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Indianapolis Brewery is Going to the Dogs

Indianapolis Brewery is Going to the Dogs
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A cold beer on a hot day is a refreshing treat for many adult pet owners, and now it can be a refreshing treat for your dog as well. Flat 12 Bierwerks has recently launched Indianapolis’s first canine brew. It is a non-alcoholic beer that is made specifically for dogs. The official premier of the brew will be tomorrow, Friday, August 21, 2015.

The premier will take place at Flat 12’s pet adoption and supply drive for a local rescue, Heaven After Hell Rescue Shelter. The brewery’s marketing director Valarie Green said that she believes every employee at the brewery owns a dog. She said it is a very dog-friendly place to work. That’s what got her and head brewer Sean Manahan thinking about a dog brew in the first place.

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She said their goal was to make something that tasted great and that was also healthy. That meant no alcohol and no carbonation. The dog beer is actually made from meat trimmings and bones that are donated from the business next door, Smoking Goose. The brewers create a stock with the bones, potatoes, carrots, and brewer’s yeast.

Indianapolis Brewery is Going to the Dogs
Photo: 502brews.com

Once the stock simmers for about 3 hours it is blended with wort, the liquid that is extracted from the mashing process when you brew regular beer. Then all the ingredients come together in a keg. The team at Flat 12 has been testing the liquid treat on their dogs and the brewery’s four-legged regulars. The response has been extremely positive.

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In fact, the staff has even tried the brew themselves, and they say it tastes like a soup broth. The brewery plans to have the beer on tap at their event on the 21st and products from Smoking Goose will also be available. A bowl of doggie beer will only cost $1 and 100% of the proceeds will go to local shelters.

Heaven After Hell Rescue Shelter will have dogs at the event that are available for adoption and they are also looking for donations of essential items like detergents, towels, blankets, chew toys, cat toys, and dog and cat food. For a full list of the products they need you can see the shelters website. The adoption and supply drive will be held from 4-8 p.m. right at Flat 12 and there will be no charge for admission.

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