the puppy's age, and the size of the litter are just a few of the variables that will affect the price of your Yorkie Pomeranian mix.

Teacups are known for having difficult births, and the average litter contains only 2 to 4 puppies.

Expect to spend between $400 and $1,000 on your lifelong companion.

Is a Yorkie Pom dog breed hypoallergenic?

There is little to no assurance that Yorkie Pom puppies are hypoallergenic due to their Pomeranian lineage.

Make sure to thoroughly explore this breed if allergies restrict you from owning a dog.

Are Yorkie Pom dog breeds good with kids?

In homes with older children, Porkies make excellent family dogs since they adore their owners.

Similar to other small breeds, care is required around very young children as they might not handle delicate puppies properly.

Yoranian Dog Breed

Yorkie Pom Dog Breeds Summary

If you want pint-sized pups, Yorkie Poms could be the right canine companions for you!

These adorable breeds are a bit protective of their families and will fit in right in your home.

They don't require much space and will thrive with your love and attention, even though they have some special needs.

So, are they the dogs that you desire?

Some people purchase Yorkie Pom dogs without the ability to commit to the lifetime of these animals. If you want to bring a dog home, consider adopting one.

There are many Yorkie Pom breeds in need of fostering.

Still, gather more information before getting your puppy to see compatibility with your lifestyle.

You may visit various breeders and see the dogs yourself. Find a reputable breeder who will show health clearances to prove they are clear of health conditions.

No breed groups are yet dedicated to the ethical development of Yorkie Pom puppies, but efforts have begun to help breeders and enthusiasts achieve breed standards.

Like most crossbreeds, you may have difficulty hunting down trustworthy breeders.

You may try Yorkshire Terrier or Pomeranian rescues as they often care for mixes if you are considering adding Yorkie Pom dog breeds to your home.

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