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New High-End Pet Product Line Lights Up To Keep Dogs Safe

New High-End Pet Product Line Lights Up to Keep Dogs Safe
Photo: illuminight.net

Summer is in full swing, and that means many pet owners are beating the heat by exercising with their pets after the sun goes down. ILLUMINIGHT, a new company jumping into the pet product market, is helping dogs and their owners stay safe with their three new product lines; Ultra Leash, Ultra Harness, and Ultra Collar.

While there are many illuminated and reflective products on the market already, ILLUMINIGHT is offering something unique. Jon Freeman, ILLUMINGHT’s marketing director, says that many similar products lack durability and quality. He says that the ease of ongoing use for pet owners is especially neglected.

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Freeman explained that the company did extensive market research before creating their products, and in doing so they found that many reflective and illuminated products fall short in both delivering reliable safety for pets and their owners and being a precision pet product. He says that ILLUMINIGHT products solve both problems instantly.

All products from the company come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Freeman says no other manufacturer is currently offering the same quality products with a comparable guarantee. The company’s unique light refraction technology provides consistent illumination that is not reliant on external light sources.

New High-End Pet Product Line Lights Up to Keep Dogs Safe
Photo: illuminight.net

All ILLUMINIGHT products are rechargeable by any powered USB port with no accessory cables or special adapters. The company does this to provide a sustainable design to minimize the environmental impact of their products. Using any standard USB to mini-USB cable, all the products can be fully charged in as little as 45 minutes. When fully charged, they can all be used for more than 4 hours before they’ll need to be charged again.

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Aside from recharging there is no maintenance required for the collars, harnesses, or leashes. All ILLUMINGHT products can be seen from more than 1,500 feet away. All of their products are also made with water resistant materials. All three product lines come in three different collars; red, blue, and green.

The Ultra Harness and Ultra Collar both have adjustable size ranges as well. They come in sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. All Ultra Leashes come in a standard 4-foot length. The company says that although the products are primarily used for dog owners who walk their pets after dark, they can also be used for disaster response, emergency preparedness, and government agency canine unit support.

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