Cat sitting atop a cat tree in front of a green colored wall

Does your feline companion love climbing and scratching on everything? Why not gift him with a multilevel cat tree?

It will not just keep him busy and active. It can also help them exercise their muscles and feel secure.

But how can you find the best cat tree when there are gazillions of choices out there? 

Well, in this post, we'll share with you:

  • Our top picks for best cat trees
  • The factors you have to consider when choosing a cat tree
  • And the benefits of having one for your feline

So, if you need a map for your journey in finding the best, most durable, and beautiful cat tree for your feline pet, this article is for you.

But first, let’s talk about what cat trees are and how they work. 

Cat tree

What is a Cat Tree?

A cat tree, also referred to as a “cat condo” or “cat tower,” is an artificial structure designed for felines where they can climb, play, sleep, and relax.

Some cat trees are simple, while others are elaborate, but they all work in the same way.

They typically have a broad and sturdy base, extended arms, tunnels, scratchers, and toys.

Since cats are innately curious, they love exploring and climbing on cabinets, shelves, and anywhere they can.

So, giving them space to explore like a cat tree can solve this problem and fulfill their desire.

Cat sitting comfortably

What Should You Look For in a Cat Tree?

Here are the factors you should look for in a cat tree to ensure it fits your feline's needs and preferences.

Cat's Age & Ability

The layout of your cat's tree must also complement the age and ability of your pet.

So, if your cat is an arthritic senior or a lazy couch potato, they would appreciate a tree with comfortable lounging space and an easy-to-hop-on tree.

On the other hand, a kitten has more curiosity needs, and if he's athletic, a more elaborate layout will suit him best.

But if your pet is a sprawler, you need to avoid those with tiny beds and narrow perches that would force him to curl tight.


Cat trees’ bases vary in size, and you need to consider this factor before buying to ensure that it will fit your living space. 


Cat tree furniture can be made of plywood, cardboard, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), or whole tree limbs.

On the other hand, the scratching surface can be either a carpet, sisal, jute or a scratchy sisal-weave mat. 

If you notice that your cat loves a particular type of surface, then you have to consider his preferences to ensure it can pique his interest.

And don't forget to consider the aesthetics. It would look better if the cat tree complements your home's furniture and finishes.


Your cat may exert force when jumping and climbing, so you have to ensure that your chosen cat tree will not easily wobble or knock over.


A cat tree's price may vary depending on the quality of its materials and design.

So, it's essential to set a budget in mind before shopping for a cat tree. 

If you want premium materials and modern design, you'll likely pay more, but it may last a few years. 

On the other hand, cheaper ones might get damaged in a few months.

Best cat trees- top picks

Our Top Picks for the Best Cat Trees

Now we're going to reveal the best cat trees you can find online.

We divided it into three categories: the budget-friendly, the best multilevel cat condo trees, and the best ones with stairs and ramps.

On top of that, we also included some honorable mentions that caught our attention.

Best Budget-friendly Cat Tree Options

If you want a minimalistic cat tree that is light on your purse, these are some of the most practical options for you:

1. TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree

TRIXIE Baza Scratching Post with Hammock | 16'...
8,408 Reviews
TRIXIE Baza Scratching Post with Hammock | 16"...
  • Wrapped in soft long-haired...
  • Natural sisal wrapped...
  • Hammock with metal rim for...
  • Dangling pom pom toy

The design of this tree is simple and would suit a cat that is not a climber or doesn't need a hiding place.

It has a white base covered with soft, long-haired plush fabric and two scratching posts wrapped in natural sisal ropes.

Additionally, a hammock sits at the top with a strong metal rim for additional support.

But the downside of this tree is the fabric may shed. 

Aside from that, the hammock is difficult to remove. So, you may have a hard time taking it off and washing it.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Comfortable Hammock
  • Sturdy material
  • Fabric sheds
  • Hard to remove the hammock
  • Price: $29.99 

2. PetPals Cat Tree Cat Tower

The white tunnels placed between brown scratching posts, two gray-colored middle parches, and a white top perch make a good combination in this tree.

It has a sturdy base, and the purpose of the tunnel is to help tune your feline's senses in a familiar habitat.

It's also perfect for cats playing hide and seek.

However, it's not recommendable for large cats because it will tip over if it cannot bear your pet's weight.

Some customers also noticed that the scratching posts are made of plastic-type yarn instead of sisal, so they have a different texture some cats may not enjoy. 

  • Stylish tunnel design
  • Stable material
  • Easy to clean
  • Meant for light cats
  • Scratching posts
  • Price: $45.98 

3. Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree

Amazon Basics Cat Tree Indoor Climbing Activity...
16,955 Reviews
Amazon Basics Cat Tree Indoor Climbing Activity...
  • Indoor cat tree and climbing...
  • Includes a Medium multi-level...
  • 4 scratching posts wrapped in...
  • Round top platform with raised...
  • Stable square-shaped base...

This cat tree is designed to provide comfort to your pet and spoil their obsession with scratching. 

It features a minimalistic design and has a sturdy and stable base structure with a round-shaped platform with tall sides and a curved rim for more comfort.

Since it's made of compressed wood and the posts were wrapped with jute, it is stable and can endure the wear and tear from your cat’s paws.

It's also easy to set up.

You just have to screw the parts together based on the instruction, and it'd be good to go.

However, it's not suitable for big and jumping cats too. They may have a hard time climbing the perches. 

  • Simple screw-together assembly
  • Stable base structure
  • The safe, top platform
  • Not suitable for big cats
  • Price: $46.67

The Best Multilevel Cat Condo Trees

Just like condos for humans, cat condos provide felines with a comfortable place where they can relax.

They come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, but they all have a common purpose. 

As for cat condo trees, here’s a list of our great finds online.

1. Hey-bro Extra Large Multilevel Cat Tree Condo

Hey-brother Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo...
7,611 Reviews
Hey-brother Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo...

This 5.3 inch-high multilevel condo for a cat has everything it needs to live comfortably. 

It comes with two large plush condos where your cats can have privacy, three roomy perches, and a beautiful hammock. 

Moreover, it offers a luxurious space where your pet can play with dangling balls and sisal twine.

We find it visually pleasing, and we like that it has anti-toppling fittings for more security and stability of the structure. 

It includes battens at the bottom and reinforced posts wrapped with sisal rope.

Its layout and design provide a place where your feline can scratch, exercise, and satisfy their desire to climb and watch over their territory. 

If your pet is not too territorial, he can share it with multiple cats since it has six spacious layers.

Many cat owners love it, and the only downside is some have issues assembling it due to the hole linings of the screw.

Nevertheless, it's still an ultra-cozy tree for your cat.

  • Multiple levels
  • Stable structure
  • Cozy condo rooms
  • Massive size
  • Luxurious design and color options
  • Challenging to assemble
  • Some have stains
  • Price: $89.99

2. BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo with Sisal...
3,661 Reviews
BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo with Sisal...
  • ROOMY AND ENJOYABLE: 3 nicely...
  • STURDY AND STABLE: Super solid...
  • SIZE: 36.6"L x 30.7"D x 62.2"H...

The second on our list is a multilevel cat tower, an upgraded version of the first one, but at a more massive cost.

Since it has two well-cushioned condos with ample space, five perches, and a cozy hammock, there's a lot of room for your cat to explore. 

It also comes with two toy balls and sisal scratching posts. 

However, aside from its cost, some owners complained that the sisal ropes are thin, and sometimes, there are tiny clumps on the fabric.

Since it's 62 inches high, it'd be dangerous if your cat falls over from the top perches. 

It has a solid construction, though, and it comes with a wall anchor strap for further stability. Not to mention its eye-catching aesthetics. 

  • Stable construction
  • Appealing design
  • Multiple levels
  • Provides ample space
  • Tiny clumps on the fabric
  • Thin sisal rope
  • Higher cost
  • Price: $134.90

3. SUPERJARE Cat Tree Condo Furniture

SUPERJARE Cat Tree with Plush Condos & Dangling...
714 Reviews
SUPERJARE Cat Tree with Plush Condos & Dangling...
  • [ Large Top Plush Perch ] The...
  • [ Plush Condo Playhouse ] A...
  • [ Sisal Scratching Posts ] The...
  • [ Quality Materials ] The cat...
  • [ Reliable Stability ] Safety...

If you want a smaller cat tree condo, this can be a good option.

It features two large cat condos and a tunnel where your pet can play hide and seek, two large plush platforms, and a basket where it can rest. 

This cat tree also comes with an anti-tipping device for improved stability.

It's important to note that it's 49 inches high, so it's smaller than the previous two and wouldn't be ideal for large cats.

The top perch is also unsafe because it has no raised edges, so it may be prone to falling. 

  • Comfy design
  • Four levels
  • Easy installation
  • With an anti-tipping device 
  • Smaller size
  • Unsafe top perch
  • Price: $75.99

Best Cat Tree With Ladders and Ramps

Ladders and ramps are essential for large, castle-like cat trees. They help feline pets climb to other perch with ease and add aesthetics to the design.

So, we also picked the best cat trees that contain dedicated ladders and ramps in their design.

1. Armarkat Cat Tree 

Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801, Alabaster,...
2,132 Reviews
Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801, Alabaster,...
  • Cat Daddy Approved by noted...
  • 7 level cat jungle tower...
  • Ivory color, high density faux...
  • 100% natural, seasoned sisal...
  • All hardware and step by step...

With its 78-inch height, there's no doubt your feline will feel like a king in this heavenly palace.

Aside from its stability and durability, we're in awe of the elegance of its design and the sophisticated color options of this tower.

It is available in 5 colors: Ivory, Beige, Goldenrod, Alabaster, and Silver Gray. 

The tower offers two spacious condos, four perches, a dangling ball, and a ramp. 

It takes a massive space, though, and it can only hold a total weight of 80 lbs.

So, if your cat exceeds the maximum capacity or flies like Superman, it might wobble. 

The fleece material is also thin, so the perches are not as plush as others and may get damaged due to scratching over time.

Old cats may also have difficulty climbing the perch on the second level because it doesn't have a ramp connecting the second and the base.

  • Five color options
  • Sturdy structure
  • Has lots of perches
  • Easy installation
  • Thin fleece material
  • It takes up massive space
  • Price: $189.85

2. Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 72' Tall Extra Large Cat Tree Kitty...
20,207 Reviews
Go Pet Club 72" Tall Extra Large Cat Tree Kitty...
  • ULTRA-DURABLE: All scratching...
  • SAFETY FIRST: Crafted with...
  • RELAXATION AND FUN: Tall cat...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: The 22"L x 33"W...

Your pet might also love this cat tree which contains two condos and four perches. 

It comes with six color eye-pleasing choices, such as Black and Beige with paw prints. 

We love that it has two ramps that connect the base and the first level condo and the third level condo. 

It can help old cats climb the perches with ease. 

It has toy mice that can keep your feline busy and entertained, but it can also be a downside.

Many cat owners find it unsafe to keep the string toy because hyperactive cats may hang in it.

Your pet may also get it wrapped on its tail or foot, which may lead to an injury.

Just like the Armarkat Cat Tree, it takes up a large space in your home, and it's better placed at the corner of your house to improve stability.

  • Seven beautiful design options
  • Fun playhouse
  • Equipped with two ramps
  • Easy-to-install
  • Enticing mice toy It needs a massive space
  • Price: $69.99 – 92.23
rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower 61' for Indoor Cats,...
13,472 Reviews
rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower 61" for Indoor Cats,...
  • (Spacious & Versatile Fun...
  • (Designed to Fulfill Your...
  • (Sturdy Construction for...
  • (Superior Quality Materials) -...
  • (Easy Assembly Cat Tree) -...

3. Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower

This 61-inch cat tree may be the smallest in this category, but it's also loaded with features. 

It has a hammock on the bottom, a rope your pet can tangle up, a spacious condo, a comfy perch, and a cozy basket at the top. 

There are also two balls cats can play and fidget with. It's pretty sturdy, and if it wobbles, you can screw it into the wall. 

However, some cat owners find it unsuitable for large cats because they may not carry their weight.

Moreover, it's challenging for old cats to climb the condo on the second level because of its design.

  • Two-color options
  • Easy to assemble
  • With a basket at the top and a ramp at the base
  • Not ideal for large cats
  • Challenging to climb a condo
  • Price: $84.98 – $94.98 

Our Honorable Mentions

Aside from the previously mentioned cat trees, we found some heart-stealer designs, too, that are worth checking out. 

If you’re picky when it comes to furniture choices or designs, these trees might suit you.

1. Ace – PetPals Cat Tree

This stylish cat tree with a black and white finish is stunning and made of recycled paper rope. That's why it's eco-friendly. 

Your cat can lounge either at the condo or the cozy top perch with striking black and white twisted patterns.

Your cat's scratching desire can also be satisfied with the scratching posts.

Its design blends well with home decor and office space and would make a good addition to your furniture.

However, if your dog is a chewer, this will not work for you because of its composition. 

This 49-inch tree is also not ideal for large cats weighing 15 lbs or beyond, for it may wobble when they jump into it.

  • Stylish black and white design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unique condo shape
  • Not suitable for large cats and chewers
  • Cost: $132.49

2. Vesper Cat Tree

Vesper Cat Tree, High Base, Walnut, 52045
4,745 Reviews
Vesper Cat Tree, High Base, Walnut, 52045
  • Elegant yet practical line of...
  • Cat tower has a cube with...
  • Soft memory foam cat bed...
  • Has cat scratching posts for...
  • Base: 22.1 x 22.1 inches;...

We bet the modern design of this cat tree can get you hooked. 

This has to be one of the most elegant cat trees in the market. It's available in a Walnut finish, which is visually appealing.

It contains several scratching posts and a stylish cube with entry and exit points. 

It's not entirely wrapped with sisal or carpet, but it does come with soft cat bed cushions where your pet can sleep and lay in comfortably. 

However, if your cat is obsessed with scratching the posts, it can get damaged and be an eyesore unless you replace it.

You need to beware of mold growth, too, which can cause ear infections and respiratory issues in your pet.

  • Modern design
  • Elegant finish
  • Sturdy structure
  • Practical for small and medium-sized cats
  • Replaceable scratch posts
  • Beware of mold growth
  • Costly
  • Cost: $139.39

Why Buy a Cat Tree

Benefits of Having a Cat Tree

Indoor cats who don’t have the opportunity to go outside and climb on trees may get bored at home.

And most of the time, the outlet of their boredom is climbing to the top of your fridge or cabinets. 

This can be a hassle since they might destroy your stuff and even cause an injury once they fall into the ground. 

They may also love sleeping on your lap, laptop, or books if you don’t have a dedicated space for them. 

But you don’t have to worry about that if you have a cat tree for your pet.

This solution can bring lots of benefits to your cat and his well-being, including the following:

A new cat tree can be their personal space.

Cats sometimes love to curl up next to you on your couch or sleep in your lap, but they also need time to be alone.

And a cat tree can provide them a comfortable space that is designed with their safety in mind.

Cat trees are entertaining.

Climbing a cat tree is as entertaining as climbing a real tree. 

If your pet loves to jump on your fridge or closet, redirecting its attention to the cat tree can help save your stuff at home from scratches.

Besides, jumping from one perch to another is not just entertaining for them; it can also help fix their behavioral problems.

It provides an opportunity to exercise.

Our kitties also need exercise to prevent obesity and maintain their weight. 

But if you're not at home most of the day and you don't have the luxury of time to walk him on a leash, it can be challenging to do exercise.

Fortunately, platforms like cat trees provide a structure that allows your pet to get the exercise it needs through jumping, climbing, and playing around.

It makes them feel secure.

Felines tend to become anxious when there are guests, loud sounds, or new pets at home.

But their cat tree can make them feel safe and secure. 

Spray some catnips on its perches, and your feline will be able to relax and stay calm.

By doing so, your pet will then associate the tree as their place of refuge when there is danger.

A cat tree can be an additional territory.

We know that cats are territorial, and a cat tree will be an excellent addition to their territory. 

It can serve as their throne to look down on their servants and territory and give them a sense of control.

Average lifespan

How Long Does A Cat Tree Last?

A cat tree's life expectancy depends on the quality of the materials and the breed and personality of your pet.

Some trees last for only a few months, while others can still stand firm after a few years. 

Active homebound cats are often harder on their toys, so they tend to induce more wear and tear on their tree. 

Cat tower

Our Final Thoughts 

No matter what your cat's breed is and how massive its body is, there will always be a cat tree that will fit its needs and preferences. 

By doing deep research about cat trees and carefully considering the pros and cons of each option, you’ll be able to find the right one for your feline. 

However, don’t be discouraged if your feline companion doesn’t like the cat tree you purchased. 

Try enticing him with his favorite toy or sprinkle the tree with a catnip.

Sooner or later, he’ll realize how beautiful it is to have a personal throne where he can overlook his territory.

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