There have been countless debates, cats vs. dogs, which of our furry friends makes the better pet. Some will argue that cats are better, while others say that dogs are the best!

Although both pets are famous, some people still find it challenging to choose between the two. 

In this article, we will help you choose which pet is best suitable for you. We will also discuss the trends and the pros and cons between them. 

cats vs. dogs

Statistics on Ownership of Cats vs. Dogs 

In 2018, experts recorded that a large number of people own either cats or dogs. However, compared to cats, who were only 370 million in number, there are over 470 million dogs worldwide. 

In contrast, cats are more popular amongst American households. There are approximately 85.5 million cats and 78 million dogs in the United States

Most of these pets are known through friends or relatives and also from shelters and breeders. 

cats vs. dogs


Trends Among Cats vs. Dogs

Do you want to know if you're a “cat person” or a “dog person? Well, here are a few trends on what other people prefer of the two!

In 2006, there was a survey on what pet owners and non-pet owners think about themselves. In this survey, the volunteers are asked if they are more of a “dog person” or a “cat person.”

Results had shown that 70% of cats vs. dog owners, including non-pet owners, call themselves “dog person.” In comparison, only 20% of both cats vs. dog owners and non-pet owners only call themselves “cat persons.”

A survey from 2017 showed that most millennial males in the US have a cat or a dog compared to females. In the survey, 48% of males owned a cat, and 71% owned a dog, while in females, 35% owned a cat and 62% owned dogs.

Additionally, research conducted shows that introverted people most likely prefer cats, and extroverts prefer dogs. A recent survey in 2020 wherein the US households owned 48% dogs and 32% owned cats.

Cats are either domestic, purebred, or hybrid. Domestic cats don't have pedigree in their lineage, unlike purebred cats. Hybrids are domesticated cats crossed with wild felines.

These three are the top cat breeds; Siamese, Persian, and Maine Coon. They are popular because of their unique personality traits, their tendency to have longer life spans than most, and their stunning physical appearance.

These three are the least popular cat breeds; Cyprus, Chausie, and Chantilly-Tiffany. These cats are not famous because they are unfamiliar to some people or aren't found in their area.

Like fashion items and house design, dog breeds go in & out of style. It's most likely that pop culture plays a vital role in preferences.

These three are the top dog breeds; Labrador Retrievers, French Bulldogs, German Shepherd. They are popular because their looks are more compelling than some, personality characteristics easily trained, and their fashion. 

These three are the least popular dog breeds; Azawakhs, English Foxhounds, Norwegian Lundehunds. Some of these dogs are rare and aren't on the market.

cats vs. dogs

Cats vs. Dogs: Pros and Cons

Cats and dogs are our best furry friends. Surprisingly, they can also be each other's best friends!

Although both can live together, the two of them are very different from each other.

Below are the pros and cons that you need to consider before owning cats vs. dogs—or both.

cats vs. dogs


Many people describe cats as lazy puff devils. However, others find them sweet and adorable. 

I find them cute.

They show their affection towards you by rubbing their head on your feet or other parts of your body. I also find it charming when they purr every time I pet their head. 

These things might not be familiar to you if you are not a cat person. 

But if you are interested in taking them in as a pet, fret not! I am here to help you know more about them.

Let's take a trip down the lane as I help you from getting a cat or not. 


#1: Cats vs. Dogs, they save so much space

Cats adapt quickly in smaller spaces because they are small.

Unlike dogs, cats feel more secure and protected in tight spaces. That's why you often see cats hiding in cardboard or shoe boxes.

Curling themselves in small spaces allows them to recharge or conserve heat and also hide from potential threats.

These are why cats will make good companions with people who live in smaller spaces like apartments.

#2: Cats are self-sufficient introverts

Cats are more likely to be introverts than dogs. 

Generally, they are independent creatures with individual needs. They understand the concept of personal space, which makes them prefer the company of their own. 

Playing with you will undoubtedly be fun and pleasurable for them, but they won't think that it's a necessity. 

They can entertain themselves just fine as long as you give them toys and food.

This makes them perfect for owners that have introverted personalities or busy schedules.

#3: Comparing Cats vs. Dogs, Cats are quieter

Just like natural introverts, cats tend to be quieter. 

This is pretty natural for them since they came from a family of lone hunters. 

Cats rarely make noise. Cats only make noise when they are hungry or when looking for a mate. 

Unlike dogs, you don't have to worry about getting distracted or waking up from sleep because of their noise.

This makes them a perfect pet if you work from home or have kids that nap during the day. And neighbors won't complain about their noise.

#4: Cats are low maintenance

Unlike dogs, cats are pretty much easy to take care of. 

They are perfectly content indoors. Cats don't need tons of space to play and explore. Nosing their way through your kitchen is enough to keep them occupied.

They also don't like hogging your time, attention, or energy. This pet is perfect for you if you want more time to relax by yourself. 

#5: Cats keep your house pest-free

It is common knowledge that cats kill rodents, but they are natural insect killers, too. 

They offer the services that Venus Flytrap promises but rarely delivers. Many cats take joy in killing bugs like house flies and spiders like they're being paid.

So getting one is like killing two birds with one stone. You have saved yourself from bug exterminators, and you now have a pet.

#6: Cats have a longer lifespan when comparing Cats vs. Dogs

Parting from your companion is one of the hardest things in pet ownership. But that's the least you'll worry about when having a cat.

While you may still outlive your cats, they live up to 20 years, so you'll get to spend more time with them.

#7: Cats are eco-friendly

Cats are an excellent choice for owners who want to stay green!

Studies show that the lifetime resources needed to feed and care for a cat have a lower carbon footprint than most animals.

Most cats prefer fish to beef or corn, which is good for the environment. 

#8: Cats take better care of their toys

Cats take better care of their toys because most of the time, they get attached to them. 

You'll know that it's their favorite because they'll carry it around and play with it more often. 

Some cats don't get attached to their toys, but most of them do. 

#9. Cats vs. Dogs both help reduce stress

Cats help in reducing their owners' stress. The owners reduce their tension by stroking or petting their cat's head.

Petting a cat produces endorphins into the brain, which lifts your mood!

#10: Cats save lives

Not all superheroes wear capes. Sometimes, they're covered in fur.

Despite the reputation of being cold or not caring about humans, they have saved countless lives over the years. 

They can be as protective of their people as dogs are with theirs. To put it in simple terms, cats love their family, and their family loves them back.


#1: The litter box cleaning… 

If you're not fond of cleaning up, then cats might not be for you. You may find yourself changing the litter every other day or once a week.

If you clean the litter daily, you only need to change the clumping litter every two to three weeks.

#2: They have a talent for killing. Nope, not kidding!

I'm not lying when I say you may expect dead animals inside your place any time of the day.

Cats are psychopaths… Please don't take this seriously.

Cats are natural predators, and they are programmed to hunt even on a full belly. They kill for sports.

A study even estimated that cats are responsible for the deaths of billions of mice, birds, and other small animals in the United States each year.

#3: They tend to disobey commands

Take note that cats don't obey the same as dogs do. 

Dogs can be trained with commands to keep them in control, but this is not much applied to cats.

There is a chance that cats will go into hiding when you try to call them if they don't want to be called.

#4: They're not as active as you thought

If you live a very active lifestyle and want to include your cat in it, then they're not for you.

Cats can be outdoorsy types, but they don't require much walk and playtime, unlike dogs. They prefer to lounge around and relax more than be active outside.

#5: When Comparing Cats vs. Dogs, Cats tend to attract fleas more

Once fleas have inhabited your cat, it's not just them that you're going to treat. Since your house and all of its contents can harbor fleas and their eggs, you have to eradicate them as well.

Eradicating fleas take up a lot of time and are very expensive. Furthermore, it doesn't always guarantee that it's going to work. This is one of the problems cat owners deal with more than once as a cat parent.

#6. Cats are bad travelers

Cats do not like it when they are leashed and being confined in new areas. Even trips to the vet are challenging!

So, when you want to bring your cat for a trip, don't expect some peace.

#7. Cats are abusive… to the furniture!

Cats will show no mercy to your furniture.

The expensive couch you just had delivered yesterday will look like some couch about to get thrown for them. They will leave their marks all over it!

And when they're done, they will leave their furs all over the place. Lint rollers aren't that cheap when you have to buy one every day.

#8. Cats vomit hairballs

Cats vomit regularly, and a lot of things cause it. But no matter what the cause is, you still have to clean up the vomit.

Watching a cat vomit a hairball is a nerve-wracking experience, so prepare to be disturbed.

#9. They are weird… in a good way

Cats are weird. They are strange in a way that we cannot understand. There are reasons why they were worshipped in Ancient Egypt and associated with witchcraft by the European Folklorists.

Authorities punished people for harming them; no wonder they act like a queen or a king!

You better keep an eye on your pets, and you'll start to notice some odd behaviors.

#10. Cats want in and out

They keep wanting to go in and out. They whine at you like they are desperate to be let out. Two minutes later, they want to come back in. 

Then they want to go out again. If you hate things like that, you will indeed find their quirks quite irritating. If you have ever worked as a doorman, your experience will serve you well in your cat ownership.


Life without dogs? Answer not found! 

We know how dogs are man's best friend; not only are they adorable and playful, but they also offer protection.

They like to eat and poop a lot, but they can be your partner in crime as every dog's middle name is mischief. 

As all dog lovers know, dogs require a lot of attention, time, and money. Despite this, do we need a four-legged buddy to hang around us? Yes, we do! 

Comparing Cats vs. Dogs, below you'll see why you should or should not get a dog to jazz up your life.

cats vs. dogs


#1: Dogs cheer you up!

Having a dog can help you feel relaxed and calm. They help in reducing stress, and you will feel happier by just spending time with them. 

Playing with your dog increases your brain's dopamine levels and serotonin; these two are neurotransmitters associated with pleasure and tranquility.

So, the next time you can feel your mood dropping down to zero, grab the nearest toy right next to you and spend some time with your dog. The tail-wagging would surely lift your mood in no time and will put a massive smile on your face.

#2: Dogs help you make friends easier when comparing Cats vs. Dogs

Aside from their human companion, dogs also need to socialize with their fellow dogs. 

This means that as an owner, you will have to meet another pet owner while overseeing your dogs' playdates.

Your pet will not only bond with another pet, but you can also bond with a friend of your own!

Dogs are definitely perfect for individuals who are usually excited to meet new people.

#3: Dogs will help you recover from sickness

Sick people with dogs have a higher recovery rate than non-dog owners. 

In fact, humans with dogs who suffer from a heart attack are twice as likely to recover fully than those without dogs!

#4: Dogs encourage you to exercise

Your dogs require daily exercise, and so do you! 

People with dogs are four times more likely to meet daily physical activity than non-dog owners.

Dog owners carry the responsibility of playing and working out with their dogs, so it only makes sense that people with dogs tend to be more physically active.

#5. They make you feel fabulous!

Dogs really said, ‘you can't spell awesome without ME.'

The responsibility, patience, selflessness, and commitment of having a dog make us stronger and an all-around person.

Not only that, people with dogs tend to appear better than most without.

#6: Dogs protect the little versions of you

Dogs live to protect their little mates, so they must create a bond with your children.

Kids can learn a lot from their furry friends; it's also a way to teach them how to be responsible at a very young age.

They can give children a sense of importance and satisfaction when they remember to feed, provide water, and clean up after them.

Children can also learn how to socialize from them as dogs are social animals who enjoy and need affection.

#7. Dogs give the best kisses!

Wet and cold? Yet they're still cute!

When dogs lick your face, it is a sign of affection; they also use licking when curious about how you feel. Licking also releases endorphins in the dog's brain and gives them a sense of comfort.

So, if dogs lick your face, it's because they feel good.

#8. Dogs are flexible

Dogs are flexible but not the gymnast kind.

They are not only great companions, but they are also allrounders. From sheepherding on a local farm to police work in a city, they never back down, thus earning them a place at their man's side.

Not only that, everything about dogs is just so easy to love.

#9. Cats vs. Dogs, we know who is the better watchdog!

Dogs know it when a person has come for evil intentions or not; they can alert you of the incoming danger through barking.

Large dogs are considered one of the best watchdogs, but smaller ones are just as aggressive as them when it comes to barking.

#10. Dogs are your best friends!

Dogs are intelligent creatures with a heightened sense of sight, hearing, smell, and their loyalty to humans is incredibly strong.

They can sense human body language, feelings, and emotions. These things pave the way for them to start a bond between the both of you.

cats vs. dogs


#1: Dogs take up a lot of your time and energy

A dog demands a lot of your time. Like other dogs, they will need someone to do several things for them.

They need you to make their food, take them around for a walk, or just bathe them. If you like to work all day, I suggest you do not get a dog.

Dogs are social animals who need constant attention all day. So if you are a busy person with a busy schedule, please don't get a dog.

#2: Dogs are like alarm clocks!

Do you remember the number of alarm clocks you used to throw for disturbing you in your sleep? If not, you surely will.

Dogs will wake you up early in the morning, even on days you're supposed to rest. So if you're not a morning person, these pets aren't for you.

#3: Dogs damage a lot of things

Even if your dog is trained correctly, it isn't a free pass not to get the things in your house chewed off.

It can result from excitement, stress, aggression, or loneliness; either way, the result is still the same. 

Damage to possessions is one of the many reasons you shouldn't get a dog, and it still does not cover the topic of if your house is suitable for you to have a pet.

#4: Dogs have a short lifespan when comparing Cats vs. Dogs

Many dog owners can agree with this, but the most critical part of having a dog is that they die early.

When we get pets, we love them like how we love our family members, and to lose them in a short period is devastating. Losing one is such a heartbreaking moment that some of you may just spare yourself from going into one.

#5: Dogs are high maintenance and expensive

Dogs are entirely dependent on their owners and are incredibly high maintenance. 

No matter what type of animal you have, a much inherent cost comes along with them. You can't just deprive them of what they need. So, if you plan on having one make sure you have thought of it properly.

#6: Dogs bark a lot

Barking is something you can't get rid of from dogs. 

Some dogs even do it more than others. They bark because they want attention other times; it's just a noise that they aren't used to that sets them off.

Dogs also bark a lot when left at home, so your neighbors might not like them that much.

Whatever the cause, we can agree that constant barking is annoying.

#7: Dogs can cause allergies

There have been many stories of people returning their dogs after purchase or adoption because their allergies have worsened!

Adopting a dog while you have family members who are allergic is distressing for the individuals and catastrophic for your pet. Some don't even know that they have allergies until they get one.

This could also get the family members not to frequent their visits and often leads for the dogs to be returned to their place of origin. 

#8. Dogs pee a lot

Aside from pooping, peeing is also a serious issue.

Even after you have trained them, they will still pee whenever they want to, even if it's inside or outside the house, even if there are many guests!

And you'll be the one to clean them all up.

#9: Dogs don't like being alone

You can't leave dogs alone; they don't do well on their own.

So if you travel, you'll need to find someone to look after them or find a place to accommodate them. Whichever option you choose, the cost indeed isn't that cheap.

#10: Dogs love to dig

Dogs love to dig a lot; these diggings can seriously mess up your month's hard work of planting and growing your beautiful plants.

Not only that, dogs can chew these flowers to pieces as chewing anything is one of their fun activities. So, if you love plants, better think twice if you want to get a dog or not.


Conclusion: Which is the Best Pet for Me? Cats vs. Dogs


If you are still having a hard time choosing the best pet for you, always keep in mind that cats and dogs are completely different.

Many factors play a part in how you want your pet and how they should fit your lifestyle. 

Whether you choose a cat or dog, it's essential to do some background research on which one is suitable for you before welcoming them into your home. 

Also, if you are planning to adopt either of them, make sure to visit and spend time at your local animal shelter first.

You might realize that it's not the breed that helps you make up your mind, but rather the bond you form with your chosen pet. 

No matter which pet you adopt or buy, you will indeed find a forever friend with enough love and affection.

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Cats vs. Dogs


Kelly works as a veterinary technician in Austin, TX as well as regular animal rescue volunteer. She's been an animal lover and dog owner since childhood, and has worked in different dog related fields over the last twenty years. Currently she lives with three dogs and a cat.