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The Best Silent Dog Clippers


With some dogs, grooming can be a huge chore. Things could get even more difficult when the pet has anxiety about having their hair cut with an electric clipper. If that's your  dog, never force them into grooming through fear, because it will only make the problem worse. Instead, try switching to silent dog clippers, or even a manual one.

The problem with traditional clippers is often not only the noise, but the vibration of the clipper as well. Dogs don't understand why a device produces a suspicious whirring sound and is rapidly moving, which causes them to be anxious. If we can manage to reduce the sound and vibration the clipper makes, it could make a world of difference.

Testing the Best Silent Dog ClippersUsing a silent dog clipper with noise reduction is a great first move. To further reduce your dog's grooming anxiety and fear of clippers is to approach this slowly and gradually. Before you begin, let your pet sniff the clipper when it's off. Afterwards, turn the clipper on and let the dog investigate that as well. Once they seem relaxed, you can start.

Interestingly, professional pet groomers also noted that dogs are less anxious when groomed with cordless pet clippers instead of those with a wire. However, even this “slow method” with cordless quiet clippers may not work for all dogs. In that case, completely silent dog clippers (i.e. manual ones) may be your only option.

Below are the five best silent dog clippers that we liked, because they produce the least amount of noise and vibration (including manual/scissor and cordless electric ones):

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Two Types of Silent Dog Clipper

Picking the right set of dog hair clippers isn't as simple as “silent versus loud.” You'll need to consider your dog's size, their coat thickness and length (double coat), and the condition of the dog's fur. Then, choose the right tool for the job.

There are two different types of what groomers consider silent dog clippers:

  1. Electronic, motor-powered dog hair clipper, designed with noise-reduction in mind.
  2. Manual dog hair clipper that looks and works like grooming scissors.

Silent pet clippers are never completely silent. They still produce some sound and some vibration, but their noise is reduced. However, some dogs will still have anxiety even towards quiet dog clippers, in which case your only option are manual clippers.

Manual dog clippers come with attachment combs, but they won't be as effective or quick to use, though your dog will be more comfortable around them. Many professional pet groomers agree that this type of silent dog clipper is the best choice for skittish dogs.

Some tips on grooming anxious dogs:

  • Groom your dog when they're tired. Take a long walk, exercise, train and play with them before you get to the bathroom.
  • Do not over-stimulate the dog. Before you start getting ready to groom them, keep a calm voice and do not engage them with energy.
  • Get your dog used to the environment. Allow them to freely explore the grooming area, sniff around and settled down.
  • Allow them to smell the equipment. Whether it's silent clipper, manual scissors or whatever else you're using, put those on display so the dog is familiar with it.
  • Touch your dog (without clippers). This way your pup will get used to the spots you'll be grooming with the clipper, and is less likely to mind it.

Move gradually and slowly, speak calmly, and praise your pup when they stay calm, too.

The Best Silent Dog Clipper Brands

1Manual Silent Dog Clipper
by Scaredy Cut

One of the most popular silent dog clippers, Scaredy Cut is essentially scissor-style clipper which obviously means they won't scare your pup. They're very easy to maneuver and use on a dog's coat, though you may need a little practice first if you’re more used to the electric clippers. As a manual clipper, it'll also take a few sessions to get up to speed and figure out your own method of grooming.

Silent Dog Clipper Review

The Scaredy Cut Per Clipper Kit contains a pair of scissors and a set of comb attachments. There are seven of these attachments (#1, #1-1/2, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6), each a different length so as to allow clipping from half an inch to an inch. You simply clip the attachment onto the scissors and snip off the hair that needs to be trimmed, creating a straight, even cut.

The combs aren’t too sharp, so even if your pet decides to suddenly bolt off while you’re in the middle of cutting their hair, it won’t scrape the dog. The combs aren’t the only attachment that is specialized, too — the scissors themselves are adjustable and have two different blades, one serrated and one smooth.

Scaredy Cut Dog Clipper Review

As you can see in the photo, gel finger inserts are included so that your fingers aren’t uncomfortable while you’re grooming your pet. The tension system inside the scissors is also adjustable by tweaking the screw in the center of the tool. Scaredy Cut silent dog clippers are one of the best-rated pieces of grooming equipment on the market at the moment.

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We've tested them on several different coats, and the clippers cut through matted hair well without getting stuck or making an uneven cut. Even if you're new to at-home dog grooming, these clippers make it easy for even the least talented of hair cutters to do a neat job.

Unfortunately, unlike with electric dog clippers, it takes a long time to trim a large breed dog with manual clippers. We recommend doing it in sections so that your arm doesn’t cramp up if you have a large pooch with tons of hair. Dog owners with large hands might want to forego these scissors altogether (won't be comfortable), especially if it’s going to be a long grooming job.


2Tiny Trim Ball-Tipped Small Dog Grooming Scissor
by Scaredy Cut

The Tiny Trim Grooming Scissor is basically a slightly different variation of the above manual scissors. It's non-electronic, and it's made by the same brand Scaredy Cut, but it's a cheaper version, and doesn't have the attachments (which may be needed for certain breeds). These manual dog hair clippers work well on matted hair, too.

Instead of being essentially a pair of scissors with a guard, these silent dog clippers are designed more like scissors. They're better for dogs with thin coats, although they will work for course hair, but it will just be a little more difficult for the groomer. They are suitable for both long and short haired dogs and are well-built from stainless steel for strength and durability.

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Similar to the Scaredy Cut clippers above, you may need to think twice about buying these to groom very large dogs with thick, long coats. These clippers are small and can be a little hard to use on a big dog that requires a lot of grooming. It's not impossible, but will be very time-consuming (and need to be done in several sessions). Unfortunately, that is a common concern with using manual clippers.

Overall, these second best silent dog clippers are comfortable to hold and are made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. They are good for owners with dogs that only require minimum coat maintenance, maybe an occasional matted-hair clip and quick cut.


3ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper
by Andis

Moving to electric dog hair clippers with noise reduction, Andis silent dog clipper is likely to be your best bet. Obviously these are not completely silent, and they do produce noise and vibration, but at a quieter level than traditional clippers.

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Andis are also known for their high quality grooming products, and we've tested many of their items over the years. These clippers are no different, and the price is about average. Some of the perks of Andis ProClip include the fact that they're cordless (which anxious dogs prefer), making it easier to maneuver, resulting in a faster cut. The batteries serve a good amount of time, and the silent clipper is simple to recharge.


42-Speed Low Noise Dog Clippers
by Oster

Oster is another well-known brand, and their 2-Speed clipper is a great alternative to the Andis one above, at a similar price point. These silent dog clippers have a quiet motor design and they're also lightweight. Despite its quietness, it is a powerful piece of equipment and comes with ten different comb attachments. The set also came with grooming shears, a carrying case, a step by step DVD, a cleaning brush and oil. They offer a professional grade design and a one year manufacturer's warranty.

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Oster 2-Speed are made to cut all types of dog fur and any length coat. Their housing design runs much cooler than a number of other clippers we've tried, it's obviously quieter and vent free to prevent hair from blowing.

That said, while the house feels cool, we've noticed that the blades of these clippers get warm (not hot) after we've used them for a relatively short period. This is common with many dog clippers, and not particularly concerning as long as you keep this in mind when touching your pooch.


5Dog Clippers Low Noise
by oneisall

A decent option for pet owners on the budget is the oneisall silent dog clipper. It's a cheap Chinese made clippers for dogs that are unlikely to last as long as Andis or Oster, but for the price, they do the job well. Their run quieter than traditional clippers, and they're eco-friendly, which can be an appealing selling point for some of us.

No products found.

This last set of best silent dog clippers aren't close to the quality of Oster/Andis, and that will be obvious as soon as you pick them up. They feel cheaper, they're lighter, and they get hotter quicker. But if you cannot afford the more expensive brands, and manual dog clipper is not to your taste, this is a fair option as long as you don't need them for long cuts (high maintenance breeds).

They're also cordless/rechargeable, which can be a pro or a con depending on how you like to groom your pets. The handle is relatively comfortable and has an anti-slip feature which does make the process less stressful.

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The Best Silent Dog Clipper Brands