Home Dog News Smart Cookie Dog Treats Allows Pet Owners to Customize Treats

Smart Cookie Dog Treats Allows Pet Owners to Customize Treats

Smart Cookie Dog Treats Allows Pet Owners to Customize Treats
Photo: Anya Semenoff

Commercial dog foods have been under a microscope lately, literally. They are being analyzed and tested constantly for toxins and harmful ingredients. Sadly, more recalls are being done on dog treats now than ever before, making dog owners worry even more about what they are feeding their pets. One company out of Denver, Colorado is doing their part to help these concerned pet parents.

Smart Cookie is founded on the principle that a dog’s diet should meet his specific nutritional needs. Whether a dog has special dietary requirements because of a health issue, dietary restrictions, or simply to manage his weight, Smart Cookie believes his treats should be tailored to those needs. Since no one knows your dog better than you do, who better to select customized dog treats for them?

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This one-of-a-kind business started in February of 2012 after Scott and Bri Bradley sadly lost their beloved Australian Shepherd to Lymphoma. To keep their mind off their grief and give themselves something to do after work and on the weekends, the couple began making their own homemade healthy dog treats. They passed them out to family and friends. It didn’t take long before a business began to grow.

Smart Cookie Dog Treats Allows Pet Owners to Customize Treats
Photo: Anya Semenoff

The pair had always been entrepreneurs at heart and their business was beginning to take on a life of its own. They now offer the only customizable dog treats on the market.

They also have Colorado’s first food carts for dogs. Two Smart Cookie carts peddle around to local famer’s markets, dog parks, and other events around town offering their delicious custom treats, rabbit jerky, and other dog treats made with spent grain from local breweries in Colorado.

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Dog owners are able to select the three key ingredients that they want to include in their dog’s treats. They can choose chicken, salmon, or beef for a protein source, oats, barley, quinoa, or brown rice for a carbohydrate source, and green beans, cranberries, carrots, or blueberries as their fruit or vegetable option.

Every single treat is handmade, making it tough to keep up with the demand from local retail stores, the treat carts, and online orders. In fact, many cats enjoy the brands’ treats as well, especially the rabbit jerky. The company is hoping to continue expanding to serve healthy treats to as many dogs as possible and provide their owners with a safe and healthy alternative to commercial dog treats.

SOURCEThe Denver Post
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