This Combination Dog Toy and Food Dispenser Works with a Smartphone App

Puzzle feeders are a common dog product hitting the shelves these days, but the Foobler takes things to a whole different level. This amazing new automatic feeding tool can be set to dispense food periodically for up to nine hours and can also synch with your Smartphone.

There are six different pods inside the Foobler that can be filled with kibble or treats. The device reloads itself throughout the day to keep your dog actively entertained for the entire time that you’re away from home.

You can also pair The Foobler with your Smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity and dispense food at your discretion with the tap of a button. You can use the app to set up automatic feedings as well.

The Foobler can be set to release food at 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes. By spacing out the feedings, your dog is not only entertained, but also healthier. Instead of just gulping down food at one sitting, they are eating periodically throughout the day which is much better for their digestive system.

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