dog names starting with q

Naming your new furry friend is a special moment in your life.

Your dog’s name will represent him, so your choice should carry deep and personal connections.

We know it can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you—from name ideas to tips and advice on naming your woofer!

Looking for a unique dog name to make your furbaby stand out? How about badass dog names for your tough watchdog?

Whatever you’re searching for, here we have Q dog name categories where there’s something for every pooch.

Ready to look for the best dog name? 

Let’s get started with our lists of creative dog names starting with Q!


Male Dog Names

Female Dog Names

Unisex Dog Names

Badass Dog Names

Elegant Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

Color-Inspired Dog Names

Movie Character-Inspired Dog Names

Popular Male Dog Names Starting With Q 

Did you know that male dogs are more cuddly and affectionate than female dogs?

Of course, I’m not saying it all applies to all dog breeds, but it’s a common personality that male dogs share (based on the experience of many dog owners).

As a fur mom of two male dogs, I can guarantee that since mine are both goofballs.

If ever you have made a decision to adopt a male woofer, then you’re going to enjoy his company because he’ll be giving you smooches every now and then.

While waiting for that stage of his life, you might want to give him a name starting with Q to have a wonderful start.

  • Quill
  • Quan
  • Quick
  • Quent
  • Quico
  • Quimby
  • Quiley
  • Quon
  • Quenal
  • Qusay
  • Qudam
  • Quito
  • Quirin
  • Quant
  • Quince
  • Qamar
  • Quickley
  • Qays
  • Quique
  • Quinto
  • Quant

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dog names beginning with q

Popular Female Dog Names Starting With Q 

Female dogs deserve a special and pretty name too!

For the loving and clingy fur moms and dads who have female pups, don’t worry! 

As mentioned, it depends on the breed sometimes. As long as you love your female pooch unconditionally, she’ll definitely love you back more!

Dogs regardless of breed or gender have the same love language; usually, that is physical touch.

So, give her plenty of belly rubs, and she’ll reciprocate your love with a lifetime of affection and loyalty!

Oh, there can actually be an advantage since they’re more attentive and easier to house-train.

Having said that, now’s the perfect time to pick among these dog names starting with Q so you’ll be ready to call her on training!

  • Queen
  • Quiana
  • Quincey
  • Quintina
  • Quinlan
  • Quinta
  • Qadira
  • Quinnly
  • Quin
  • Queenie
  • Qira
  • Quilla
  • Quest
  • Quinzel
  • Quartney
  • Qwynn
  • Quiana
  • Quyen
  • Quella
  • Quita
  • Quana
  • Queta
  • Quenna

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Unisex Dog Names Starting With Q

Maybe you haven’t decided yet on whether to bring home a male or female furbaby but want a gender-neutral name.

Whichever gender you’ll have, these cool and unisex dog names beginning with Q will be a fantastic choice!

  • Quix
  • Quentin
  • Quor
  • Quiche
  • Quix
  • Quack
  • Quandus
  • Quella
  • Quiet
  • Qudra
  • Quahella
  • Quency
  • Quija
  • Quentin
  • Quintus
  • Quanta
  • Quixie
  • Quattro
  • Quixote
  • Quental

Badass Dog Names That Start With Q

For the fur parents of fierce-looking dogs, keep reading as you’re about to get some ideas here for your tough four-legged protector.

These badass Q names for dogs will go wonderfully with guard dogs, such as Boxers, Cane Corsos, German Shepherds, and Dobermanns.

  • Qualite
  • Quantus
  • Qurina
  • Quentos
  • Quai
  • Quixi
  • Quinlan
  • Qadim
  • Quigley
  • Quade
  • Quirt
  • Quon
  • Quillon
  • Quartz
  • Quovadis
  • Qyu
  • Quince
  • Qwenja

q dog names

Elegant Dog Names That Start With Q

Looking for an elegant name for an elegant dog? 

These royal-sounding dog names starting with Q are suitable for stunning breeds like Pomeranians, Poodles, Papillons, Alaskan Malamutes, and English Setters

  • Queenie
  • Quinn
  • Quartney
  • Qunita
  • Quina
  • Quexi
  • Quizzie
  • Quigley
  • Quitara
  • Quasimodo
  • Quax
  • Quatro
  • Quiche
  • Quero
  • Quintus
  • Quitcher
  • Qwin
  • Quork

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Unique Dog Names Starting With Q

Still stuck on how to pick a name for your furry friend because you want something more stand-out?

These unique dog names starting with Q will leave a lasting impression on your friends and other fur parents! 

  • Quixa
  • Quiska
  • Quira
  • Qwenja
  • Quip
  • Quimpie
  • Quent
  • Quedlin
  • Quaxel
  • Quattrix
  • Quechua
  • Quimbo
  • Quendoe
  • Quebec
  • Quester
  • Quietschie
  • Quirl
  • Quiros
  • Quendo
  • Quadriga
  • Quasti

Q Names For Dogs Inspired by Colors

We can all agree that our dogs have certain qualities that evoke peace, energy, and excitement.

The same holds true with colors because they affect our feelings and perspective.

I think one of the heartful ways to express your gratitude to your loving pooch is by giving it a name inspired by colors—not just some colors, but your favorites that boost your mood.

Besides, our dogs add color to our lives and even sometimes bring hope to our hopelessness.

These color-inspired dog names starting with Q will give you an idea!

  • Quartz pink
  • Quesadilla
  • Quail grey
  • Quick blue
  • Quin
  • Quarts
  • Queen white
  • Queer blue
  • Quid
  • Quantum blue
  • Quark white
  • Quality red
  • Quarry stone
  • Quincy
  • Quartile
  • Quite orange
  • Quartz green
  • Quarrel
  • Quality blue
  • Quack yellow
  • Quo

Q Names For Dogs Inspired by Movie Characters

You can also name Fido in honor of someone who positively influenced your life.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be someone in real life; they could be characters from your favorite books or movies.

Giving your woofer any of these Q names for dogs inspired by movie characters is a perfect way to pay tribute to your hero.

  • Q (James Bond)
  • Qi’ra (Star Wars)
  • Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)
  • Quentin Beck (Spider-Man: Far From Home)
  • Quentin Glass (The Punisher)
  • Quetzalcoatl (Godzilla: King of the Monsters)
  • Quincy (Little Einsteins: Our Huge Adventure)
  • Quint (Jaws)
  • Queen Elinor (Brave)
  • Queen Clarion (Tinker Bell / Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure)
  • Queenie (One Hundred and One Dalmatians)
  • Quizmaster (One Hundred and One Dalmatians)
  • Quail Mother (Bambi/Bambi II)
  • Queen of Hearts (Alice In Wonderland)
  • Queen Leah (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Queeg (The Caine Mutiny)
  • Queequeg (Moby Dick)

dog names starting with q

Dog Breeds That Start With Q

As a dog lover, maybe at some point, you asked yourself, “Is there even a dog breed that starts with the letter Q?”

Perhaps you have already come across them and wondered why so few of them exist.

Well, if you noticed, the letter “Q” is not highly common in English (not just regarding dog breeds).

Whether you’re a dog enthusiast or just curious about unique breeds, these dog breeds that start with Q are sure to win your heart! 

Even though they might be uncommon, these dogs are more alluring for it.

And if you have one of them, you might as well give them a dog name starting with Q to highlight more how special they are.

Ready to meet them?

Qartuli Nagazi

The large and powerful Georgian Shepherd (or Qartuli Nagazi) is a rare breed of sighthound that developed in Georgia.

This big bundle of joy is reputed to be independent and distant but devoted and loving to his humans. 

If you want to name a Qartuli Nagazi, these dog names starting with Q will perfectly match this athletic and elegant woofer.

  • Quitte
  • Qundo
  • Quenda
  • Quartus
  • Quendolini
  • Quito
  • Quinn
  • Quero
  • Quinny
  • Quickstep
  • Qantas

Quapaw Hound

The rare and alert Quapaw Hound is used for hunting small game such as rabbits and squirrels.

Besides its superior scenting ability, this breed’s gorgeous white coat with black patches will make him the center of attention.

To make your Quapaw Hound stand out more, give him one of these dog names beginning with Q!

  • Quack
  • Quarry
  • Quando
  • Quartus
  • Quasti
  • Quarrel
  • Quattrix
  • Quaxi
  • Quasty
  • Quantam
  • Quency

Queensland Heeler

The perceptive and athletic Australian Cattle Dog (also known as the Queensland Heeler) is the ideal companion for everyone who shares his high level of activity and vigor.

The stunning fur pattern of this breed honors its cosmopolitan past, which includes wild Australian dingo lineage, Dalmatian, and Collie ancestry.

Having said that, your Queensland Heeler deserves a special name! These dog names starting with Q will complement this canine’s uniqueness.

  • Qualite
  • Quadriga
  • Quelly
  • Questa
  • Queela
  • Quappe
  • Quandra
  • Quai
  • Quelle
  • Quti
  • Quincy
  • Quency

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle

The calm and loving Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle was name in honor of Queen Elizabeth I, who was said to have kept small beagles as pets.

It’s the dog you want to bring home as they’re lovable, fantastic companions for kids, and enjoy being close to their humans.

Naming the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle with any of these dog names starting with Q is perfect for this tiny tail-wagger!

  • Quillan
  • Quiterie
  • Quixtar
  • Quixote
  • Quigley
  • Quenell
  • Quantum
  • Quiao
  • Qasin
  • Quan
  • Qiana

How To Give Fido A Meaningful Name

As fur parents, we want something creative, but we don't want names that are unsuitable for our dog’s character.

Your chosen name should describe Fido and be something you love calling him!

Just want to share that there are also fur moms I know who gave their dogs names that were more personal to them than to their furbabies.

Given that you might not be familiar with the dog very well yet, this makes perfect sense.

Unless you want to wait a little longer for your pooch to grow and discover more of his personality, we suggest you do the same.

This might take a little more effort, but we promise you'll find one you'll adore and connect with.

This guide will give you more tips to help you think of the ideal name.

Be Descriptive

You might want to grab a pen and paper for this to list all the adjectives you can think of that describe your woofer.

Then look at your dog for a while to appreciate his physical uniqueness and all the happiness he brings to your life.

Make a list of all the colors, sizes, facial characteristics, personalities, and dog-related memories that spring to mind.

For example, my first dog when he was a puppy literally shaped like a bean, and his color also reminded me of the black beans my mom usually adds to my favorite dish, Pork Humba.

Obviously, I took inspiration from that and called him Beans

I don’t know about you, but take time to think while looking at your dog. I promise that ideas will come naturally.

Let us help you more so you’ll get the pattern.

Does your woofer have many behavioral quirks?

Say, for example, if he likes laying on your stomach or licking your guests’ feet, you might want to call him Quirky.

If you notice she has a calm demeanor and looks poised sitting down, Queenly would be a great name.

In case you own one of the popular fast dogs like a Dalmatian, a Doberman, or a Jack Russell, we recommend naming him Quick.

These are all adjectives that can make fantastic and relatable names!

Name Fido After Someone

Was there a person in your life who meant a lot to you growing up?

Naming your pooch after them could be a sweet way to honor them!

Plus, you'll have a memorable story to tell if you choose to name your dog after someone.

Some people look up to a specific character from a movie or novel, while others view a famous artist as their role model.

For mine, it’s a kid!

My family dog has a name inspired by this cute chunky kid named Baste from my parents’ favorite noontime show.

My sister and I love kids and liked seeing Baste on TV.

So we agreed to name our family dog, Baste, because, apparently, he was also chunky and cuddly.

You can also do the same.

After all, nothing sets the bar higher than naming Fido after a beloved individual!

Be Totally Random

If you're still unsure how to choose a dog name, why not choose something arbitrary and made-up?

It's your dog, so feel free to play around with the name!

Quantum, Quency, and Quarrel are all random names that can work for your furball.

Need a good laugh? My favorites from the lists above are Quechua and Quimbo.

The most important thing about your four-legged friend’s name isn’t the name itself but how you say it!

q names for dogs

Does My Dog Respond Better To Certain Names?

Did you know that there’s a science behind naming your dog?

Your woofer will have a harder time remembering names that are long or have too many syllables.

Queen of Hearts is a nice name, but referring to her as Queen during training will be more efficient.

Experts also say that hard consonant sounds such as “c” or “k” can help your woofer identify one sound from another.

Overall, they'll learn to respond regardless of what it sounds like the more time you spend with your furball and use his name with treats.

If you give your puppy enough attention, it will grow up to be loyal and obedient!

Final Thoughts on Dog Names Starting With Q

The first and most crucial step you should take as a fur parent is to give your new woofer a name.

But our one bit of advice is not to stress yourself. You'll find the one and end up loving your pup’s name.

Remember, you must choose something that makes your heart flutter whenever you call him by it.

If you adore Fido's name, you'll be more inclined to interact with him with sincere joy, right?

So we hope you were able to pick or take inspiration from these dog names starting with Q, to give you a head start.

If you’re looking for more names beginning with other letters in the alphabet, feel free to check our other articles on dog names. 

Good luck!


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