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Coastal Pet Products Launches New Website

Coastal Pet Products Launches New Website
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Coastal Pet Products Inc., a family-owned manufacturer of dog and cat collars, leashes and harnesses, launched their new website last month. The company, based in Alliance, Ohio, wanted to spice up their website with more user-friendly features and lifestyle images of dogs and cats wearing gear made by the company. Easy to use features also make it simpler for customers to order goods.

Coastal Pet Products has been manufacturing pet accessories since 1968. The company acquired Bergan Pet in March of this year. They found it to be a natural fit since both companies had the same high standards and values. Coastal Pet is committed to providing excellent customer service and leading the industry with quality, innovative products for pets.

The American manufacturer claims to make the best canine restraints in the industry. Their manufacturing facility is almost 300,000 square feet and they are proud to offer more than 7,500 product SKUs. The company designs its own in-house proprietary machines to best suit their unique manufacturing needs. Automation plays a key role in allowing them to yield more products, especially ones made from leather and nylon.

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They also have an in-house testing laboratory and they perform frequent tests on all their products to maintain a high level of quality in both workmanship and materials. The company is also known by consumers for their amazing logistics. They have a 99.9% accuracy rating in shipments and consistent on-time deliveries. In fact, their website states that they are the leader in accurate and on-time deliveries in the pet product industry.

Coastal Pet Products Launches New Website
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Now it will be even easier for pet parents to browse the company’s website. The new site offers easier navigation, easily searchable pages, updated product content, order placement with a single login, and downloadable product catalogs. It also contains links to Coastal Pet Products’ social media pages and how-to product videos.

Donna O’Connor, marketing data coordinator for Coastal Pet Products, says that having a website that is more user-friendly is vital to the company’s success. They also wanted pet parents to be able to use the site as a resource to educate themselves about the proper use of the products that they are buying. The company manufactures leashes, collars and harnesses, but their website also lists the many other products they sell including toys, food and water dishes, grooming tools, and dog food bins.

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Not only is the company concerned about the pet parents buying their merchandise, but they also want to provide this information to retailers that are buying their products for resale. They believe that offering this information to retailers will create a better consumer buying experience. If retailers have the information to pass on to consumers, it will help them assist them in buying the proper product to meet their needs.

The websites education center has tips and advice, videos and a blog with expert opinions about the latest trends, products and ideas to keep companion animals happy and safe. Users can also subscribe to the Coastal Pet Products newsletter to get these great tips and tricks delivered right to their email inbox.

Coastal Pet Products Inc. has distributors all over the United States. If customers prefer to shop in store, they can look up retailers on the new and improved website as well. Along with their own Coastal brand, the company also sells quality products from leading brands like Safari, Li’l Pals, Circle T and Power Walker.

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