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Where to Buy Cheap Dog Supplies During Coronavirus Pandemic?

The outbreak of the coronavirus has placed many pet owners out of work. Between the worry surrounding the pandemic and the stress of wondering how to make ends meet during this time, pet owners are looking to cut their budgets any way they can. If you're looking for cheap dog supplies and inexpensive pet food options to get you through coronavirus until you're back to work, you are in the right place.

We’re all about saving money and cutting costs where possible. In any economy, that’s a smart idea. Dogs are expensive, and if you have a multi-pet household, your budget is even more strict. If you know where to shop and what to look for, you can find deals on dog food, chew toys, dog clothing, and any other dog products that you may need.

Whether you're shopping in a store or online, be mindful of more than just a pet product's price. You don't want to opt for a cheap dog item now that will end up costing you more in the long run, and this time you're most at risk when buying things in bulk. Do your research, so you can make a smart decision.

For example, online deals on dog supplies can be really great, but they can also be deceiving. Sometimes, online retailers hook you with cheap prices and then increase the cost of shipping, or they do price gouging, as we've seen it all over the place. This is especially true now during coronavirus pandemic shopping.

Pay attention to these types of tricks from online retailers, because it may actually benefit you to watch a little closer for an item in a retail store and save the money on shipping. When looking for a great deal on dog supplies, compare the total cost of the item, not just the sale price. Here are some tips on how to save money during this trying time.

Where to Buy Cheap Dog Supplies & Dog Food During Coronavirus Pandemic

Where to buy cheap dog supplies and cheap dog food during coronavirus

1. Local Pet Stores

Pet stores have been deemed “essential businesses” during the COVID-19 pandemic. That means that they are able to remain open during quarantine orders.

Check your local brick-and-mortar pet store(s) to see if they are offering discounts or specials to help pet owners find cheap dog supplies and affordable pet food during this time. Many stores are doing exactly that, as well as safe ways to serve their customers.

Don't forget to search for coupons or deals online, too, of those same local stores. Many brick-and-mortar pet stores have become very active online during coronavirus, and even small local retailers will offer deals on pet food and supplies on their social media channels these days.

Check for discounts on the brands that you plan to buy. If you're planning to visit a large chain store, check their website to see if they have a coupon section or allow you to sign up for their email list to get a one-time-only coupon.

2. Online Retailers

There are some pretty cool and useful online locations selling pet supplies at a low cost. Other than the most commonly mentioned Amazon.com and Chewy.com which are often the cheapest places to shop, there are a few that pet owners often forget about.

Petco.com is the first site to look at. Petco is vast, an advantage over smaller stores. Because of its size, you can purchase pretty much anything you want there at prices much lower than smaller businesses can match.

Equally immense, the second site is Dog.com, and it's for dog supplies only. Their prices are low, and the benefit of shopping there is that because it is just for dogs, the range of products is wider. If you want, you can narrow your shopping choices to include only items made in the USA, and the variety is almost overwhelming.

Dog.com has expanded the products it offers to include dog food of all different types, including organic, raw, canned, and dry. They carry many different types of beds, toys, treats, and collars, and their healthcare section is equally impressive. They stock vitamins, supplements, dental, ear, and eye care, calming aids, arthritis remedies, and they have a large flea and tick prevention and treatment section. One of the more unique sections on dog.com is their Greenies category, which offers treats designed to help clean the plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. They also provide joint care.

Third, PetSupplies.com, which caters to all types of pets, has some great features for low prices. For example, you can get a fleece pet bed there for less than $7 and a terry crate bed for $13.99. They have more than 1,000 types and brands of dog food to select from, including natural and organic dog food, raw dog food, canned dog food, and dry dog food.

3. DIY Options for Cheap Dog Supplies

Making your own pet products can save you a lot of money, and there's plenty of ideas.

If your dog uses pee pads, try making your own washable pads. I've personally made tons of DIY dog products, and for many of those I've made video guides here on Top Dog Tips, so check them out: dog housedog beddiaperscollar and more.

On top of that, there's a lot more Do It Yourself guides available. You can also make dog toys, healthy dog treats, a variety of hygiene things like dog toothpaste and toothbrush, cleaners, shampoo and many other pet products. These will be much cheaper than you can buy them in stores.

4. Shop Clearance Deals

Overstocked items and end of line dog products can come with truly massive discounts without any compromise on quality. With a bit of research, you can turn up clearance sites like Dog.com which is a clearance site I often visit, and Amazon Warehouse Clearance as well as the popular Chewy Clearance pages.

Scour those and other places (see this list) and see what you can use instead of buying what's in fashion. Moreover, check out the clearance section at your local brick-and-mortar pet stores. Just because it's not the brand you typically buy, it may be worth switching for the cheap dog supplies, at least during the coronavirus pandemic shopping.

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