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Giveaway: BarkinBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover ($33+ Value)

Most dogs love to ride in the car. They enjoy wind in their ears and the excitement of passing vehicles. While we like to make our dogs happy, bringing them for rides can be hard on the upholstery of our vehicles. Thankfully, dog car seat covers help to protect upholstery from dirty paws and scratching claws.

Not all car seat covers are created equally, of course. When you're shopping for a car seat cover, quality should be your top priority! Cheap materials won't hold up over time. If your dog is wet or muddy, the moisture will soak right through a poor quality car seat cover into your upholstery.

BarkinBuddy has created a universal car seat cover that will fit bench seats in virtually every car, truck or SUV. It features reinforced buckles, zippers & seams and a waterproof layer to protect your upholstery from everything your dog will throw at it. We're offering 1 lucky winner the chance to score this car seat cover for FREE!

How to enter the giveaway

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Following these steps will automatically enter you to win a dog car seat cover, and we’ll contact you via Facebook if you’re the lucky winner. Don’t wait – the giveaway ends on April 1st, 2019!

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FREE Dog Supplies That You’ll Receive

BarkinBuddy Dog Seat Cover GiveawayThis is a hammock-style car seat cover. It attaches to the headrests on the front and rear seats to form a hammock in the backseat. The BarkinBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover not only protects your seat, but also keeps your dog from jumping into the front seat.

While it seems quite similar to other hammock-style car seat covers, this one has a few unique features that make it stand out.First are the enlarged side flaps that protect the sides of your car seats when your dog climbs in. There are also zippers that turn these flaps into side panels to protect your car doors from getting scratched.

BarkinBuddy says that this seat cover will fit ANY car, truck or SUV.

BarkinBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover GiveawayMost dog car seat covers come in a variety of sizes or are designed to fit certain vehicles. BarkinBuddy has designed this cover to be large enough to fit any vehicle. It measures 54″ across the seat and the side flaps add an additional 15″ on each side.

This seat cover is waterproof, which is an absolute MUST-have feature when shopping for a product like this. Even if your dog doesn't swim, he's going to step in a puddle or walk through wet grass from time to time. It's necessary to have a car seat cover that won't allow the water to soak into your upholstery.

The BarkinBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover features a non-slip backing as well. This prevents it from sliding around while you’re driving. It keeps your seats clean and benefits unstable pets from falling over or getting injured when you take a sharp corner.

BarkinBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover GiveawayAnother unique feature that this car seat cover has is the zipper in the center of the cover. This allows you to fold down half of the seat cover. If you have a person riding in the back seat with your dog, you can fold down half of the seat cover so the person doesn't have to sit on dirt and dog hair.

The BarkinBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover is machine washable, and you can also wipe it down with a wet cloth for quick cleaning. In the photo above, you can see the two pockets attached to this seat cover. They are ideal for keeping your dogs leash, toys, treats, etc… in one convenient place that is easily accessible.

How to enter the giveaway

BarkinBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover GiveawayTo enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

  1. LIKE our Facebook page;
  2. Visit this giveaway’s post and comment/share.

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