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Dirty Dog Allows Any Company to White Label Their Products

Dirty Dog Allows Any Company to White Label Their Products
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White labeling is when one manufacturer allows another retailer to purchase a fully supported product and then apply their own brand and identity to it. Then the other retailer is allowed to sell the product as if it were its own. Dirty Dog, a pet product company in New York, is now allowing other retailers to do just that with their patented anti-bacterial spray for dogs.

Bonnie Bruderer, founder of Dirty Dog, actually wasn’t even a dog lover until shortly before she started her company. She always thought dogs were dirty, slobbery, and covered in germs. Then one day a friend of hers needed a place for their puppy, Ginger, to stay.

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It turned out that her friend’s daughter was very allergic to dogs, and they were going to find Ginger a new permanent home, but by that time Bruderer had fallen in love. She decided to welcome Ginger into her home and become a pet mommy for the first time.

A few months later she realized just how dirty dogs really are. Between walking in mud and dirt all day, rolling in whatever they come across, and eating all sorts of yucky stuff, she figured out dogs had even more germs than she previously thought.

Dirty Dog Allows Any Company to White Label Their Products
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She started thinking about anti-bacterial products for people and wondered why no one had ever made anything like that for dogs. It just so happened that Bruderer had gone to holistic school and had a degree in Holistic Health so she knew exactly how to create an anti-bacterial product for dogs, and that is exactly how Dirty Dog Paw Spritz was born.

Late last week the company announced that they are adding the ability for any size business to white label their product line which includes the paw spritz, anti-bacterial shampoo and conditioner, and even anti-bacterial candles.

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Bruderer says that the company has been approached many times by smaller businesses and pet stores to create a product line for their brand, and they have only worked with larger licensing deals up until now. The company has figured out a way to let any size business have their own product line without investing a lot of money.

All Dirty Dog products are 100% natural, and made with the finest essential oils that are all safe for dogs. Each product uses a blend of essential oils that have natural healing and anti-bacterial properties. The products can be purchased online and in retail stores across the country.

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