Dog Holidays 2020 - Year's Full List of All Special Days



ith the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about presents for our family and friends. What about our furry, four-legged friends, however? Sure, a lot of dog owners love to give Christmas gifts to their pets, but did you know there are certain dog holidays that are strictly for our canine companions?

Well, as it turns out, there are a lot more than just one dog holiday in the year. In fact, if we widen our view of pet holidays as a whole, we doubt many of you would even guess the stunning amount of pet holidays out there. But even when talking about dog holidays only, there’s still a lot of them.

Let’s take a look at all the dog holidays 2020 year that your pooch can look forward to, as well as all the pet holidays and health holidays that are related to our furry friends.

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A Full List of All Dog Holidays in 2020

Dog Holidays 2020 Calendar - low res

Before we get on with the list of 2020 dog holidays, for any pet owner who'd like to keep track of them, we've got two templates for the 2020 dog calendar. You can download the highest resolution versions from the below links:

Now, here are the dog holidays to keep up in 2020.

Dog Holidays in January

Walk Your Dog Month
January may be cold, but walking your dog is vital, so don’t skip it!

National Train Your Dog Month
January is also dedicated to the proper training of our dogs.

Unchain a Dog Month
This is a reminder to all dog owners that keep their dogs chained 24/7.

National Pet Travel Safety Day
January 2 – A day to remind us to take proper care of our pets while traveling.

National Cuddle-Up Day
January 6 – A human holiday that is great to celebrate with your pup as well!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day
January 14 – A day to have fun while dressing up your pooch!

National Seeing Eye Dog Day
January 14 – This day commemorates all Seeing Eye dogs.

Change a Pet’s Life Day
January 24 – An incentive to change the life of a furry friend.

Seeing Eye Guide Dog Birthday
January 29 – The birthday of the first school for Seeing Eye Dogs.


Dog Holidays in February

Pet Dental Health Month
Dental health is vital for dogs, and this month aims to remind us that.

Dog Training Education Month
February is also a month that focuses on the importance of dog training.

Responsible Pet Owners Month
This month also honors responsible pet owners.

Unchain a Dog Month
February aims to remind us not to keep dogs constantly chained up.

Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
A reminder of the importance of spraying your dogs.

American Heart Month
A human month that relates to dogs as well – heart health is of the highest importance.

Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week
2nd week of February – a week dedicated to reminding us not to keep dogs chained up.

Pet Theft Awareness Day
February 14 – This day draws attention to pet theft and its prevention.

Love Your Pet Day
February 20 – A day to remind us of our pets’ awesomeness and why we love them!

National Walk Your Dog Day
February 22 – Daily walks are important, and this day reminds us of that.

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day/National Dog Biscuit Day
February 23 – Dog biscuits are a favorite treat for dogs, and this day is for them.

Spay Day USA/ World Spay Day
Last Tuesday in February – A day that aims to remind us of the importance of spraying our dogs.


Dog Holidays in March

Poison Prevention Awareness Month
Another human month that also relates to animals. Dog poisoning is very dangerous – keep your pooch safe!

Poison Prevention Week
3rd full week of March – A week that is also dedicated to reminding us of the importance of preventing poisoning.

Professional Pet Sitters Week
1st full week of March – This week honors professional pet sitters and the great work that they do.

If Pets Had Thumbs Day
March 3 – A fun day that makes us wonder what the world would look like if pets had thumbs.

International Ear Care Day
March 3 – The importance of ear care is grossly underestimated with dogs, and this day draws our attention to it.

K-9 Veterans Day
March 13 – A day that honors K-9 veterans and their service.

National Puppy Day
March 23 – A national day that celebrates puppies and all of their unending cuteness.

Take a Walk in the Park Day
March 30 – Another human day that urges us to take a walk in the park. Why not get your dog as well?


Dog Holidays in April

National Heartworm Awareness Month
April reminds us of Heartworm and of the importance of its proper prevention.

National Greyhound Adoption Month
April also urges us to adopt one of the greatest dog breeds in the world – Greyhound.

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
This month also reminds us of the importance of knowing pet first aid.

Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month
Lyme disease is a horrible disease in dogs, and March draws attention to that as well.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Animal cruelty is still a huge problem in the world, and this month aims to stop it.

National Pet Month
A month-long national celebration of pets in all of their glory.

International Pooper Scooper Week
April 1-7 – The first week of April reminds us to pick up after our dogs and keep the parks clean.

National Animal Control Appreciation Week
2nd full week of April – A week that honors the amazing work of Animal Control.

National Pet ID Week
3rd full week of April – The 3rd week of April reminds us of the importance of Pet ID.

Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week
3rd full week of April – This week also draws attention to the horror of animal cruelty.

Every Day is Tag Day
First Saturday of April – A day that celebrates tag.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week
April 9-15 – A week that reminds us to strife to prevent dog bites.

National Walking Day
First Wednesday of April – It may be said that we need a week to remind us to walk more, but if you have a dog, walking is much more fun!

National Walking Day
April 2 – Take your dog for an extra long walk on this day.

World Health Day
April 7 – This is a human day, but it also relates to dogs – let’s keep our pups as healthy as possible!

National Hug Your Dog Day
April 10 – A day to hug your furry best friend even more lovingly.

National Pet Day
April 11 – The day to celebrate our pets.

Dog Therapy Appreciation Day
April 11 – A day that honors the great work of dog therapy specialists.

Pet Owners Day
April 19 – This day celebrates pet owners.

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
April 21 – A day for one of the greatest dog breeds out there and their beauty – Bulldogs!

National Lost Dog Awareness Day
April 23 – This day reminds us of lost dogs and how to keep our pooches safe.

National Pet Parent’s Day
April 24 – This day celebrates the unique bond between pets and their owners.

National Kids & Pets Day
April 26 – This day celebrates the great relationship between kids and pets.

National Guide Dog Day
April 26 – This day honors the great work of Guide dogs.

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day
April 30 – This day urges us to adopt a shelter pet.

International Guide Dog Day
Last Wednesday of April – This is the International Day that honors Guide Dogs.

World Veterinary Day
Last Saturday of April – On the last Saturday of April, we honor veterinarians and their amazing work.


Dog Holidays in May

National Chip Your Pet Month
During this month, we are reminded to chip our pets.

Pet Cancer Awareness Month
This month draws attention to pet cancer.

National Pet Month
May celebrates pets and their awesomeness.

Lyme Disease Prevention Month
This month also draws attention to the horror of Lyme Disease.

Responsible Animal Guardian Month
This month honors the responsive animal guardians.

National Service Dog Eye Examination Month
During May, we are reminded to take our dogs to an eye examination.

National Pet Week
First full week of May – This week celebrates our great pets.

Be Kind to Animals Week
First full week of May – A reminder that we can be kinder to animals.

Puppy Mill Action Week
Monday before Mother's Day – It urges us to take action against puppy mills.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week
3rd full week of May – Draws attention to preventing dog bites.

Mayday for Mutts
First Sunday of May – This Sunday in May urges us to help mutts.

National Purebred Dog Day
May 1 – This day celebrates purebreds.

National Specially-abled Pets Day
May 3 – A day that honors specially-abled pets.

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
May 8 – A day that reminds us to better prepare for animal disasters.

International Chihuahua Appreciation Day
May 14 – a day that celebrates Chihuahuas.


Dog Holidays in June

National Pet Preparedness Month
During June, pet owners are urged to always be prepared.

National Microchipping Month
June also reminds us of the importance of microchipping.

Social Petworking Month
This month celebrates social petworking.

Pet Appreciation Week
First week of June – A week to appreciate our pets and their great contribution to our lives.

Take Your Pet to Work Week
Week of Father's Day – Why take only a kid to work when you can take your pet as well?

World Pet Memorial Day
Second Sunday of June – A day that commemorates dead pets.

National Best Friends Day
June 8 – On this National Best Friends Day, celebrate your bond with your four-legged best friend as well!

Ugliest Dog Day
June 20 – Because a dog doesn’t need to be beautiful to be loved.

National Dog Party Day
June 21 – Dog parties are amazing fun, and this day reminds us of that.


Dog Holidays in July

Dog House Repair Month
Take time this month to repair your dog’s house.

National Lost Pet Prevention Month
This month also reminds us to better prevent losing our pets.

Beat the Heat Month
Heat is a huge problem for a lot of dogs, and this month is a reminder of that.

All-American Pet Photo Day
July 11 – Take time this day to take an awesome photo with your pet!

National Pet Fire Safety Day
July 15 – Pet fire safety is a huge problem that needs to get more attention.

National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day
July 21 – This day urges people to pay more attention to their local shelters.

No Pet Store Puppies Day
July 21 – This day urges people not to buy puppies from pet stores.

National Mutt Day
July 31 – This day celebrates mutts and all of their greatness.


Dog Holidays in August

Pet Fashion Week
Last week of August – Because pets can be fashionable as well.

International Assistance Dog Week
1st Sunday of August – This week celebrates the great work of Assistance dogs.

DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs
August 1 – The universal birthday of Shelter Pets.

Work Like a Dog Day
August 5 – A day that urges us to work extra hard and with lots of enthusiasm.

Spoil Your Dog Day
August 10 – A day to spoil your four-legged buddy.

National Check the Chip Day
August 15 – A reminder to check whether your dog’s chip is all right.

National Dog Day
August 26 – Another day that celebrates dogs and their many contributions to our lives.

National Holistic Pet Day
August 30 – This day celebrates holistic pet medicine.

International Homeless Animals Day
3rd Saturday of August – This day draws attention to homeless animals.


Dog Holidays in September

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month
The American Kennel Club’s initiative to commemorate responsible dog owners.

National Guide Dogs Month
This month celebrates Guide Dogs and their great work.

National Pet Memorial Month
September also honors all dead dogs.

National Pet Insurance Month
This is a reminder of the importance of pet insurance.

Animal Pain Awareness Month
This month also reminds us of the various pains many animals live with.

National Dog Week
Last full week of September – A week that celebrates all that’s great about dogs.

Deaf Pet Awareness Week
Last full week of September – Raises awareness about deaf pets.

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week
Last full week of September – A reminder that all homeless pets need adoption.

National Hug Your Hound Day
2nd Sunday of September – A day to hug your hound buddy with even more love.

National Pet Memorial Day
2nd Sunday of September – A day that honors all dead dogs.

Remember Me Thursday
4th Thursday of September – Started by Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego, this is an international social media awareness day that brings attention to the millions of adoptable pets waiting in shelters and remembers those pets who never got a second chance.

Dogs in Politics Day (also known as Checkers Day)
September 23 – The anniversary of one of Nixon’s most famous speeches that got named after its dog, Checkers.

World Rabies Day
September 28 – This day raises awareness about rabies.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day
3rd Saturday of September – This day raises awareness about puppy mills.

Responsible Dog Ownership Day
3rd Saturday of September – A celebration of responsible dog owners.


Dog Holidays in October

National Animal Safety and Protection Month
A month focused on animal safety and protection.

Adopt-a-Dog Month
Urges people to give dog adoption a try.

Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month
Focuses on spreading the word about adopting shelter dogs.

National Pet Wellness Month
This month also celebrates pet wellness.

National Pit Bull Awareness Month
Raises awareness about Pit Bulls and the many myths surrounding the breed.

National Service Dog Month
This month also honors the great work of Service dogs.

National Walk Your Dog Week
1st full week of October – A week that reminds dog owners of the importance of doggie walks.

Animal Welfare Week
1st full week of October – Raises awareness about animal welfare.

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day
2nd Wednesday of October – Raises awareness about pet obesity.

National Fire Pup Day
October 1 – A day that honors canine firefighters.

National Black Dog Day
October 1 – A reminder that black dogs make awesome pets as well.

World Animal Day
October 4 – An international celebration of all animals.

World Pet’s Day
October 4 – A celebration of pets and their great contribution to our lives.

National Pitbull Awareness Day
October 27 – A reminder of the many awful myths and misconceptions surrounding Pitbulls.


Dog Holidays in November

Pet Diabetes Month
A month that raises awareness about pet diabetes.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month
November also urges us to adopt more senior dogs.

National Pet Awareness Month
A reminder to take better care of our pets.

National Senior Pet Month
A day that honors and celebrates senior dogs.

Pet Cancer Awareness Month
Raises awareness about cancer.

National Cook for Your Pets Day
November 1 – This day urges people to try making homemade food for their pets.

National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day
November 7 – Raise awareness about canine lymphoma.

National Take a Hike Day
November 17 – A human holiday that urges us to take a hike. Why not take your dog, too?


Dog Holidays in December

National Mutt Day
December 2 – A day that celebrates mutts and all of their awesomeness.


In Summary

Quite a list, isn’t it? It’s intimidating at first, but it’s very true as well. So, while following and acting on all of these days may be virtually impossible, a lot of them are quite cool and are worth celebrating or at least paying attention to. Especially useful are the ones that aim to remind us to take proper care of our dog’s health and well-being.

In the comments below, let us know if we missed any of the 2020 dog holidays and which ones you have written on your calendar.

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A Full Year’s List of All Dog Holidays

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