Best Bone Chews Recommended for Any Dogs To Snack On

Dog treats and bone chews come in various shapes and sizes.

They undergo different manufacturing and marketing to cater to our dog's needs.

But the most appealing treats are usually bones or bone-shaped treats. These are good chewy treats for dogs that can occupy them for a long time.

Bones or bone-shaped treats are better than regular treats because they last longer and provide more mental stimulation for dogs.

They may not be essential, but they're beneficial for training your pets.

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Raw Bones vs. Bone Chews

It was common to throw a dog a bone as a reward every time we were pleased with their cute antics in the old days.

Today, we know that raw bones for dogs are hazardous and unhealthy.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) released a consumer advisory reminding pet owners not to give dogs any type of real bones.

The most common potential hazards of feeding real bones to a dog's health, whether cooked or not:

  • gastrointestinal problems
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • scratches
  • rectum bleeding
  • choking hazard
  • death

Other dog experts and vets have confirmed that giving dogs raw bone is a bad idea, and edible bones are better.

Not only that, but you must also avoid cooking bones and giving them to your puppy, as they are brittle.

This article discusses the benefits of hard chews (edible bones safe for dogs).

Listed below are reasons to give them to your pup, and how they are different from other dog treats.

We also have a list of recommendations and reviews for the best dog bones you can try for yourself.

What are the Benefits of Dog Bones for Chewing?

What are the Benefits of Chew Bones?

Whether you choose to give your dog chew toys, special treats, recreational bones, or one of these top-rated dog bones, know that they provide more than just some fun for your puppy or adult dog.

There are real benefits, not just to make your dog busy.

Dog chews improve your pet's dental health.

Experts have been saying, and studies have confirmed, that chew bones maintain healthy gums.

Dog's chews also remove tartar buildup and scrape the plaque away in dogs, keeping your dog's dental health.

Dog chews stimulate the dog.

Not only do dog bones entertain your puppy, but they provide the benefits of mental stimulation, which is very important for the dog's brain.

Dog chews relieve teething pain.

For growing puppies, in particular, dog bone chews and unique puppy toys can help deal with the pain, urge to chew, and comfort issues associated with your pup's teeth.

Dog chews satisfy the innate urge to chew.

A regular dog food diet doesn't provide enough stimulation for the dog's teeth and jaw.

Thus, the best bones for many dogs to chew on can help prevent a dog's destructive behavior.

Dog toys and dog treats aren't the only escape for an ailing dog, and dog chewing bones may be a good solution.

However, aggressive chewing may cause broken teeth, so be careful of what you can get.

Dog Chew Bones vs. Other Dog Treats and Chews

Dog Chew Bones vs. Other Dog Treats and Chews

There are many types of dog toys, healthy dog treats, and chews.

Hard-feeding bones and dog chew bones are some of the most popular styles that pet owners choose.

Here are a few other chews that dogs love that you may look into:

Bully Sticks for Dogs.

These are very similar to natural bone chews, only they are rarely shaped like a bone, and they are usually softer to chew.

Bully sticks are one of the best chews for a dog to give.

Dental Dog Chews.

Some dog chew toy treats are designed specifically for dental purposes.

However, there's little evidence that dental chews work any differently than most other dog chews.

Rawhide Dog Chews.

Rawhide bones are more challenging in texture than either bully sticks or edible dog bones, and they're one of the favorites.

However, not all rawhide chews for dogs are safe.

Soft Dog Chews. 

Unlike the others, these are for dogs who prefer softer chews and are less likely to get broken teeth.

Examples of soft chews that you can give your dog are jerkies, cow hooves, and pig ears.

Inedible Dog Chews. 

If destructive chewing cannot be monitored, especially on dogs suffering from anxiety, these chew toys keep dogs occupied.

Examples of inedible dog chews are rope toys and elk antlers. These are great, especially for teething puppies.

It highly depends on your dog which one he prefers the most.

As an owner, it's best that you familiarize yourself with how all types of chews for many dogs work and which ones are safe for them.

Now, let's proceed to our recommendations for dogs' best bones to chew on and what exactly they are.

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9 Best Chew Bones Brands For Dogs

Even if you give them a treat, these chew toys and treats do not satisfy a dog's stomach and appetite on their own.

There is still a complete and balanced diet that dogs eat to perform their daily routines.

These dog treats can serve as chew toys, especially when they get bored or anxious.

Not only will your dog's teeth be prioritized in their chew, but it can also save your furniture.

Flavors commonly used in bone chews are peanut butter, natural bacon flavor, beef bones, chicken, etc.

Listed below are the best chewing bones that dog owners can get, and most dogs love.

1. K9 Connoisseur Single Ingredient Dog Bones – 4.4/5

K9 Connoisseur Single Ingredient Dog Bones Made in USA Natural Marrow Filled Dynamo Bone Chew Treats for Small to Medium Breed Aggressive Chewers Dogs - Best Up to 50 Pounds 6 PackK9 Connoisseur shows off all-natural and locally sourced dog chews, whose one ingredient comes from free-range, healthy, grass-fed cattle. It is best for aggressive chewers of many breeds and has various sizes each.

A good recommendation for pets who need long-lasting dog treats is to chill them down and keep them busy for extended periods.

This bone treat indicates how everyone’s canines go crazy for their taste and how chewers adore biting through them.

2. Smart Bones Play Time Peanut Butter Dog Chew – 4.6/5

SmartBones DoubleTime Rolls and Playtime Chews, Treat Your Dog to a Rawahide-Free Chew Made with Real Meat and Vegetables

This product will become a delight for your pooches once they discover the hidden treat inside the treat. It's also natural dog chews made from vegetables and meat to resemble rawhide. Made with chicken and vegetables, Smart Bones Play Time Peanut Butter Dog Chew has inserted a peanut butter surprise.

It's also good for your dog's gums and stomach.

Customers recommend this treat to any pooch that may potentially suffer from separation anxiety.

It's also a fun treat to use every time your canine is a good pup and deserves a reward.

3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Dog Treats – 4.5/5

Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Minis Dog Treats, Chicken & Veggies Flavor, 6 Count (Pack of 8) Want to get a dog bone that your dogs love that you can slice up or give as a whole? This particular bone treat might be the one you want to share with them. Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Dog Treats is a product made with natural beef or chicken, depending on the product variation.

One sniff is all it takes for them to munch with its chicken or roast beef flavor.

You might have to expect your puppy to savor them within minutes, which means it’s not a good choice if you want long-lasting ones.

They’re also an excellent choice for any picky pup who deserves a reward.

4. SmartBones Chicken Dog Chews Hip Joint Sticks – 4.6/5 : SmartBones Chicken Dog Chews Calming (16 Sticks) : Pet Supplies

This treat is a great attempt to create a texture similar to rawhide bones as dog chews without using rawhides at all. Unlike the standard, this product has vegetables and chicken for easy digestion in their digestive system.

It has healthy-active ingredients, made with real chicken, vegetables, glucosamine, and chondroitin.

The treat's health benefits often find their way to their hip joint health, as mentioned by the product's name.

A lot of customers point out how their large dogs love the product.

SmartBones Chicken Dog Chews Hip Joint Sticks are recommended mostly by customers for older dogs rather than young ones.

5. Three Dog Bakery Itty Bitty Bones Baked Dog Treats – 4.6/5

Three Dog Bakery Itty Bitty Bones Baked Dog Treats, Peanut Butter, 32 oz, (320123) Three Dog Bakery Itty Bitty Bones Baked Dog Treats undoubtedly will be a fun experience for dogs of all ages. These treats come in peanut butter and cheese, which will get your dog interested.

It's packed with vitamins and minerals and uses premium and natural ingredients. The slight and crunchy texture will leave your pets wanting to have more.

Other than that, they promote dental health, and owners may also put them within their pockets and expect them not to crumble or break, which is excellent!

They are the perfect size for small breeds, like Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, and Shih Tzus.

6. Nylabone Healthy Edibles All-Natural Long-Lasting Roast Beef and Chicken Flavor Chew Treats – 4.4/5

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Long-Lasting Dog Treat Variety Pack - Natural Dog Treats for Small Dogs - Dog Products - Roast Beef and Chicken Flavors, Small/Regular (12 Count) Made with all-natural ingredients, you can ensure that these natural bone chews are something your dog will enjoy for a while. With natural chicken and natural roast beef flavor, they are also highly digestible and a must-recommend.

Natural, long-lasting chew treats keep dogs busy and happily distracted, and they’re also highly digestible.

These chews are created in various sizes and shapes and can soothe your teething pooch when it seems to bite aggressively.

You can give them the treat at any time of the day, but watch out, as more than one can cause problems.

7. Purina Busy Bone Dog Treat Made in USA – 4.7/5

PURINA Busy Made in USA Facilities Small/Medium Dog Bones, Original - 10 ct. Pouch This treat helps improve your dog's dental health. The nutrition provided by this product also supports the immune system, joint dog health, and bone health. Purina Busy Bone also has real meat inside the treat, making you confident that your dogs would love its taste.

This bone for dogs comes in miniature, small, regular, and large sizes.

If your dog has softer teeth and has issues with chewing, this bone breaks apart reasonably quickly.

The exterior is long-lasting, and the meat's flavor seeps into it, creating a delicious taste that will keep your dog busy.

Customers indeed found their older dogs snacking on these treats without hassle because of their reasonably crunchy texture.

8. Milk-Bone Gravy Bones Dog Treats – 4.8/5

Milk-Bone Gravy Bones Dog Treats with Savory Meat Flavors, 7 Pound (Pack of 1) Nothing smells better for most dogs than the scent of something they find yummy, and this treat might be the epitome of that. These gravy-based dog bone chew treats come in chicken, beef, liver, and even a natural bacon flavor.

It is also a dog treat considered a dental chew, as they freshens the breath of your dog's mouth.

They're perfect for dogs who experience anxiety and seem too energetic and hyper as well.

One customer said it calmed down their finicky dog once it got the treat.

It's great for both small and large dogs, and many dog owners recommend this.

9. Belly Bone Yogurt Dog Bone – 4.8/5

Fido Belly Bones for Dogs, 100 Yogurt Flavor Mini Dog Dental Treats (Made in USA) - 100 Count Dog Treats for Extra Small Dogs - Plaque and Tartar Control for Fresh Breath, Digestive Health Support Want a dental treat that's suitable for all types of breeds, whatever they are? Don't look any further; this treat might be the one you might want to give your dog. A healthy, safe, and probiotic dog chew, it's another alternative to rawhide treats that may be bad for your dog.

This yogurt dog bone can be considered a necessity for any canine who finds delight in gnawing.

It's safe to assume that this product is a must-recommend to get your dog occupied, especially for its 4.8/5 star rate.

Its unique design and chewy texture clean dogs' teeth as they chew and taste the irresistible yogurt flavor.

Dog owners find it hard to break, but even if it's long-lasting, aggressive chewers may eat through them in a minute.

Raw Bones vs. Chewing Bones

Best Bone Chews for Dogs: Before You Go…

Even if dog chew treats aren't what we consider necessary, it's fun to be a healthy reward during training and other activities.

As long as it's something safe for your dogs, you have an assurance that they certainly won't have medical problems with these treats.

At all costs, please avoid cooked bones as a treat for your pups, especially if they inhibit destructive chewing tendencies.

These aggressive chewers may cause digestive and other problems that may cost you a lot more than you think.

Other than that, always remember not to give them these treats as frequently as possible because they're also likely to cost you a lot at the vet.

Even if they're considered the best dog treats, you must remind yourself that too much is unhealthy, even for your pet.

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