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Articles, studies and advice on best dog food brands, interviews with vets on dog nutrition, reviews of top dog food choices and videos of how to read dog food labels, how to feed a dog, and everything else a responsible dog parent needs to know about dog foods.
Top Best Dog Foods for Chihuahua

Best Dog Food for Chihuahua: 9 Vet Recommended Brands

One of the smallest breeds in the dog world, the Chihuahua also became one of the most popular breeds over the past decade. This...
Can dogs drink apple cider

Can Dogs Drink Apple Cider?

Apple cider is a crisp, refreshing drink associated with the autumn season. It is not to be confused with hard cider (alcoholic beverage) or...
chicken and rice recipe for dogsvideo

Chicken and Rice Recipe for Dogs with Sensitive Stomach

A chicken and rice recipe for dogs is one of the most commonly recommended remedy for dogs with an upset stomach.
Can I give my dog raspberries

Can Dogs Eat Raspberries? 10 Benefits and 2 Side Effects

The summertime superfruit, raspberries offer plenty of nutrition and benefits to humans. But can dogs eat raspberries too, and are raspberries for dogs safe...
What Fruits Can Dogs Eat

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

Most dogs enjoy eating certain fruits and vegetables. While meat should be the primary part of your dog's diet, there are many proven benefits...

13 Best Dog Food Brands in Canada

According to a recent survey, approximately 35% of Canadians have a dog in their home. Over 50% of those dogs have no health issues...
Top Best Dog Foods for Brittany

Best Dog Food for Brittany: 7 Vet Recommended Brands

Brittany is a very unique breed. A medium sized hunting dog, they thrive in the field, retrieving birds. They were once only known among hunters...
How to Feed a Pregnant Dog

How to Feed a Pregnant Dog

During a healthy pregnancy, female dogs increase their weight by 20% to 25% (1). Therefore, nutrition during that period should be of high quality...
Prescription Dog Foods

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Prescription Dog Foods

When your dog is diagnosed with a disease that requires diet change, a vet may recommend a prescription dog food brand. These foods are...
Choosing A Good Dog Food

19 Tips for Picking a Good Dog Food Brand

A considerable part of your dog’s health is dependent on their diet. But what makes a dog food brand "good", and how do you...
best homemade dog biscuitsvideo

Recipe: Best Homemade Dog Biscuits

The best homemade dog biscuits use healthy ingredients and are easy to make. Of course, they also need to be appealing to your pup!
The Vegan Dog - Can Dogs Be Vegan or Vegetarian

Can Dogs Be Vegans or Vegetarians?

As vegetarianism and veganism continues to grow in popularity, many people ask, what do vegans feed their dogs? Seeing how majority of pet owners...


The Best Small Dogs for Kids

35 Best Medium and Small Dogs for Kids

Picking a dog breed when you have a kid at home should be done with care and consideration. There are several best medium dogs...
Emotional Support Animals

No More Emotional Support Animals on Planes

New policies by DOT has emotional support animals banned on airlines. They can no longer fly free on major carriers with their guardians. The...

TOP #129: Making The Dog Doc Film featuring Cindy Meehl One of the silver linings of the Covid-19 cloud is that we have more down time than ever before. I've been using that time...
Spaniel Dog Breeds

Spaniel Dog Breeds

Spaniel dog  breeds is a type of bird dog known to flush game out of the dense bush. They were typically divided into two...
Russian Dog Breeds

Russian Dog Breeds

A country as big as Russia, with 11 different time zones, surely has numerous dog breeds that you can imagine. The country has somewhat...
Hunting hound dogs

Hunting Hound Dogs

You probably have seen Game of Thrones and heard of “The Hound” as one of the people Arya wanted to kill. Hounds are actually...
Norwegian Dog Breeds

Norwegian Dog Breeds

Norwegian dog breeds, originated in Scandinavian countries. This breed has adapted to thrive in cold weather conditions. Their coats are generally thick, enough to...
Eye Drops For Dogs

Eye Drops for Dogs: How to Pick the Right Type

The function and anatomy of your dog’s eye is similar in most ways to your own. However, some differences are present including the presence...
Racing Dog Breeds

Racing Dog Breeds

Although they don’t have their own dog breed grouping, racing dog breeds are dogs built for speed. In fact, throughout the centuries, many breeders...
Prettiest Dog Breeds

Prettiest Dog Breeds

Every dog has its own unique markings, traits, and personality, beauty is often appreciated when it comes to having a furry companion. In fact,...