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Outward Hound Launches New Dog Toys and Games

Outward hound Launches New Dog Toys and Games
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Outward Hound, a leading manufacturer of pet products, strives to improve the lives of dog parents and their canine companions with innovative products. Last month they debuted some of their latest dog toys and interactive dog games at the International Global Pet Expo.

Kyle Howard, Outward Hound founder, says that when he became a dog owner he realized that there was a lack of engaging, durable, and entertaining products on the market for dogs. His idea was to start a company that would create new and exciting ways to get dogs active and produce the dog supplies that pet owners needed.

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The company used heavy duty fabrics and their original “Invincibles” squeakers to create three new exciting dog toys for the expo this year. Hansen says that Outward Hound works closely with pet parents in their consumer insight group, known as the Woof Pack, to figure out what dog owners want in their pet products and what kinds of new products they would be interested in.

Outward hound Launches New Dog Toys and Games
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One of the most common concerns for dog parents in the past has been that their pets eat much too quickly. This can lead to vomiting and other more serious health issues. That’s why Outward Hound produces a number of different dog games that force the dog to take time and work through the game to earn the food.

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Outward Hound debuted their newest game, Lucky Dog Slots, at the expo. Modeled after a classic slot machine, this dog treat dispensing game offers an exciting and interesting play pattern for canines. It engages the dog with active stimulation and also portions the dry dog food or treats for slower food consumption. The game features a paw-press treat releaser and three separate kibble chambers.

They also unveiled a new dog toy they call the Fire Biterz, which is made from real fire hose material. It is shaped like a lizard and includes the signature Outward Hound Invincibles squeaker. With multiple layers of rubber-coated tightly-woven fibers, even the most aggressive chewers won’t be able to get through this dog toy.

Outward Hound also upgraded their Tiger Seamz dog chew toy this year with four times thicker seatbelt seams. This toy also comes with the Invincibles squeaker, which won’t stop squeaking even after it is punctured. The advanced design of this toy, and others produced by Outward Hound, make the chew toys extremely durable even with the strongest chewers.

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