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Calm Your Anxious Dog the Easy Way with Calm Balm

Calm Your Anxious Dog the Easy Way with Calm Balm

We have a dog who suffers from separation anxiety. Although I feel bad for her, it’s also quite annoying. Chloe, our 6-year-old boxer, is a rescue with a very sad history. I know she has a reason to be so anxious all the time, but it’s a bit irritating when we have a thunderstorm in the middle of the night and she keeps you awake with her pacing, panting and trembling.

We’ve tried many different treatments for Chloe’s anxiety, but nothing has been able to cure the issue 100%. We haven’t tried prescription medications, but we have used anxiety vests and many different natural treatments. We’ve chosen not to try prescription medications, as Chloe also has a heart condition and we don’t want any of her medications to be hindered by adding another pill to her regiment.

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While researching possible treatments for Chloe, I stumbled across BlackWing Farms and their all-natural Calm Balm. The 15-year-old company specializes in creating sprays and balms with flower-based healing qualities to help improve and calm animal behaviors, especially those that arise in stressful situations.

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common mental health issues in dogs, and they can lead to a laundry list of other behavioral and health problems.

I find this method of treatment fascinating, and wanted to share it with you all today, because I know a lot of pet owners that are looking for a more natural and holistic approach to their dog’s health. The difference between holistic medicine and traditional veterinary medicine is all in the treatment.

Traditional veterinarians look at the symptoms, diagnose the problem and then focus on treating the symptoms that have begun to show. Holistic veterinary medicine looks at the symptoms, diagnoses a root cause and then tries to treat that cause; thus, treating the symptoms that have shown themselves and those that may not have manifested yet.

Calm Your Anxious Dog the Easy Way with Calm BalmThis holistic treatment method is the basis behind BlackWing Farms products. The flower essences used in their products address all facets of the mental and emotional issues that your dog is struggling with. They help to change and balance the behaviors over time, unlike prescription medications which mask the issues but do nothing to help your dog in the future.

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Products from this company work with the power of aromatherapy. The essential oils and plant-based ingredients in these sprays and balms send out an aroma that will help will your pet – it’s that easy! Calm Balm is a blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils in a base of Vitamin E, beeswax and olive oil. Rose, Geranium, Tansy, Lavendar and Sage are used to calm your pet, relieve his anxiety and provide him with a sense of peace.

The company also makes a Gentle Balm to relieve anger, tension and drama in aggressive pets, and Brave Balm helps your dog overcome shyness and insecurities. They make products to help your dog focus on learning, deal with grief and depression, and they even have a spray to help your pet relax and unwind. You can even find a handy behavioral chart on BlackWing Farms’ website that will help you decide which product is right for your dog depending on his symptoms.

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