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20 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers


Top Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Shopping for the dog lover in your life just got easier, because we’ve pulled together 20 awesome gift ideas for the holiday season! Whether you are shopping for the Chihuahua fan or the Saint Bernard enthusiast, we’ve got gifts for everyone and every budget. These Christmas gifts for dog lovers are sure to make anyone happy.

Just consider the person that you are shopping for. Do they like collectibles? How about sweet treats? Are they tech savvy? Use the information that you know about them to narrow down the gift options and select something they are sure to love.

Don’t see anything that would be just right for the dog lover in your life? There are plenty more Christmas gifts for dog lovers out there! I recommend surfing around some of the links below to see what else the companies have to offer. You’re sure to find something that’s just perfect!

20 Most Awesome Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

5 Affordable Dog Lover Gifts

1. Peanut Butter Dogs by Greg Murray

Peanut Butter Dogs by Greg MurrayWhat dog lover doesn’t love seeing amazing dog photography? Well, Greg Murray took amazing to a whole new level with Peanut Butter Dogs! Each meticulously curated photograph depicts dogs in their struggle to eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

To make it even better, most of the dogs in the book are rescues who have been offered a second chance at life. Peanut Butter Dogs by Greg Murray is just $12.28 and features more than 140 pups with personality!

2. Grounds and Hounds Sunrise Rescue Gift Pack

Grounds and Hounds is a coffee company who donate 20% of their profits to rescue dogs! G&H’s coffee is 100% Fair Trade and Organic certified and you can even purchase a coffee of the month subscription for the hardcore coffee lover!

The Grounds and Hounds Sunrise Rescue Gift Pack is one of our favorite gift choices though. It comes with a Grounds and Hounds coffee mug and three 6 oz. bags of coffee (breakfast blend, medium roast, and dark roast). The coffee and mug are packaged in a G&H tote bag and will set you back just $45!

3. Modern Dog Magazine Subscription

Modern Dog Magazine SubscriptionA subscription to Modern Dog Magazine is one of the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers who just can’t get enough of everything canine. Modern Dog is a lifestyle magazine designed for urban dog lovers.

Inside are articles with advice from experts, new accessories and product recommendations, and listings for dog-friendly travel destinations. A one-year subscription to Modern Dog Magazine includes four copies (12 months) of the magazine for just $16 or you can splash out on two years or more!

4. Pet House Candles

Pet House CandlesMost people have at least one accented candle in their home, but most people don’t know that these candles contain paraffin and other toxic chemicals. Pet owners should be particularly aware of the chemicals put off by burning toxic candles.

You can help the dog lover in your life make the change by gifting them with a non-toxic all-natural Pet House Candle. With a 60 to 70 hour burn time, Pet House candles come in a range of natural scents and are made from natural soy wax with a cotton wick. One Pet House candle costs just $21.95.

5. Bad Dog Diner Mugs

Perhaps not the gift for everyone, this set of four bad dog diner mugs is sure to make the joker in your life laugh. Each of the four mugs depicts a dog misbehaving while teaching his owner an important life lesson!

These white ceramic mugs hold 10 fl. oz. and measure 3.75” H x 3.38” in diameter. The mugs are also microwave safe and top rack dishwasher safe. The set of four (which complemented by a matching set of four Bad Dog Glass tumblers) will set you back just $35.

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Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

5 Mid-Range Budget Dog Lover Gifts

1. The Hot Paws Kit

This creative art kit is one of the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers. The Hot Paws Kit allows pet parents to create glass paw artwork from their dog’s paw print. A particularly good gifting idea for pet parents of senior dogs, the Hot Paws Kit creates a permanent and creative art piece.

The Hot Paws kit retails for $77, but right now they are offering free shipping on any purchase!

2. Hand-Folded Book Art Sculpture, Love w/ Paw Print

Hand-Folded Book Art Sculpture, Love w/ Paw PrintHandmade from a gently used hardback book, the pages are folded and designed to read ‘Love’ with a paw print where the ‘O’ should be. A unique and thoughtful gift, this artistic book measures 9.25”high and has 432 pages that are artfully folded and cut.

Ideal for a bookworm who loves their dogs, this makes a great display piece and comes with a price tag of $85.

3. FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark Dog Activity MonitorIf you know a dog lover who is on a fitness kick? Or perhaps they’re having trouble helping their dog to lose weight? Maybe they just want to know more about what their dog gets up to during the day? If any of these apply, the FitBark dog activity monitor would make a great gift idea!

The FitBark device measures a dog’s daily activity, types of behavior, and can be used to set health goals. Waterproof and rugged, the FitBark weighs just 8 grams and slips easily onto any dog collar. A single FitBark unit costs just $69.95.

4. Wild About You Bronze Sculpture by Jay Rotberg

The Wild About You sculpted wax, bronze dipped sculpture with verdigris patina is the ultimate homage to man’s best friend. The statue captures the true adoration between a dog and his master and is sure to be an admired centerpiece and one of the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers.

An exclusive handmade piece, the Wild About You sculpture measures 5.5″ H x 2.5″ and is an exclusive handmade piece. The price tag on this gift is $64 and it’s worth every cent!

5. Sponsor a Shelter Pup

If you have a hardcore rescue dog lover in mind, then no gift would be more appropriate than sponsoring a shelter dog. There are plenty of programs that allow you to sponsor a dog for the holidays, but one of our favorites is Best Friends organization.

On the Best Friends website, you can make a donation to one of their dogs in your friend’s name or you can purchase a gift from their special catalog to gift one of the dogs in their shelter! They will donate the gift in your friend’s name and one special pup will get to celebrate Christmas even without a home of their own.

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Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

5 Luxury Dog Lover Gifts

1. Embark Dog DNA Testing Kit

Embark Dog DNA Testing KitThe Embark dog DNA test makes the perfect gift for the parent of any mixed breed pup. It’s one of those things that few people buy for themselves, but every dog parent wants! Not only does the test reveal which breeds make up their dog, but it also evaluates a dog’s risk of a number of health conditions including the MDR1 gene mutation in herding breeds!

This is one of the most expensive Christmas gifts for dog lovers at $189, but it’s a gift that’s sure to impress, and also be very useful – take a look at our review of Embark DNA.

2. Clever Pet Hub

Clever Pet HubThe Clever Pet hub is a gift designed for your loved one’s pup, but it’s a gift that everyone can enjoy! Designed by neuroscientists, the Clever Pet Hub presents a dog with various puzzles to solve before they are rewarded with a small portion of their kibble.

The Clever Hub is a great way to keep hyperactive and bored dogs busy and to slow down overweight pups when they’re eating too quickly. Both are great benefits for pet parents everywhere because they mean healthier dogs! The Clever Pet Hub comes with a price tag of $299.99, but the smart tech that adjusts the puzzle difficulty level as your dog learns is worth the cost!

3. Furbo HD Wi-Fi Dog Camera

Furbo HD Wi-Fi Dog CameraThe Furbo HD Wi-Fi dog camera is the ultimate luxury gift for a dog lover. The interactive HD camera connects through Wi-Fi and includes two-way audio so you can talk to your pet when you’re away from home! To make things a little more interesting, you can also use the Furbo app or the Amazon Alexa to toss out treats to your pup! The Furbo even sends you a notification anytime that your dog barks.

A great way to keep your dog entertained and keep an eye on them when you’re gone, the Furbo camera features 1080-pixel resolution and night vision. The Furbo comes with a 1-year warranty and a price tag of $249. Amazon is currently offering a $50 off coupon, however, so you can get yours for $199!

You can check out our extensive review of the Furbo Automatic Treat Dispensing Dog Camera for more detailed information about this best best Christmas gifts for dog lovers.

4. Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath SystemKnow a dog lover who spends a little bit too long bending over the bathtub and scrubbing a dirty pup? If the dog lover in your life has a dirt-loving dog, consider gifting them with the convenience of the Bark Bath system.

A portable bath system, the BarkBath conserves water and doesn’t require any rinsing since the pH balanced shampoo sucks upright from the skin with specially designed nozzles! For $138.98 you can pick up the BarkBath bathing system and Free and Clear pH balanced shampoo.

5. Petcube Play

Petcube PlayAnother great interactive gadget that makes one of the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers is the Pet Cube Play. It features everything you need to interact with your dog while away from home. The 1080p video with 2-way audio and night vision is compatible with Amazon Alexa and can be accessed from anywhere with the smartphone app.

The Petcube Play unit also has a laser toy that can be used to play with your dog even when you’re stuck working overtime at work! Perfect for keeping pups busy and great for letting pet parents check in with their dogs while away from home, the Pet Cube Play is priced at $157.68.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Petcube Play Dog Camera

5 Personalized Dog Lover Gifts

1. Custom Pet Nose Print Necklace in Fine Silver

Made from fine silver, this custom-made nose print pendant is modeled after your dog’s own nose. An 18” chain complements the pendant which is set on a silver disc measuring between 0.5” wide to 2” wide depending on the size of your dog.

After purchase, a nose molding kit will be sent directly to you and from there, the pendant will be handmade! The ultimate in personalized gifts, this piece has a price tag of $160, but you’ll never find another one like it!

2. Customized Bark Art Print

Creative Wave Arts specializes in soundwave art. Using a sound clip of your dog barking, they will create a unique piece of art on a giclée with a matting border. The color of the soundwave can be chosen and the quote that appears underneath the soundwave print can also be personalized.

There are a lot of variations that you can select for these best Christmas gifts for dog lovers that ranges from an 8” x 10” print to a 20” x 30” canvas. Prices vary depending on your selection but run from $30 to $305.

3. Custom Personalized Print Woven Throw

Custom Personalized Print Woven ThrowA full color woven throw featuring your dog is a pretty outstanding gift idea. Measuring 60” x 50” or 50” by 60”, the throw can be constructed using over 600 color combinations. All you need to get your order started is a full-color photograph that you want to be replicated on the throw.

Made from 100% cotton, it takes around 15 days to create each personalized throw and the price tag is an incredibly reasonable $89.99!

4. Custom Clay Sculpture

A custom sculpture of your dog is a pretty spectacular gift idea if we do say so ourselves. This handmade sculpture is made from polymer clay and is based off a picture of the dog you want to be sculpted.

The average sculpture measures between 5” and 5 ½” tall, but smaller or larger sculptures can be ordered too. Each sculpture can be customized with a toy or particular expression to make them a little more personalized. While prices on each of these pieces are customized, the average price tag is around $64.

5. Customized Fine Art Portrait

Customized Fine Art PortraitA customized fine art oil portrait is a gift that no dog lover could resist. Created from a photograph, the canvas is painted with three-dimensional brush strokes in the finest oil paint. Each hand-painted canvas is hand signed and presented with a certificate of authenticity.

My Open Studio offers three sizes of custom oil painting: 11” x 14”, 16” x 20”, 20” x 24”, and 24” x 30”. These are priced $135, $195, $250, and $320 respectively.

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