Top 35 Best Dog Supplies Deals Websites

Caring for a dog can get expensive, but you can often find incredible savings if you know where to shop for cheap dog supplies.

Some of the best dog supplies deals can be found online with discounts and savings.

Moreover, you can shop for pet products at cheaper prices from home in your pajamas with the dog by your side.

With the current events happening and in this economy, we're all on a budget, so why not stock up on nonperishable cheap dog products when you can get great savings from online retailers?

If you've got a little extra cash, now may be the perfect time to upgrade your pet's dog bed or invest in that adorable doggy jacket you've been saving for.

You may think big box retailers are the only ones who mark down items, but that's not true. Plenty of online stores sell items at cheaper prices because they don't have the overhead of a physical retail location.

And, when items don't sell as quickly as they had hoped, they'll often mark them down and sell at huge discounts.

Not to mention, many online retailers of dog supplies hold regular sales, just like the big box stores.

So during this time of need for savings, whether you’re shopping for dog food, dog beds, or dog toys, check out the following sites for the best dog supplies deals.

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35 Best Dog Supplies Deals Websites

35 Best Dog Supplies Deals Websites

Top Dog Food Deals Websites

1. Amazon Coupons

Amazon has one of the widest ranges of dog food and prices its food competitively.

Amazon may be your best choice if you are looking for hard-to-find dog food.

In addition to free shipping (unless you buy from a marketplace seller), you can also use Amazon coupons on your purchase and save between 5% and 15% with auto-shipping.

2. Chewy Daily Deals is my website of choice for my dog when it comes to ordering food.

Chewy offers free two-day shipping, unbeatable savings on even specialty brand dog foods, and an additional discount if you choose to auto-ship.

As an added bonus, if you receive the wrong food or your dog doesn’t care for the food you purchase, Chewy will refund your cost and simply ask you to donate the bag to charity!


PetFlow isn’t as affordable as, but they offer a different selection of dog foods, and they also have affordable prices.

While PetFlow doesn't usually offer coupons to existing users, they do offer free two-day shipping on most orders and a discount on auto-shipping.

4. PetCo.Com

PetCo frequently offers coupons and instant savings on their dog foods for holders of the PetCo discount card.

Additionally, if you sign up for auto-ship, you will save an additional percentage on your purchase.

If you sign up for auto-ship during one of the regularly run promotional periods, you also have the chance to receive a $30 credit as an e-gift card.

I have taken advantage of the $30 e-gift card promotion multiple times, resulting in at least 50% off next month’s food bag!

5. is an extremely underutilized website that offers great pricing plus additional discount codes on various dog foods.

Shipping is free once you hit the low free shipping threshold, and delivery is fast – in most instances, it is two-day delivery.

Top Dog Supplies Deal of the Day Websites

6. Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon lightning deals require you to track the release time of the deals you are interested in, but their discounts on dog supplies are significant.

Lightning deals cover the gamut of pet products, from pet food to treats to toys to beds and more.

7. DoggyLoot

DoggyLoot offers a select number of the best dog supply deals that cycle daily and weekly.

Most DoggyLoot deals cover toys, treats, grooming products, and dog-themed products for humans.

8. Coupaw

Similar to DoggyLoot, Coupaw offers doggy deals that cycle daily and weekly.

Many of the products on Coupaw are the same as those on DoggyLoot, but there is some variation.

9. Groupon Pets

Groupon pets goods are hit or miss, but when you find a deal, it usually comes at an incredible price discount.

You will find just about anything on Groupon pets goods, including beds, toys, apparel, furniture, treats, grooming accessories, and everyday supplies.

10. Daily Pet Deal

The Daily Deal pet site offers a very limited choice of products since it’s built around the idea of one product offering daily.

Archives of previous products are available when in stock, though. Where Daily Pet Deals lacks in selection, they make up for some of the best dog supplies deals available on the internet!

Top Dog Toy Deal Websites


Chewy has an exceptional selection of toys from all brand names. Not all prices are discounted, but when Chewy toys are on sale, the discount is usually around 40% to 50%.

I buy more toys from Chewy than anywhere else because this is where I get most of my dog food, so I get free shipping on any toys that ship with my food.

12. (Bargain Bin)

Dog Supplies has a bargain bin section of their site where everything is $4 or less.

Once again, in this section, you will find plenty of big-name brand toys (and other items) offered at some of the best dog supplies deals anywhere!

I like to use this site to stock up for Christmas!

13. Pet Mountain

Pet Mountain has an incredible range of dog toys that cover just about anything you can think of.

Better than that, though, they’re all highly discounted. You can expect to see a 40% or more discount on most toys, and coupon codes can be applied on top of this!

Plus, if you meet the free shipping threshold, you don’t have to pay for shipping!

14. Pet Edge

Pet Edge has a wide range of affordable toys, but you’re going to find more low-budget brand toys here.

This is a great shopping destination if you have a dog that goes through toys like crazy and you don’t want to pay a premium for those toys.

I like to use Pet Edge toys for stocking stuffers (yes, our dogs get stocking stuffers!)

15. (Clearance) isn’t known for its low prices on many things, but its clearance toy section is a great place to find a deal!

With many big-name brand toys in stock, you can expect to pay at least 50% less on these clearance toys just because they’re being replaced on the market by newer items.

Top Dog Apparel Deal Websites


BaxterBoo runs regular sales and clearances on their dog apparel, and most of the time, you will save a minimum of 40%.

BaxterBoo carries everyday dog apparel for dogs of all sizes as well as special occasion pieces like Halloween costumes.

The only problem I’ve found in shopping with BaxterBoo is that the larger-sized items are often out of stock.

Items with a significant discount also sell out very quickly!


PetCo doesn’t have the largest selection of dog apparel in-store, but online they have much more choice.

Frequent sales, discounts, and free shipping, in addition to coupon codes, make PetCo’s apparel quite affordable.

18. Petsmart (Clearance)

PetSmart is another retail store that carries low stock in-store but has a large selection of dog apparel online.

Prices on Petsmart apparel vary drastically, but you’ll find the best dog supplies deals in the clearance section.

Combine clearance prices with coupon codes and free shipping, and you’ll save big.

19. Walmart

Shopping for dog apparel on can be tricky since there are a lot of other sellers now selling on the site.

When shopping, make sure that all the items you purchase are from the same seller or that they don’t add additional shipping expenses to your order.

That said, the prices on Walmart pet apparel are worth the “trouble,” especially when combined with free shipping.

20. (Clearance) has a large selection of dog apparel, but you will find the best pricing in their clearance section.

You can combine clearance prices with coupon codes to pay less, but pay attention to your shipping costs! does have a habit of adding high shipping to low-cost orders.

Top Dog Furniture Deals Websites

21. Overstock Dog Beds carries a very large selection of dog beds, and they offer many of them at incredible prices.

You can also take advantage of coupon codes and free shipping when shopping here.

Keep in mind, though, that you have to comb through their endless selection to find the best deals!

22. Valley Vet

Valley Vet has a limited selection of dog beds, but the beds that they do carry are all fairly priced.

If you aren’t picky about the bed you are looking for, Valley Vet is a good place to start your shopping.

23. Wayfair (Clearance)

Wayfair, like Overstock, offers an incredible selection of all types of pet furniture.

To get the best dog supplies deals, shop the clearance section and take advantage of their free shipping offers.

24. Costco

If you have a membership to Costco, you can find a good selection of affordable and quality built dog beds on their website.

You’re not going to find luxury furniture brands here, but you will get a good deal on the average dog bed.

25. Groupon Goods

Groupon Goods has a limited selection of dog furniture, but the prices on the pieces they do offer are always incredible.

Use coupon codes, and you can get additional savings on already low prices.

I rarely find exceptional brands of dog furniture for sale on Groupon, but their prices are worth it if you are looking for a simple dog bed.

Top Dog Medication Deals Websites

26. Vet Approved RX

Vet Approved RX offers some of the best dog supplies deals on pet medications across the web.

The only stipulation to using their site is that they are only permitted to ship certain medications to certain states.

Free shipping is offered once purchases meet a free shipping price point, and coupon codes can be used to save more.

I have used VetApprovedRX for my own dog’s medication for the past eight years and have always received the best prices and reliable shipping.

27. AlliVet

AlliVet offers prices that are comparable to VetApprovedRX, and they accept more payment options.

Discounts are available on autoship orders, and coupons can be used to save more.

Orders over $49 receive free shipping.

AlliVet also offers a rewards points system that gives you points for each purchase.

Once points hit the redemption level, they can be redeemed for credit toward your order.

28. KV Supply

KV Supply offers pricing on pet medications comparable to Alli Vet and VetApprovedRX.

Shipping on orders over $49 is free, and coupon codes can be redeemed for additional savings.

29. Valley Vet

Valley Vet offers some of the lowest prices on costly medications.

Although their website doesn’t seem as commercial as other pet pharmacy sites, they follow the same filling protocols as competing sites.

Valley Vet does offer free shipping, and they have their own coupon code section on their site here for additional savings.

30. Pet Supplies 4 Less

Pet Supplies 4 Less doesn't offer the lowest pet medication costs, but they still beat most of the unlisted competitors.

Orders over $69 receive free shipping, and coupon codes can be redeemed for additional savings.

Top All Dog Supply Deals Websites

31. doesn’t specialize in dog or pet products, but they do specialize in low-cost products.

They happen to carry some of the best dog supplies deals.

You won’t find a huge selection, but if you’re looking for simple supplies or toys, you can pick up plenty for less than $4.

UPDATE: Hollar was acquired by the brand Five Below in 2020.

32. offers competitive pricing on just about everything, including dog food, toys, grooming products, general supplies, supplements, and pet technology.

Orders receive free shipping over $35, and coupon codes can be applied for additional savings.

I frequently shop on for my dogs because the more you buy, the more you save on their site.

You also get additional savings when you order using a debit card instead of a credit card and when you opt out of free returns.

33. Care A Lot Pets

Care A Lot Pets carry a little bit of everything, and their prices are competitive on just about all of it.

They do not offer free shipping unless your order meets a $99 minimum, but their sale prices make up for the shipping cost.

34. Overstock Pet Supplies has everything except dog food in stock, and their brand selection is incredible.

Prices at Overstock vary from day to day, but check out the clearance or liquidation items for the best dog supplies deals.

Orders over $45 receive free shipping, and coupons can be used for additional savings.

Overstock also offers Club O Rewards, which give members 5% reward points on all purchases and free shipping on every order.

The membership will cost you $19.95 a year, but if you shop Overstock frequently, it’s worth it.

35. Petco + Drs Foster and Smith

Drs Foster and Smith offer great clearance and sale prices, and all orders over $19 get free shipping.

Coupon codes will get you additional savings, and promotional periods also offer e-gift cards with certain purchases.

I have purchased multiple dog beds from Drs. Foster and Smith in the past, and their quality is incredible, and their returns policy is a breeze!

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