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You Make ‘Em, They Bake ‘Em – Create Your Own Dog Treats!

You Make 'Em, They Bake 'Em - Create Your Own Dog Treats
Photo: Facebook / Smart Cookie Dog Treats

Mobile food stands, carts, vans, or trucks have been around for quite a long time now. For consumers from every walk of life, these services are most practical and economical. There’s minimal queuing, and service is quick. They can be requested for family outings, corporate events, parties, birthdays, weddings, and whatnot. They’re great for providing a quick snack or lunch for busy workers and employees, too.

And if you think that mobile food providers cater to people only, think again! Colorado’s Smart Cookie Barkery has put up the Smart Cookie Cart for canines, much to the delight of the state's dog owners. It is a compact and mobile food cart transported around by tricycle, which can make visits at parks, playgrounds, along boulevards, roadsides or in front of shops, and other strategic locations where dogs with their owners are out and about.

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You Make 'Em, They Bake 'Em - Create Your Own Dog Treats
Photo: Facebook / Smart Cookie Dog Treats

This brings to mind images of the ice cream man in his cart with the melodic chimes. But instead of kids running toward the ice cream man of old, now dogs in Colorado excitedly congregate and wait for their new treat-vending cart. After long dog walks or rough housing in the park, dogs need a break, too.

What better way to hush a worked up appetite than by taking a quick stop at the mobile dog food cart for some nice treats? It also makes for a perfect incentive for pooches to keep the pace up while shaking off any sluggishness.

We know dogs have different tastes and preferences for food: some subsist on raw food diet, others on kibble. These dog treats from Smart Cookie are not meant as full meals, but they serve as quick bites to ease hunger pangs or eager appetites. The Smart Cookie Cart offers a variety of delicacies, such as the Rabbit Jerky – a treat most dogs love, which is made from 100% organically-raised rabbit meat.

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You Make 'Em, They Bake 'Em - Create Your Own Dog Treats
Photo: Smart Cookie Treats

There’s also a full menu you can choose from that makes for a whole box of treats. The treats are complete with real ingredients and are guaranteed highly nutritious, which are free of corn, wheat, and soy.

They’re carefully hand-processed in small batches to preserve the pureness and nutrients of the ingredients.

This ingenious venture by Colorado’s Smart Cookie Barkery augurs well for both consumers and dog food companies. Sales in areas across Colorado will no doubt boom, and other enterprising food companies are bound to follow suit. As for dog owners, they can then visit any park or areas where these mobile dog food carts are readily available, and indulge their dogs with some delectable treats during and after their exercise.

Who knows? In the long run, several other food firms in other states will start to catch up and replicate this delightful innovation set off by Smart Cookie Barkery. Pets, especially dogs, are fast becoming a part of every home’s culture and lifestyle.

It’s not surprising to see that conveniences which used to be available only for people are now being made available for dogs. In time, a wide variety of mouthwatering and nutritious treats will surely be available to the canine population on the go.

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