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BarkCam Lets You Take Better Pictures of Your Dog

BarkCam Lets You Take Better Pictures of Your Dog
Photo: barkpost.com

All pet lovers have tried to take the perfect photo of their favorite pooch, but it doesn't typically work out very well. The hardest part is simply getting your dog to look at the camera, and then you still have to worry about the light reflecting off their eyes, making sure they keep still so your picture isn’t blurry, and getting them to pose in the perfect position. Bark&Co is trying to help dog owners with this photo debacle.

Their app, BarkCam, is a photo-sharing app that is being called the dog version of Instagram. The app works with your phone’s camera to help you take the perfect picture of Poochie. You begin by selecting a sound that is meant to attract your dog’s attention. You can choose from a squeaky toy, a cat meowing, a bag of treats rustling, and a doorbell.

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The sound is activated automatically when you push the shutter button in hopes that your dog will look at the camera just before the picture is taken. Once you’ve managed to get the perfect snapshot of your pup, you can spice up the photo in a number of ways.

BarkCam Lets You Take Better Pictures of Your Dog
Photo: designtaxi.com

You can add text, a variety of different filters, chat bubbles, stickers, and more to the photo. Once you’re finished the app allows you to easily share the picture on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Although this app is more whimsical and fun, Bark&Co offers dog owners many other excellent resources as well including two other apps. BarkCare is an app for on-demand veterinary care and BarkBuddy shows adoptable pets to dog lovers who are looking for a new family member.

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The company also has its flagship subscription service, BarkBox, which delivers a monthly package filled with high quality toys, treats, and other goodies to pet owners and their pups. Bark&Co was created by Matt Meeker, Henrik Werdelin, and Carly Strife. They launched the BarkBox hoping that other dog lovers like themselves would enjoy it, but little did they know their product would end up growing larger than they ever thought possible.

As the BarkBox’s popularity grew, so did the trios understanding of the dog parents that were ordering their monthly boxes of goodies. Since the BarkBox became so successful the team decided to form Bark&Co, a company that is devoted to producing products that foster the health and happiness of dogs everywhere and make life a little easier for their owners.

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