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The First Food Truck for Dogs Debuts in Sweden

The First Food Truck for Dogs Debuts in Sweden
Photo: Wonderboo

Food trucks have been popular with humans for years, but now, what appears to be the first food truck for canines has opened for business on Stockholm’s hipster island Södermalm. During the summer months food trucks pack the island, and this year a new addition has caught the attention of dog owners and entrepreneurs alike.

The small van is painted in a shiny brown hue and is currently parked near the Swedish capital in Stureplan, the wealthiest district in the city. Magnus Rosengren dreamed up the bizarre canine concept years ago and recently brought his idea to life.

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The entrepreneur believed that dog owners in the health conscious country were not being offered the vitamin-packed and ecological foods that their dogs deserve. He says that dog owners have been serving their canine companions commercial dog food for years without questioning how it was made or what it was made from.

Now that pet owners have more of an awareness of the dangers of many commercial dog food ingredients, they are beginning to place the same high standards on their pet food that they do on the foods they eat themselves. Rosengren wants to give pet parents the top-quality food they want with the convenience of take-out.

The First Food Truck for Dogs Debuts in Sweden
Photo: The Local

He believes that his company, called Wonderboo, is the first of its kind in the world. All the dog food that Rosengren sells is made with fresh Swedish beef and has added calcium and other vitamins. Each meal is cooked at 122 degrees Fahrenheit for 48 hours, and then it is air-dried and placed in to go boxes.

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Wonderboo’s flagship flavor, Swedish Ox, has a higher fat content than other blends and uses oxblood as one of the ingredients. Another meal is labelled as “light” and isn’t quite as dense as the Swedish Ox. This second blend is marketed toward smaller breeds. The convenient dog food costs about $4-$5 per meal.

Didrik Reuterswarg, a Wonderboo employee, says the food truck business is slow, but is picking up as more people learn about the company and what they do. They offer a service for pet owners to order their meals online as well, and he says that sales at the company’s fixed-location are picking up too. Their retail store is also located in the Swedish capital.

The meals come in a container that doubles as a dog bowl. The lid can be used as a dish and the meal comes with a plastic container that can be filled with water. The company also offers a subscription service, called the Wonderboo Club, to save their clients multiple trips to the store or food truck.

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