This Ball Looks Ferocious, But It Won’t Bite

Dog toy companies are getting more creative with their designs. You’ve probably seen the hilarious mustache chew toys, giant lips and pacifier dog toys that are on the market now, and Jolly Pets is joining in on the fun. Their Monster Ball series is as versatile as it is creative. These dog toys are part mouth, part ball, part treat dispenser and all fun! You’ll enjoy them as much as your dog will.

Monster Balls come in three varieties: the Monster Ball, Monster Girl and Monster Mouth. They also come in two sizes. The small balls are 2.5 inches in diameter and the large balls are 3.5 inches in diameter. These chew toys are made from all-natural, non-toxic rubber that cleans your pet’s teeth and gums as he chews. They are also made in China.

If you’re sick of stinky dog chew toys, you’ll enjoy the pleasant vanilla scent that these dog toys offer. They are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after your dog gets them covered in slobber. These Monster Balls make great fetch toys for active dogs that love to run, but they can also be used as treat dispensing toys for more sedentary dogs. Simply fill the mouth of the ball with your choice of treats or kibble and your dog will have to chew and lick to get them out.

You could also fill these dog toys with peanut butter, wet dog food or another malleable substance and throw them in the freezer overnight. This would be great to occupy your dog if you’re busy and can’t give him attention or for when you need to leave him for a long period of time while you’re gone from the house during the day. Leaving treat dispensing toys like this one, that will actively engage your dog throughout the day, is a great way to help pets that suffer from separation anxiety.

This toy would be a great choice for dogs that love to chew. The durable rubber can withstand a lot of abuse, but if your Fido is an aggressive chewer you will want to supervise him while he’s using this toy. Monster Balls would be great for fetch, but if you have an aggressive chewer you wouldn’t want to let him chew the ball for too long or he may ruin it. The versatility of this toy makes it great for any size or breed and it can be used with puppies or adult dogs.

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