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Creators of Dog Lovers Dating Website Invent Cookware for Dog Food

Creators of Dog Lovers Dating Website Invent Cookware for Dog Food
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Pets are becoming more popular every day it seems, and with that comes an exploding industry of products, services, technology, and so much more that is geared specifically toward dog owners. Kris Rotonda and Denise Fernandez even launched a dating service for dog lovers, and now they’ve created cookware for owners who make their own dog food.

Kris has been a dog owner for as long as he can remember but when he met Denise a few years ago, she had never owned a dog before, or even spent much time around them. Kris had four dogs at the time, and once everyone got to know each other things were fine and everyone was happy. Kris and the dogs welcomed Denise into their pack with open paws.

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Before Kris met Denise he struggled to find a relationship that would work for him and his pups. He said that not every woman liked dogs or understood the responsibility and dedication that goes along with owning one, let alone four. He thought other dog owners might be in the same boat, so he decided to create the first ever dating site for dog lovers, YouMustLoveDogsDating.com.

While he began work on the site he met and fell in love with Denise. She started helping with the website and it launched a short time later. Denise also loved to cook so the pair decided to create a doggy cooking show on YouTube which they called the Doggy Cooking Network. Denise’s inventive recipes and the couple’s playful banter soon garnered them quite the following.

Creators of Dog Lovers Dating Website Invent Cookware for Dog Food
Photo: wpxi.com

Although things were going well, neither the dating site nor the YouTube show were making money. Kris had a chat with a friend of his who was an entrepreneur and decided to create a product that would tie their two already-successful endeavors together.

That’s where the PupPot comes in. It is a unique and innovative complete Doggy Cooking System that offers pet owners an easy way to prepare healthy meals, snacks, and treats for their canine companions. It allows you to cook, serve, and store your dog’s food.

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The system includes:

  • A paw-shaped high-quality plastic serving base
  • 2 collapsible, microwavable, silicone serving and storage bowls with lids
  • A specially designed, two-handled, 3.8 quart cooking pot, with a lid, that is made of stainless steel for pet food safety

All the pieces in the set are dishwasher safe and the collapsible bowls are designed to fit in the paw-shaped base for easy storage. The base also fits in the pot, which will save you lots of cupboard space. The PupPot system comes with a recipe book as well that features some of the couple’s favorite homemade dog food recipes.

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