The Zero Shock Leash From EzyDog

Dogs are strong, there is no doubt about it, and when they pull on their leash it can do a lot of harm to themselves and your arm. The Zero Shock Leash from EzyDog absorbs and prevents these injuries from happening. In the center of the leash is the company’s patented Zero Shock Technology that eases and cushions the pressure for both the dog and the dog walker.

The leash is made from high quality materials with a neoprene handle that is waterproof and comfortable to hang on to. The Zero Shock leash drastically reduces the strain and pull on your arm while you’re walking your pet.

It is also equipped with a D-ring attachment to hold your keys, a flashlight, or any other accessory you may need on your walk. You can get this leash in one of seven colors including black, red, blue, orange, candy (pink), or chocolate. There are also two different size options; 25 inch and 48 inch.

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