When it comes to being a cat owner, there are certain things that everyone has come to understand and love.

Cats have a mind of their own, they can be super snuggly, and they have a way of melting our hearts with every stretch and yawn.

All cat owners know that cats always sunbathe in a warm window or enjoy playing with catnip and toys when the mood strikes them.

But there are also several things about owning a cat that you can’t possibly comprehend until you become a cat parent.

It doesn’t matter if you own a brand new kitten or you’re a senior pet parent; here are a few things that only a cat owner understands.

Cat Owner

As A Cat Owner, You Will Always Be Covered in Cat Hair

Whether you’ve just pulled your clothes out of the dryer or you’re heading out for an important business meeting, cat hair is just part of your daily life.

In fact, most of your efforts to control the cat hair aren’t even worth it. Whether you’ve tried lint rollers, avoiding dark clothing, vacuuming attachments, or a particular fabric softener, the hair keeps coming.

After all, when your feline friend is allowed to cuddle up on every surface (including your freshly done laundry pile), it’s hard to avoid.

Instead of trying to remove it… embrace the fact that a small piece of your cat is coming with you wherever you go.

Cat Owner

A Cat Owner Knows That Minimalistic Surfaces Aren’t a Fashion Trend.

We’ve all heard of individuals who love to keep clean, bare surfaces; minimalist and clean. But when you’re a cat owner, you understand that the requirement to keep empty counters and cabinets isn’t necessarily by choice.

In fact, you’ve probably lost a few glasses of water or plants since owning Fluffy. It might seem like your cat is trying to control your interior decorating plans, but sometimes, it’s just easier to avoid the problem.

For those items you can’t keep off the counters (like your cell phone), you’ve probably become accustomed to leaving it against the back wall, far away from the edge where your cat likes to knock it on the ground at the earliest convenience.

Cat Owner

A Cat Owner Has Toilet Paper Under Lockdown

Although you’d like to have a roll of toilet paper nestled in the appropriate holder, you’ve learned that it’s easier to keep it stored away than it is to find confetti in the bathroom every time you need to go.

Cats are drawn to the toilet paper roll at virtually any age, with the urge to scratch taking over every chance they get.

Although you may get some funny looks from guests when you explain it’s kept in the medicine cabinet, it’s just easier (and cheaper) to keep it picked up.

Cat Owner

Midnight Insanity Is A Real Thing For A Cat Owner

We’ve all heard of the witching hour, but they’ll likely tell you it happens between 3 am and 6 am for a cat owner.

That’s when your favorite feline will randomly feel compelled to jump up, run around the house, bump into objects, hack up a hairball, or sing you a song of their sadness (in other words, meow excessively).

While she’s not entirely sure you appreciate her efforts, she always feels the need to perform in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, it’s just become a regular part of your nightly routine… adding to the dark circles under your eyes every morning.

Cat Owner

Her Personality is Totally Original and Unique

When you talk to your friends and family about unique habits or characteristics, they’ve never heard of a cat doing anything like that.

While you understand that all cats can hold similar personalities, there are times that it seems she’s a unique feline.

Maybe your cat drools when you pet him, plays fetch with balled-up tinfoil, or loves stealing cheerios out of your bowl… she’s as original as they come, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

cat owner

Your Cat Will Always Try to Fit in The Box

From tiny Tabby to a giant Maine Coon cat, it seems all cats have a strong love of all things cardboard.

If there’s an empty box, you’ll likely find your cat trying to curl up inside of it, even if they’re about ten pounds too big to fit comfortably.

This holds regardless of the toys, beds, and more comfortable options, like the giant cat tree you have in the living room.

At the end of the day, it’s always adorable to watch them play, frolic, and nap in the cardboard boxes around the house, which is why you leave them out for her to use.

cat owner

A Cat Owner Is a Use to Having a Butt in Their Face Without Notice

Snuggling in with your kitty is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day, but watching her get comfortable often involves a butt in your face occasionally.

It seems to happen so often; you’ve almost become used to having a tail tickle the end of your nose while she tries to knead the perfect spot on your chest.

Although you’re not a fan of staring at her backside, it’s become so frequent that it doesn’t seem to phase you as much anymore… which is both comforting and disturbing.

cat owner

A Cat Owner Accepts That Their Cat is King or Queen

While dogs are a man’s best friend, cats seem to have their own objectives in mind, making them the king of their space.

They play when they want, snuggle at their own desire, and they can ignore you effortlessly.

If you’re struggling to believe this, think of all the times they’ve knocked over your favorite plant or caused you to rearrange something on a shelf that they enjoy laying on.

They also have a solid determination to eat when they’re hungry, regardless of their sleeping schedule (hello 6 am wake-up call).

It’s their independence and strong will that make them the king of the home, and we’ve learned to love it.

cat owner

Your Cat Has No Concept of Personal Space

Whether it’s a butt in your face or following you into the bathroom, your cat has a mind of his own when it comes to showing your love.

You can probably think of several moments that your cat has totally invaded your personal space – but it’s an adorable quality you’ve learned to love.

And yes, that includes all the times you’ve woken up to a mouth full of fur when your feline friend decided to nestle against your face to sleep.

cat owner cat eating

Your Cat Probably Eats Better Quality Food Than You Do

Budgeting often means that your favorite treats and snacks will disappear long before your cat’s food is impacted.

Chances are, if money has been tight, you’ve never considered changing the cat’s diet. So, while you’re left living on ramen and baked beans for the week, your cat is probably still enjoying delectable meals like tuna, duck, or liver.

It seems to be how it works in the house, and as a cat owner, you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

cat owner hairball

A Cat Owner Is A Pro at Cleaning Up Hairballs

Unfortunately, upset stomachs are a normal part of cat ownership. While cats are efficient at keeping themselves clean, they occasionally wind up with a hairball.

Although it’s disgusting to deal with, these hairballs are actually a vital sign your cat has a fantastic grooming routine.

Dead, loose hair is removed with the tongue and usually passes through the digestive tract. When it becomes stuck in the stomach, your cat has to vomit to remove it.

Thankfully, over the years, you’ve become used to getting rid of the aftermath.

cat owner

Your Cat is Not Just a Pet – They’re Family

It doesn’t matter who comes to visit; you’ll always make sure they know your cat has free reign throughout the house.

That’s because your kitty isn’t just a pet in your home; she’s a family member. As such, the cat can remain snoozing on the couch when company comes over, even if that means someone else has to stand.

You have a strong attachment to her; she is connected to you (when she wants to be), and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

In fact, if someone doesn’t like that, they know where the door is and can see themselves out.

A Cat Owner Knows That a Cat is Occasionally Temperamental

You love having your cat snuggle in for a nap or just enjoying a good head scratch. But that can quickly change depending on her mood.

It seems the wrong movement can change a sweet and loving moment on the couch. The turns into a swat or bite instantly.

Some people don’t understand the sudden behavior change. As a cat owner, you’ve learned that she’s a bit touchy when it comes to your love. This may mean the occasional bite as she skitters into another room. 

cat owner cat litter

Cats Sometimes Miss The Litterbox

You always make sure to keep her litterbox clean and neat. But it seems like no matter how hard you try. There are occasional moments where your cat can’t find the right spot to go.

You’ve attempted to get a larger box, new litter, carpet around the area, and a new location… but it just doesn’t help.

Although it makes a bit of a mess, you’ve learned to accept that she’s a bit touchy when it comes to going to the bathroom.

Your Cat Will Nap Literally Anywhere

Although she has a beautiful, high-end bed that you’ve bought for her, it seems like your cat has found countless other places she’d rather nap.

This includes some familiar places like the couch and some rather unique places that you wouldn’t have imagined comfortable.

There’s been the kitchen counter, the bathtub, and on the hardwood stair that she’s comfortably slept the morning away. This seems far less enjoyable than the bed she should be sleeping in. 

cat owner fat cat

As A Cat Owner, You Get Offended When the Vet Says, “Your Cat is Overweight”

You find her extra pounds sweet and charming. But the vet may have genuine concerns for her health seeing an overweight cat.

Arthritis, stiff joints, and other serious health consequences can stem from cats living a quiet and sedentary life. This lifestyle can shorten your cat’s lifespan long-term.

You know that your cat probably needs to lose a few pounds. But it always feels like a personal attack when the vet comments on her weight.

After all, no one likes hearing their baby needs to lose weight. 

Your Cat Makes You Laugh

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting down watching a movie when suddenly your cat comes flying into the room like she’s seen a ghost.

She attacks a wall, grabs a sock, and runs off into another area of the house. You laugh hysterically at the random and unprovoked behavior. You wondering whether you do have a ghost that lives rent-free within your home that spooks her occasionally.

Then there’s the time she tried to jump onto your dresser and landed about four feet too short. Or the time she charged at the couch and wound up under the couch cushions when she couldn’t stop.

Regardless of how she makes you laugh, you’re always giggling at something she’s done.

Final Thought of a Cat Owner

Being a cat owner comes with many comical, loving, and frustrating moments. For most pet owners, these moments add to the enjoyment of having a companion.

You may find specific situations frustrating and aggravating. But there will be a moment when you can likely look back and laugh at them.

It’s always important to keep a positive attitude when owning a cat, particularly if you own a highly curious feline.

Intelligent cats require plenty of stimulation (through physical and mental activities).

If they become bored, they may try to occupy themselves by exploring, scratching, or playing with items you’ve deemed off-limits.

To avoid this, always make sure your cat has plenty to do throughout the day.

Every cat has a unique and individual personality. You’ll find many similarities among cat owners, like those things listed above, for example.

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Kelly works as a veterinary technician in Austin, TX as well as regular animal rescue volunteer. She's been an animal lover and dog owner since childhood, and has worked in different dog related fields over the last twenty years. Currently she lives with three dogs and a cat.