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A veterinarian is absolutely important for our pet’s health and well-being. And not to mention our own peace of mind as well when our dogs get sick.

So what better way to show our appreciation than to celebrate these amazing people and the work they do with a gift?

If you're wondering what are the best gifts for veterinarians to give your pet's partner in health, then this is the article for you.

Whether it's for the holidays, a special occasion, or just a thank-you gift, you can never go wrong with the options I have included below.

My dogs and I have personally gifted some of these to our vets, which they all absolutely loved (their words, not mine!)

Here are some cool and affordable gift ideas for veterinarians to thank them for everything they have done for your dog.

Best Gifts for Veterinarians: Presents that Say Thank You!

1. Positive Reviews & Recommendations

Most of the time, the best gift for veterinarians is not one that you can buy from a gift shop.

You can show your gratitude by leaving glowing reviews on your vet’s website, social media pages, and other review sites.

Positive reviews will help drive more clients to their clinic, allowing their business and reputation to thrive, plus exposing their talent and care to others who are searching for a good vet.

If your veterinarian has done an amazing job at helping your dog in any way, shout it from the rooftops!

You can rave about your vet to your friends who own pets, share your story in Facebook groups with fellow pet owners, and even spread the word when walking your dog in the park.

Some of the most popular sites to leave veterinarian reviews:

Word of mouth is a powerful gift.

And if you want to let your vet know that you're promoting their practice as a thank you, then why not send them a card and handwritten note, too?

Speaking of which…

2. A Beautiful Card & Handwritten Note

You're an Awesome Veterinarian Keep That Shit Up: Funny Joke Blank Lined Journal Notebook Gift for Female Veterinarians Vet Thank You Appreciation Veterinary Clinic Women

Simplicity is key when you want the meaning of your gesture to stand out. A heartfelt handwritten thank you note will allow you to express how much this person and their services mean to you and your dog. Your vet is likely to keep such a personal gesture forever.

Our vet still has our thank you card from years ago displayed in her office!

So take your time to choose a beautiful card that speaks to you and to the vet as well.

Here are some heartwarming cards to gift for veterinarians:

3. Gift Baskets

The Bon Appetit Gourmet Gift Basket by Wine Country Gift Baskets Gift for Families College Students Appreciation Thank You Congratulations Get Well Soon Care Package There is nothing that vets appreciate more than having a basket of goodies delivered for the entire staff to share. Fruit, biscuits, sweets, chocolates, and cake are all great ideas for filling up a basket. Go for high-quality, delicious items to fill it.

The staff will surely appreciate the sugar boost, especially on busy days.

Are you good at baking? You can also make them homemade cookies and cakes with personalized messages!

And why not include a nice bottle of wine for your personal vet to enjoy so that they know how special they are?

If you're pressed for time, you can just check out these cost-effective and cool gift baskets of goodies for vets:

4. Tacky But Fun Vet-Themed Gifts

No matter what the profession, anyone can appreciate a bit of humor.

There are plenty of fun printed gift ideas for veterinarians available online, many of which are themed or can be personalized.

It doesn’t have to be cheap or low quality, either.

For example, many printed canvas tote bags and T-shirts are of great quality, and the designs are endless.

Search for pet-related designs, cute designs, and funny designs.

The great thing about tacky but fun vet-themed gifts like these is that although they may not seem like very serious gifts, they are still very useful and won’t go to waste.

Travel mugs are great for coffee drinkers; fridge magnets are fun to decorate the home or surgery.

And how about a framed print or hand-lettered quote to inspire anyone who reads it?

Here are some potential ideas and items to explore:

5. Gift Vouchers For Vets

When you are unsure what to get somebody as a gift, and you want to minimize the possibility of waste and unwanted gifts, why not go for the traditional and safe option of purchasing a gift voucher?

Amazon eGift Card - Dog-with-a-box - Gift Card Everybody appreciates a gift voucher as a useful present. It gives the person you're gifting (your vet, for example!) an excuse to treat themselves to something they might not have thought about purchasing out of their own pocket.

The most obvious idea for gift vouchers for veterinarians is a book voucher. An eGift card should still do the trick.

Everybody reads some kind of book, and even if they don’t, they can still spend the voucher on stationery, calendars, accessories, or anything else that a bookstore usually sells.

Alternatively, you can offer a gift voucher from a lesser-known store or an online store, perhaps an animal-related one, if you know that your vet has his or her own pets.

Here are some popular gift vouchers people generally prefer:

And because gift vouchers can also be presented in a card with a handwritten note, take the time to write your thank you and appreciation for them on the notes.

Gift vouchers also usually last for quite a while before they expire, so your busy vet doesn’t have to spend it straight away.

6. Charity-Based Gifts for Veterinarians 

If anyone is going to be an animal lover, it is going to be your veterinarian.

So why not get them a gift that acknowledges their love for the kind of work they do?

Veterinarian gifts that contribute towards a good cause that you know your vet believes in will be greatly appreciated, not only by them but also by the charity you choose and the people and animals it supports.

You could, for example, sponsor an animal on behalf of your vet. Many charities offer programs that enable you to do this.

The idea is straightforward: you pay a fee for the care or rehabilitation of an animal that has been rescued by a particular charity or rescue center.

Below are some great charities where you can sponsor a puppy, adult, or senior dog adoption that will grow up and be trained to make a real difference in someone’s life or sponsor saving a wild animal's life:

Other Useful (and Cheap) Gifts that Veterinarians Will Love!

1. Scrubs/Scrub Caps

Everyone who works in a veterinary office wears scrubs.

A cute new pair or a gift certificate to purchase a pair of scrubs would definitely come in handy!

You can find scrubs in your vet's favorite color or a pair with a cute animal-themed pattern.

2. Stethoscope/Stethoscope Tags

A high-quality stethoscope isn't cheap, but stethoscope tags are affordable on any budget.

Add a bit of flair to your vet's stethoscope with a personalized tag.

Personalize the tag with the doctor's name, the name of their clinic, or just a heartfelt message from you and your pet.

3. Hospital-Grade Shoes

Walking between exam rooms, back and forth to the front desk, and in and out with patients all day is exhausting.

Help your veterinarian's feet by getting them a new pair of hospital-grade shoes that are specifically designed for people who are on their feet all day.

These types of shoes are designed to support the foot and provide comfort for your vet's feet, legs, and back.

4. Personalized Travel Mug

Hydration is especially important if you're on your feet and on the go all day long.

Whether your vet needs a kick of caffeine or just likes to keep cold water on hand, a personalized travel mug is a practical and inexpensive gift that they'll use for years to come.

5. Desk Name Plate or Door Sign

Help your vet spice up their practice with a touch of old-school style.

This unique product is definitely one of the best cheap gifts for veterinarians, and your vet is sure to love a practical gift that they'll actually use.

Not to mention, they are certain to get compliments on the new decor.

6. Basket of Office Supplies

Every office needs office supplies. One of the best cheap gifts for veterinarians is a basket of office supplies.

Purchase an inexpensive basket and some tissue paper, and fill the basket with everything an office staff may use.

Pencils, pens, sticky notes, tape, paper, and notebooks are just a few suggestions.

7. Adult Coloring Book

Being in the medical field (human or animal) is a very stressful job.

Many people find coloring to be a relaxing way to destress after a long day.

You can find animal-themed adult coloring books or even animal anatomy coloring books designed especially for you veterinarians.

8. Office Artwork

A beautiful framed art piece would make a wonderful addition to any veterinarian's office.

You can find dozens of framed prints for under $40.

Animal-themed art in bold colors would stand out in any decor.

You could also opt for a piece designed in neutral colors that would fit in with any office's color scheme.

The Best Gifts for Veterinarians infographics

Best Gifts for Veterinarians: Before You Go…

Our veterinarians are amazing people, and they know what an awesome job they do because they chose to work hard for years to get qualified for the profession.

While we don’t have to thank them for their work, these best gifts for veterinarians will show our appreciation and can help make their day.

Looking for more gift ideas for the animal lovers you know? Check out our recommendations below!

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