10 Cheap Dog Clothes That Are Actually Stylish

Most recent data shows that approx. 60% of owners buy clothes for their dogs, and dressing up our pets has long become a core part of dog ownership.

Dog clothes are even increasingly becoming part of the fashion industry and represent far more than simply weather protection for pets.

This is supported by numerous fashion events and manifestations that promote dog dressing in line with the latest trends.

Online retailers offer dog owners a large selection of coats, jackets, socks, hoodies, and other clothing items for dogs.

There are fashionable sweaters, pajamas, and even wedding dresses and tuxedos for the most sophisticated moments in your pet’s life.

The offer is complemented by fancy shoes or boots for dogs that can be found in various models.

Sometimes, doggie clothes can weigh heavily on your wallet. Other times, you simply don’t feel like splurging on clothes that your pet is going to outgrow anyway.

If you still wish to dress up your pup for special occasions, below are ten cheap dog clothes and dress items that are very stylish yet affordable.

10 Stylish and Cheap Dog Clothes You Can Buy Online

Knitwear Sweater - cheap dog clothes

Knitwear Sweater

Price: $9.69

This stylish Knitwear Dog Sweater is made out of Wool that will keep your dog warm when the days are cold. It comes in 11 colors, and the sizes range from XXS to XL which makes it suitable for dogs that weigh anywhere from 1.5lb to almost 17lb.

Patriotic Dog Hoodie

Patriotic Dog Hoodie

Price: $13.99

Although the 4th of July is already behind us, that doesn’t make this Patriotic Dog Hoodie any less stylish. Made out of cotton, styled to resemble the American flag, and with a hoodie to keep your dog’s head protected from the rain, this item is the perfect accessory to any walk in the park. However, there is one downside to it – this hoodie only comes in smaller sizes. Before ordering, make sure to measure your dog carefully, and if it’s a puppy that is still growing, it is advisable to go a size up.

Cool Denim Jumpsuit for dogs on Amazon

Cool Denim Jumpsuit

Price: $10.99

Denim jumpsuits have come back into the fashion scene in 2018 and why would it be any different when it comes to dog clothing. This Cool Denim Jumpsuit is made out of denim and cotton, and it has a hoodie. It comes in 2 colors, blue and red, and it is perfect for all weather conditions. However, this product is best suited for smaller breeds.

Two-Sided Plaid Vest

Two-Sided Plaid Vest

Price: $16.99

Suitable for all sizes of dogs, made out of waterproof material that is soft to the touch, very stylish, and comes at a price that won’t break the bank, it is no wonder that this Two-Sided Plaid Vest is one of Amazon’s best sellers. It can be worn on either side, depending on the situation and the weather. One side is entirely black, while the other is a red-and-white plaid with a durable Velcro strap on the bottom side.

Pink Princess Dress

Pink Princess Dress

Price: $9.99

Made for puppies, small and medium-size dogs, this dress will have your baby girl looking and feeling like a true princess that she is. The top part is pink with sleeves and a black bow printed on the backside, while the bottom is made out of black and pink tulle.

I Love My Mom Pattern Shirt

I Love My Mom Pattern Shirt

Price: $8.99

For all the doggie mommies out there, look no further because we have found the perfect thing for you. This gray sleeveless T-shirt with the words ‘I Love My Mom’ will certainly let everybody know how much your dog cares for you, and you for him.
It is suitable for newborn puppies, smaller dogs like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, but also for larger dogs such as Shihtzus. What’s best about it is that it comes in another variant – ‘I Love My Daddy’ print so that the dog dads won’t feel left out.

Fancy Sport Shoes

Fancy Sport Shoes

Price: $12.99

If you were looking for an equivalent of Converse All-Stars shoes for your dog so that you could match when you go on a walk, these shoes are the best fit. Not only do they look very stylish, but they also offer protection for your dog’s feet, no matter if there’s ice outside or the pavement is too hot from the scorching Sun.

While there are other, more expensive, and better quality dog booties out there, these are easily the most stylish out of cheap dog clothes out there. They are also durable, and the rubber on the soles makes it difficult for your pup to slip. What’s best is that you can easily match them to almost any outfit because they come in a snake-skin print as well as in pink, besides the standard denim color.

ChoChoCho Stylish Dog Hoodie


ChoChoCho Stylish Dog Hoodie

Price: $29.99

Have your pup look like a real athlete while being stylish at the same time with this fabulous ChoChoCho Dog Hoodie. It comes in 19 colors and styles to choose from and the sizes range from Small to 5XL so you can be confident it will fit almost any dog. Not to mention it will look amazing with some shoes.

Yankee Dog Jersey Apparel on Amazon

Yankee Dog Jersey Apparel

Price: $17.50

If you are a true Yankee’s fan, it will come as no surprise if you wanted your dog to proudly showcase the love for your favorite team by having a jersey of his own. The best thing is that you get to choose from 2 shirt styles, 3 jerseys or a jacket with a wide variety of colors as well. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Labrador, the sizes range from XS to XXL, which ensures it will fit your pet.

Dog Wonder Woman Costume

Dog Wonder Woman Costume

Price: $11.99

The last of cheap dog clothes is something for more special occasions. Even if Halloween has already passed, it would be a mistake not to check out this Wonder Woman Costume for your dog when thinking about dressing up your pet. This dog costume is officially licensed by DC Comics, and if you want a boy’s counterpart, you can always go for Superman. However, they only hold 4 sizes, so make sure to measure your pooch correctly before ordering to avoid any mistakes.

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Top 10 Cheap Dog Clothes That Are Actually Stylish

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