Review: Beco Pets Sindy the Starfish Dog Toy

Almost all dogs love to play with toys, but they all play in different ways. The Beco Pets Sindy the Starfish dog toy is designed with many types of play in mind.

Some dogs like to fetch and tug, while others like to chew. Still, some pups just like to have a soft toy to carry around with them.

Sindy the Starfish is quite versatile, but it is a plush toy. This means that it's not suitable for aggressive or destructive chewers.

Beco Pets Sindy the Starfish Dog Toy

Sindy the Starfish

Once you get past Sindy's adorable face, you'll quickly realize she is very well-made. As soon as I felt this toy, I knew it wasn't the average plush dog toy.

The panels of these toys are sewn together with double stitching and reinforced with another layer of double stitching for added durability. The woven material also feels much more durable than the traditional soft cotton material of most plush dog toys.

I like to use eco-friendly products when possible. I was pleased to find out that more than 80% of the stuffing and cloth are made of recycled plastic and recycled polyester.

In my video review above, you can see my Labrador Retriever, Saddie, playing with this toy. While she loves her Sindy the Starfish, she does share it with her siblings from time to time.

I also have two medium-sized dogs, a beagle, and a mutt. The smaller dogs are much rougher than Saddie when it comes to playing with toys. They love to try to shred plush toys when the mood strikes them.

I do pick this toy up when Saddie is done playing with it, but my other two dogs have gotten ahold of it on occasion. So far, it's showing no signs of damage.

The squeaker is puncture-resistant, which is great for pups that just love to keep squeaking it over and over again.

The Beco Pets Sindy the Starfish dog toy is available in two sizes. You can pick up the medium size (featured in my review) for $15.99 and the large size for $17.39 on Amazon at the time of this review.

They aren't the cheapest dog toys, but if you're looking for a durable plush toy, this is a great choice. It's comparatively priced with other similar plush toys. Saddie loves hers, and I would definitely recommend this toy to other pet parents or as a gift for a deserving dog in your life.

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