Sheltering in place is not something that many of us had to do before, but with the outgoing coronavirus outbreak, it has become the way of life. Whether you are working from home with your dog at your side, or just practicing social distancing, stocking up on certain essential dog supplies (without hoarding or panic buying) allows you to stay at home longer, minimizing the risk of getting infected, yet not putting your pet at risk.

Other than ensuring all the necessities for themselves, dog owners also have an extra layer of difficulty because they have to consider essential pet supplies to stock up as well on while sheltering in place. Fortunately, there are ways to find cheap pet supplies even during the coronavirus pandemic. So let’s take a look at what are the most important dog products to have in your home while we're trying to survive this global disaster.

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What Pet Supplies to Buy During Coronavirus

Dog Food

Of course, dog food is the most important thing to always have on hand. Things quickly change in these uncertain times, so don’t wait until you’re down to a can or two before you decide it’s time to get more dog food. Make sure that you have a month or two worth of dog food products stocked up so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Another option is to order dog food online from a company that offers home delivery, especially if they also provide AutoShip service that allows you to get certain pet food products delivered regularly. You can even order fresh dog food delivery. However, this service may not be readily available during a lockdown or it may become overloaded, so the safer thing is to stock up on dog food.

Where to order dog food delivery service (fresh and regular):

Prescription Medications for Dogs

Another important thing to stock up on are your dog’s prescription medications. Ensuring your pooch gets all the essential medications is just as important as pet food, sometimes even more so. If you run out of dog food, you can give your pup some other food other than commercial brands, but you can’t find a substitute for prescription medications.

Once again, having a month or two worth of prescription medications is plenty and it may save you having to go to your vet for a last-minute refill, especially since some veterinary offices may not be open due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Some dog meds may be available online but you cannot always take that risk. There are also ways to buy cheap pet meds online when sheltering in place, but be careful where you buy them from.

Where to buy dog medications online:

Flea and Tick Prevention Products

Fleas and ticks don’t care about the outbreak, so you better have some products (and make sure you don't run out) to prevent your dog from catching these parasites. A few months’ worth of flea and tick prevention supplies should get you through.

This may not be so important if you live in an apartment and only take your pooch out to do his business in an urban city, but if you have a yard where your dog spends most of his time, you need to stock up on flea and tick prevention productions.

Dog Hygiene Products

When it comes to pet hygiene supplies, you need dog shampoos and toothpaste if you brush your dog’s teeth. Don’t forget to stock up on waste-removal supplies like puppy potty pads or poop bags as well.

And if there are any other hygiene products that your dog needs on a regular basis, stock up on them to have enough for a couple of months.

Dog Toys

One of the hardest things about sheltering in place is finding ways to keep your dog entertained. Having a lot of toys can relieve your dog from boredom and keep him mentally stimulated, which is especially important if you have to work from home.

This includes standard plush toys, chew toys, squeaky toys, KONG toys, but the most popular for entertainment will be interactive toys like dog puzzles, treat-dispensing toys or, if you can afford it, high-tech dog toys like automatic ball launchers or a fitness robot.


Stocking up on essential products for yourself and your pet is necessary in situations like the current pandemic outbreak we're all going through and when leaving your home has to be avoided. Sheltering in place is essential, so make sure you're prepared.

Some dog supplies that you need to stock up on include dog food, prescription medications, tick and flea preventives, hygiene products and dog toys. Try to avoid panic buying and stocking up on non-essential pet products which can wait until the situation improves.

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