Just like humans, our pets are prone to all sorts of diseases, and we as pet parents always want to protect them from any pain or discomfort. If you're a responsible dog owner, then you probably feed your pets quality dog foods, take them for regular vet checkups, and ensure they get enough exercise. On top of that, we also need to be diligent in avoiding certain cancer-causing dog products that may lead to serious health issues.

8 Cancer-Causing Dog ProductsUnfortunately, just like with people, some things can increase your dog's chances of getting cancer, no matter how much you try to protect him.

At first, studies have shown that certain dog breeds are simply more predisposed to getting cancer when they get older. But further research into canine cancer causes has shown that there are also environment factors (such as cancer causing dog products) that may increase the risk of cancer in dogs.

Luckily, there's something we as pet parents in control of our dogs can do. Some dog supplies and materials should be avoided at all costs in order to keep your dog's risk low.

If you aren't sure what to avoid, in this article I've compiled a list of certain dog products to help you out. You should also be sure to do in-depth research on any dog supplies that you buy. Always question the way your dog's products are made:

  • What materials are they made out of?
  • Where are the materials sourced from?
  • Who manufactures these dog products and how?
  • What reputation does the company has?
  • How many recalls did the company/products had before?

A dog has cancerThese are just some of the questions we as dog owners should be curious about whenever deciding on purchasing a new dog product. The more skeptical you are, the better chance you have to avoid any type of cancer causing dangerous and hazardous dog supplies.

A few minutes of research into the product you're interested in and the company that manufactures it can tell you a lot about how safe it is, and whether or not it includes any cancer causing ingredients.

If you can't find the information you're looking for on the product packaging, do online research or contact the company directly.

For more information, check out our Top Dog Tips' dog supplies review section where we analyze many different types of dog products, research the company and test them.

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Cancer-Causing Dog Products and How To Keep Your Pets Away From Them

Cancer-Causing Dog Products and How To Keep Your Pets Away From Them

First, pay attention to what you have at home. If you come across a dog product that may have cancer-causing ingredients, it's important to remove it from your pet's reach immediately. This is especially vital if it's something your dog ingests or can chew on.

Never feel badly about taking away your dog's toy or rubber chew due to possible cancerous ingredients. Just find a suitable replacement for him and your dog won't notice the difference. No playtime is worth the risk of canine cancer.

When shopping for new dog supplies, look for reputable brands that use natural ingredients. This applies to anything from organic dog food brands to naturally made dog toys, dog beds, crates and everything else your canine might chew on, deliberately or not.

Avoid any kind of dog products that look like they might flake or peel. Read reviews from other consumers and ask your veterinarian for any recommendations. If you're uncertain about dog food, we even have a DVM-approved list of vet recommended dog foods.

No dog food will ever be better than its ingredients, so remember to pay attention and do the necessary research. It takes a while, but it's worth the time. Now, let's take a closer look at cancerous dog supplies and what you should avoid in the future.

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1. Ethoxyquin

As everyone knows, dog foods and dog treats stored on the shelf always use some type of preservatives in order to keep them from spoiling and staying somewhat fresh.

Certain preservatives work great at keeping food fresh and they may even be very natural and good to consumer. However, other types may also be known as cancer-causing dog products. Ethoxyquin is one that is very well known for its negative effects.

People working with this preservative have experienced blindness, infertility, and cancers such as leukemia. In your pet, it can also have devastating effects. Side effects of the ingredient can include immune deficiency and cancers of the spleen, liver, and stomach.

Whole Dog Journal have published a wonderful article on the artificial preservatives in dog foods, explaining which ones to avoid and how they affect our dogs' health.

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Tobacco Smoke Cancer-Causing Dog Products

2. Tobacco Smoke

Obviously, smoking and tobacco use can cause cancer in humans, and it can have the same effect on animals too. Smoking around your pet can cause damage to his health, and it can potentially lead to cancer (particularly lung and oral cancers).

This risk can increase if your pet ingests cigarette butts or ashes. If you do smoke, minimize the risk to your dog and be responsible. Avoid smoking around your pet. Learn more on how tobacco smoke affect our pets and what you can do about it.

Smart pet parents who are smokers only do this outdoors in a well-ventilated area, and properly dispose of their ashes and butts somewhere far away from their pups. Wash your soiled clothing regularly and keep them in a closed hamper away from your dog.

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3. Aflatoxin

Aflatoxin is know as a poisonous and cancer-causing toxin. This ingredient is so dangerous that it has been recalled in many US states. However, some states still allow its use, and you might not always be able to tell if your dog's food or pet treats include it just by reading the label.

Aflatoxin is considered a by-product and is produced from certain types of mold. It can be incredibly poisonous to most pets, and cause much more damage to their health than it can to humans. Studies shown many cases of pets suffering due to ingestion of aflatoxin.

What can happen? Liver cancer is the most common disease experienced by dogs who ingest aflatoxin. So before you purchase a certain brand of dog food or dog treats, check online to see if it contains this harmful ingredient. Read your dog food labels, check dog food reviews and remember to often inquire your veterinarian for more information.

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4. Laundry Supplies

Dog cancer causing Laundry SuppliesYou may not think of laundry supplies as a cancer-causing dog product, but it is. Certain laundry products, such as detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets, can have potentially hazardous for dogs ingredients in them. Some items may include small amounts of formaldehyde or other known carcinogens.

While these may not harm you or your pet in small doses, any type of cancerous laundry products can have a very harmful effect if your dog gets access to them and ingests them in higher dosage or on more than one occasion.

The best way to go about this is to always keep your laundry supplies out of your pet's reach, and make sure you carefully rinse everything before giving it back to your dog. If you often wash your dog's coats, sweaters, dog beds or whatnot, these need to be rinsed thoroughly before your Fido can safely use them again.

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5. Blue Dye

Certain blue food coloring, specifically Blue 1 and Blue 2, can be very dangerous to certain animals as they increase a chance of cancer. For example, studies have shown that both Blue 1 and Blue 2 food coloring cause brain tumors in animals.

Even though most dog food isn't blue and use very little to no food coloring, you might be surprised to see this ingredient in some dog foods or treats you regularly feed your pup.

Both dog kibbles and treats can have blue dye, and even wet food is not always safe from being colored. As always, check your dog food's ingredient list and avoid products that use Blue Dye coloring. Your best bet for avoiding these artificial additives is to feed foods that only uses natural and organic ingredients, such as these natural dog food brands.

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Flea and tick treatments that cause cancer in dogs

6. Flea and Tick Treatments

As pet owners, flea and tick treatments are some of the most commonly used dog products by us. We do this in order to keep pests away from our dogs. The good news, a lot of them work very well and do the job. The bad news is that they are also one of the most common cancer-causing dog products.

Even though using dog flea and tick treatments occasionally is fine, a lot of dog owners apply them year-round, “just to be safe”. Ironically, this is even worse.

Using flea and tick treatments or prevention on your dog year-round is completely unnecessary. The pesticides found in these flea/tick dog products, such as fipronil and permethrin, can lead to a variety of health problems in dogs.

In particular, the ingredients in flea and tick solutions can lead to thyroid issues and possibly thyroid cancer in dogs, according to several studies. To prevent this from happening to your Fido, only treat your dog for fleas and ticks during the months when pests are active, and make sure to use the right dosage for your dog's weight.

This is a great article from a veterinarian on times of the year when these parasites are the most active, and how to use flea and tick treatments safely.

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7. Glyphosate

Glyphosate is a commonly used pesticide, found in commercial products as well as pesticides for home use. While pesticides are already not very healthy for humans, they may be even worse for your dog.

Spraying these products near your pet is harmful to his health, but it can be more dangerous if you spray it on grass or near his food and have your Fido consume it.

Glyphosate can cause DNA damage and mutations in dogs, leading to certain types of deadly canine cancers and other incurable diseases. Read more about it here.

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Dog cancer causing vaccines

8. Vaccines

Vaccines are incredibly important for your dog in many cases and against some very dangerous diseases. However, over-vaccination is a serious problem that many pet parents experience, and it needs to be addressed in the early stages of a young dog.

For example, did you know that vaccinating your pet each year or even every three years when they still have immunity can be dangerous? Over-vaccination of dogs can lead to health problems including cancerous sarcomas, according to studies and experts.

While you will obviously need some vaccines for your pet, talk to your vet about potential over-vaccination to keep your Fido as healthy as possible. Use only what's necessary.


Cancer may not be completely inevitable for some dogs, but by avoiding these cancer-causing dog products and harmful ingredients you can help to prevent your dog from getting unnecessarily ill and maybe even extend his lifetime.

Remember, it's always a good idea to talk to your veterinarian about how to keep your pet healthy. They may have some more breed specific suggestions for you and your dog and they can give you better quality information on specific cancer-causing dog products than any article you find online can. Do your research and talk to experts as often as you can!

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  1. Ridiculous!
    It is obvious that the author has no knowledge about medical care and this ´ dog tips´ are dangerous and may lead people to disregard basic health care, like vaccination, deworming,and flea and tick treatments . These are indispensable to control a lot of infectious and parasitic diseases that nobody wishes their dog to have!
    Some of them may also affect humans,too.
    If you read it carefully , the ONE study mencioned in the article states that NO RELATION was found, between the flea products tested and that type of cancer (CML).



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