Do you tip in dog daycare? Some pet owners do, and some don't. Is it required? Or is it preference?

This blog will discuss if you should tip these pet caretakers. And if you should, what are the do's and don'ts?

We might have a solution if you're struggling to decide whether to tip your dog's daycare.

Wonder if tipping your pet daycare is a must or not? And should you tip them as well? Scroll down, and let’s break down some questions regarding tipping in daycare. 

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Do You Tip in Dog Daycare?

Tipping in any industry is up to the customer. In the animal and healthcare industry, receiving tips isn’t really expected.

Since it’s their line of work to be able to provide services, it is their job to deliver them properly and professionally. 

Of course, there are cases where their line of work is demanding and difficult, and during these times, it is rarely shown how difficult this line is.

In these times, as pet owners, we can offer our appreciation to these professionals for how much effort, time, and understanding they give pet owners, so their pets can gain the best care possible. 

There are ways in which we can show our appreciation; tipping is one of them.

If you, by any chance, would want to tip your dog daycare, here is a way to do so. 

If a daycare includes multiple employees looking out for all of the dogs in the daycare, you may tip a pack.

How to Tip in the Dog Daycare?

Clients may tip according to the services provided and given in the daycare. Some daycares may include training, grooming, and other services.

If your pet has undergone all services and the outcome is great, tipping is a great way to thank the employees for doing their job. 

This can be done especially for grooming services in daycares. Although the grooming service may be included, it’s a fair trade if your pet isn’t the best for behaving during grooming sessions. 

Since groomers may face some unruly behavior from some pets, being able to do their job properly and professionally is something we can be grateful for.

This goes the same in daycare if a certain caretaker does an extra great job handling your pet.

Sometimes, you may tip a certain employee in the daycare, especially if they’re assigned to your pet.

You can also see if your pet has opened up to this employee if they have displayed a certain level of comfort and security around them.

This proves that this employee went out of their way to make your pet’s stay in the daycare comfortable, fun, and welcoming as much as possible. 

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What to Tip in Dog Daycare?

If a daycare includes multiple employees looking out for all of the dogs in the daycare, you may tip a package or a shareable bundle for the employees instead.

It may be gift cards, cash deliverables, or a basket of fruits or products they may share. Although no amount is required, at least a $10 gift per employee may do. The employees will appreciate this.

Another way to tip great dog daycares is to leave a great rating and review on their page online.

And if you loved their services, referring them to other pet owners is the best tip and advertising they can get! 

Clients may like, follow, share, and even comment on their social media pages if they have one. This can help them reach more audiences, clients, and popularity. 

Do’s and Don’t When Tipping in Dog Daycare

Often not, we forget some things to consider when giving out tips. So here’s a quick run-through of what are the dos and don’ts when it comes to tipping in dog daycare. 

Don’t feel obliged to give out a tip

Tipping is a way to show our gratitude and appreciation for the effort employees have done in order to do their job.

Tipping isn’t always required, and the daycare staff also does not expect tips. But if you do, it is greatly appreciated. 

Do consider giving a tip if you know your pet is difficult

If owners find it difficult to handle their pets, it is not a question of what other people do as well.

Although it may be their profession to handle pets, there are times when cases are not the same.

Some pets may be less aggressive than others, or some may be too picky or on guard.

If the daycare staff went out of their way to make your pet’s stay as comfortable and safe as possible, a tip would be greatly appreciated. 

Do leave a good review instead

In some industries, it’s customary for owners not to accept tips from clients.

Instead, they may also show appreciation through a good review or recommendation to other pet owners.

Do tip accordingly

Although tips are a way to show gratitude and appreciation, they may also reflect on the daycare staff base on their performance.

If they can do a great job and clients tip them, it may lead them to a certain direction of how to do their job the next time, and that goes the same if they don’t do well. 

Don’t forget to tip if you’ve asked for a last-minute service

Not all dog daycares may entertain your request to accept last-minute reservations, walk-ins, or week-long stays.

Just make sure to show a token of appreciation for welcoming your request.

Do tell or write about why you tip them

Whether you feel great about their amazing service or professionalism, it’s best to let daycare staff know why they’re receiving these tips.

This can also be a way to let them know they do well at what they do.  


 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you tip boarders?

Similar to dog daycares, tipping will depend on the customer. Tipping on dog boarding is common, but it is still not expected.

Some pet owners are more compelled to give tips as they have special requests or their pets have different needs that must be met.

If it’s a holiday, should I tip higher?

Although clients may consider many situations before tipping the dog daycare, during the holidays, clients may consider tipping their dog daycare some small holiday gifts to show their appreciation for doing their duties even on the holidays. 

Is it normal to tip a dog sitter?

Just like the ones above, tipping a dog sitter is optional.

However, dog sitters don't really make much money even though they have given time and effort to caring for our pets.

A lot of clients tip their sitters to give appreciation. Most pet owners recommend giving at least 15% of the service charge.

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Do You Tip In Dog Daycare: Summary

Although tipping is not a requirement in daycare, it is most appreciated by the caretakers. 

Yes, you can say it's their job to care for pets. But tips are also taken as a token of appreciation or even a compliment for their hard work.

Dog daycare isn’t always a fun and trouble-free job. Sometimes, daycares may face emergencies or even get into accidents watching other people’s pets.

It is a very demanding job to be able to cater to the pet’s and the owner’s needs as well.

Tipping in dog daycare is another way of showing gratitude, appreciation, and respect. We salute these pet caretakers who do their job undemandingly and professionally.

So, it is not required to give tips. But it’s not so bad to show some love and appreciation for our pet’s caretakers in our place!


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