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Actress Lucy Liu Unveils Her New Pet Product Line

Actress Lucy Liu Unveils Her New Product Line
Photo: leroar.com

Actress Lucy Liu is best known for her role in the television show Ally McBeal and her parts in major movies like Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill. Her most recent acting gig, on the television series Elementary, is where she met Ellen Stockbridge, the tailor for the Sherlock Holmes drama. The two animal lovers realized quickly that they had one major problem in common – they could not find suitable pet products for their beloved dogs.

Liu and Stockbridge found that many dog products on the market were made of compromised materials that could be detrimental to a dog’s health. The pair decided to partner up to create Le Roar, a company that offers safe, non-toxic goods for companion animals. The company officially launched on Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

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Le Roar’s mission is to help keep pets healthy and safe. Liu and Stockbridge understand that animals like to chew and lick, so all the zippers on their products are lead-free, and the outer fabrics are made from 100% cotton. Le Roar also sources, cuts, and assembles all of their pet products in the United States.

Actress Lucy Liu Unveils Her New Product Line
Photo: leroar.com

Liu says that when she discovered that there weren’t a lot of 100% safe pet products on the market she just knew she had to do something about it. She noticed that many products had zippers made with lead and some of them were even treated with chemicals that could be toxic to dogs. She also noticed that many expensive products weren’t worth the money.

Liu says that some dog products cost hundreds of dollars and they are still easily ripped, chewed, and shredded. Le Roar products are all made with the most high-quality materials and every product is machine washable. Their line includes beds, towels, aprons, and chew toys.

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The Le Bed comes in three sizes to suit most breeds. The sturdy bed is made with an outer layer of 100 percent cotton canvas and the inserts are made of a water-resistant Supplex. The inside is stuffed with high-loft Poly-fil. Le Logo Towels can be used for bath time, rainy days, or just as a precaution in a travel bag.

The company’s versatile Le Aprons come in handy for bathing and grooming or while cooking supper. They are also made from 100 percent cotton and they’re machine washable. Right now the new company only makes one chew toy, Le Squeaky Toy, which is a plush toy shaped like a bone. The sturdy cotton outer layer is paired with a strong poly lining to make these dog toys extra durable.

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